The Mohammedan truth

STRAIGHT FROM the proverbial horse’s mouth comes the truth about Islam.

Why do so many people who vote Democrat in the United States resist criticism of this demonic religion? And why do those same people vilify Israel, the only nation in the Mideast where women walk free … and armed.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali believes Mohammedanism can be reformed. I think she is mistaken. First, it must be contained, then suppressed. This will not be easy.

It will be difficult in part because so many Western nations are now doing precisely the opposite, embracing the enemy. Really dumb.

Glass roof all done


WELL, NOT entirely done because lots of other aspects are to come, but the glass is all installed, and not a minute too soon. It rained in Mexico City a few days ago, and it even drizzled here briefly Friday while the guys were finishing our installation.

Maybe the rainy season will start early this year. It’s possible.

For those new to this project, here’s background.

It already needs a wash, but rain will do that nicely.
Pile of clay tiles that topped the partial roof on the upstairs terraza for 16 years.
We had regular windows here for two years, but the summer rains were a major problem. Leaks! So I had the windows removed and glass bricks installed. Problem solved.

Sharp observers will note that, due to having no walls, the upstairs terraza remains highly open to rain. This will be resolved with canvas curtains. Two are already on order.

Stay tuned!