The puma’s bed

The night was as black as his fur, and he was lying in a human bed, a new and engaging experience since he was accustomed to dirt, twigs and the occasional gnawed and bloody bone.

He wasn’t sure how he got there. He simply opened his eyes, and there he was atop soft white sheets with moonlight streaming through the bay window nearby.

He swished his tail, which is something he always did when he felt good. Lots of things made him feel good. A sure-fire dinner between his teeth. His kittens. His female.

And now this, white sheets.

He twitched his mustache and wondered.

He was in a strange new world but he was not afraid. The bed was as soft as his woman’s back, his kittens’ ears, the neck of a wolverine as he snapped it.

He admired the moonlight, then closed his eyes and returned to sleep . . .

17 thoughts on “The puma’s bed

  1. First I must say that the launch of your new site is much appreciated. Those that have ink in their blood and fertile minds with the words at their fingertips must write and spin their tales to stay out of the prison that the Unseen Moon will build its walls around. We all have cells that we place ourselves in from time to time, the best choice is large windows with streaming sunlight.

    Truth and fiction streamed together…
    I like this! No wall building here! I could not help but think of my good aquaintance, Blair Pittman of the Houston Chronicle and his own literary accomplishments, along with his photography. After spinning a good story he said, “And if that’s not the truth, it oughta be.”

    Enjoyed this first new post. Shows that with trying and some blind luck anyone is capable of making theirselves a new life. But most importantly recognizing his good fortune when he steps back and surveys his actions and good fortune that belong to him. Sharing his thoughts with others just might help someone else tear down a prison wall or at least see light. I fully exspect to see dark days and nights, without them light would be nothing!


    1. Señor Parker: You win the Gold Star due to being the first person to leave a comment on The Unseen Moon. And a Bronze Star for finding the comments section here, which is not as obvious as it should be. I’m told a repair of this detail is planned.

      I don’t remember anyone named Blair Pittman on the Houston Chronicle, where I toiled (using the verb lightly) for 15 years. But then, I have been gone from there for quite a spell, almost 12 long years.


      1. How about that! I like being First. Gold and Bronze, better than being in second any old day!

        I’m sure he was before your time. A photo journalist who also had a way with words.


    1. PS: There’s another animal post in the pipeline for Friday. Unlike this one, it’s a bit disturbing. But I want to point out that I am not sticking to animals here. It just seems to be starting out that way. I’ll toss some humans in here later, both the female and male variety.


  2. Woo hoo, the sabatical was short lived. Thank goodness. I was wondering what I would do without my “Felipe Fix”! No more worries.

    Lovely writing by the way — like it more than the everyday life things from the past.

    Gracias Señor.


    1. Babs: This is a whole different ball game. Not about Mexico or any of the other things I dwelled on at the other website. This will be, as the header points out, both fact and fiction, sometimes both at the same time. And I imagine items will be appearing here with less frequency. Probably, but only time will tell. Thanks for showing up at the new party. I wonder how many others will follow your fine example.

      Got something weird that will be appearing here in the morning. Kind of a horror story.


  3. Quite different than “Tales”. Trying to figure out who these characters are … but I’m just as spellbound! See, not bashful anymore. B


    1. Bev: There will be no recognizable, ongoing characters here. I’m just going to have fun with words and my fertile and sometimes bizarre imagination. And I’m glad to see your bashfulness has diminished. I think people who read blogs, but who do not write them, often fail to understand the importance of comments from “out there.” They significantly inspire us on this end. Keep it up. Thanks.


  4. By the way, I came out of the closet a bit if you did not notice. Click on the links titled Felipe Zapata info and Unseen Moon definition. They are up top in the header.


  5. So….Have you been reading Kipling?

    Could there be a post about a certain feathered serpent? Or is Mexico off limits entirely?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are still mourning The Tales.


    1. Kim: No Kipling, no Feathered Serpent, which I have never read, by the way.

      This is lightly related to an experience I had in 1997 while experiencing some mind-altering substances. It was quite nice, and I was the cat.


    1. You can ask anything you wish, Debra. I am not shy about that stuff. It was psilocybin (mushrooms), which I took with the assistance of a psychologist in 1997. I was pretty much a mess after my second divorce, which happened in 1995. I had never ingested anything of that sort before. My whole life turned around after that, 180 degrees. I would not be living in Mexico had I not taken that leap. Best thing I ever did to myself.

      I don’t fool with those materials anymore because I do not need to. But, boy, was it ever a blessing.


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