Single-payer? Be careful!

THE DEMOCRATS are big fans of “single-payer” and the “right” to have health insurance.

Health insurance is advisable if you live in the United States — far less so if you live in Mexico and many other nations — but a “right”? Just because something is highly desirable does not make it a “right.” The Bill of Rights does not mention medical insurance. Of course, there was no medical insurance when the Bill of Rights was initiated, but that “right” has not been added in the subsequent centuries.

Nor has the “right” to decent housing and parental leave, etc. The Democrat Party loves to make things “rights” when all they are is things you want a lot.

This notion of “rights” is a result of American society’s becoming spoiled, a society that’s never faced an existential threat. No one under the age of 40 can even remember the Soviet Union, which is part of the reason so many whippersnappers are keen on “rights.”

The deserve this. They deserve that. They are  ignoramuses.

Single-payer is very popular among Democrats. All those European nations have it, right? And it works great, right? Not so fast there, Bernie bros. Watch the video.

A gift of books


I FELT QUITE the intellectual Thursday afternoon as I circled the huge downtown plaza afoot with a red bookstore bag under my arm. I’m sure everyone noticed.

There were three books in that bag, the ones you see in the photo. The three of them combined set me back about eight bucks, U.S., but in pesos, of course.

But they are not for me. They’re for our nephew, the one I once dubbed the Little Vaquero, who turns 17 next month. In the past, on Christmas and birthdays I always just slipped him some cash, which he prefers, but I’m not going to do that anymore.

I’m buying him books. If you don’t read books, you remain ignorant all your life, which is why so many nincompoops walk the streets and roads of the world. Will he read these books? Were I a wagering man, I’d say no, but he’s getting them anyway.

We have a load of nieces and nephews, but he’s the one we’re closest too, and he’s the only one who was adopted. He is very bright. When he was 6 or 7, we used to gift him complicated jigsaw puzzles, which he would complete lickety-split. It was amazing.

It was like watching Kasparov play chess.

He’s had a difficult life. His “father” accidentally shot himself dead about 10 years ago, and his “mother” finds motherhood challenging. I’ll leave it at that. He dropped out of school a few months back, and I doubt he will return, though he says he will. He was in the 10th grade. Few of our nieces and nephews have finished high school.

He spends his time staring at a cell phone. That’s pretty much it. All day long.

His redeeming quality is that he is good-natured,* even more so now that he’s dropped out of school, and his days are completely free for cell phone staring.

I told him a couple of days ago that I would not be gifting him cash in the future, that I would be buying him books. He smiled.

* * * *

* Not so much with his mother.

Getting it right, finally

MY FIRST TWO marriages failed, and maybe it was because of how I proposed to those wives. I don’t recall how I did it the first time though I do remember why. That was over half a century ago. But I do remember how I did it the second time.

We were in a restaurant on Westheimer Boulevard in Houston. I did not get down on one knee. I did not have a ring lurking in a champagne flute. There was no music. The waiters did not sing ‘O Sole Mio. I told her we should get married so she could get on my employer-provided medical insurance. She had no coverage.

She swooned. I was such a romantic guy.

We had been living together at that point for seven years.

Perhaps if ObamaCare had existed, we never would have wed, and I would have been spared lots of pain, grief and expense.

By the third time, I had learned, matured, wised up and sobered up.

I did get down on my knee, and I did have a ring. And where did I do it? Where these two pre-Hispanic pyramids join, right there at their base. You see it early in the video, the V between the two structures. That’s where it happened about 18 years ago.

And medical insurance had nothing to do with it.

Stealing sweet words

THE LEFT IS remarkably talented at stealing and misusing nice words. The most egregious example of this is how they have convinced almost everyone to refer to them as “liberals,” something they decidedly are not.

Using the classic, accurate definition of liberal, I am one and proud of it.

This Prager U video does excellent work in showing the actual chasm between Western leftists and bona fide liberals. Leftists are not “progressive” either, but they have also convinced almost everyone that they are.

Many of the Prager U videos have been banned from YouTube, which is owned by Google, which is run by bogus liberals, i.e. leftists. Real liberals oppose censorship. Bogus liberals embrace it with a vengeance. Sad.