The Obamavilles

Those of you who were awake in history class may recall Hoovervilles.

Those were encampments of the disgruntled unemployed during the Great Depression.

They were dubbed Hoovervilles after Herbert Hoover who was presiding in the Depression’s early days.

Again we have encampments of the disgruntled unemployed.  And we have another president.  Clearly, the name for the encampments are Obamavilles, not the unsightly OWS.

I spotted the term recently in a Wall Street Journal  column by James Taranto.

Both Obama and the unruly mobs in the encampments are against free markets and capitalism.

Yes, they are of one mind, so let’s call the encampments what they are:  Obamavilles.

Hoover was tossed out of the White House after one term.  Let us pray Obama gets the same treatment.  It’s gonna happen.

But in the meantime, let’s call the encampments Obamavilles.  Spread it around.  It will do him no good, and that ain’t bad.

* * * *

(Note 1: This is one of a series in which I will occasionally, until next November, vent my apoplexy regarding the Great American Error called Barack Obama.)

(Note 2: Even left-wing Chris Matthews now sees the Great American Error plainly. Watch this brief video.)

13 thoughts on “The Obamavilles”

        1. Norm: I’m a big fan of Fox news, which is the most popular cable news network in America, so I am not alone. I particularly like Bill O’Reilly who rarely says anything I disagree with. Sometimes his Catholicism takes him down roads I don’t travel because I’m not a Christian, but far more often than not, he and I are on the same page. Love the guy. He is fair and balanced.

          Alas, my cable service does not carry Fox news, so I have to get dribbles via the internet. I watch much of Bill’s show every day that way.

          But back to the Great American Error, Obama, even his supporters are turning on him. I’m going to put a short YouTube link to Chris Matthews at the bottom of the comments. If you have a free moment, watch it and weep.


  1. I like the term Obamavilles. I will do my best to spread it around. As for the disgruntled unemployed they might have a better chance of finding a job if they weren’t sitting in a tent in some park. A bath might help too.


  2. You have conveniently forgotten under whose watch this recession started. Of course there is no cooperation in Hooverville now to fix anything.


    1. Smokesilver: Haven’t forgotten at all when the recession started. In the Dubya years. But the Great American Error has done nothing whatsoever to better the situation. Quite the contrary.


    1. Please take no offense but links to talking heads on ether side of the our political divide will not get read, it’s like having someone else chew your food. Now a little c-span on a good day, I’m in but someone else doing the interpretation for me, right or left, they are both nothing more than shills.


      1. Oh, I don’t easily offend, Norm. No problem. As for the links, some will read them, some not. I got a real kick out of this one, a left-winger saying exactly what I think myself. I watched it a whole big bunch of times, chuckling. As for other people doing the interpretation for you, there is another way to look at it: You’re getting a different opinion. Or not.


        1. I’m addicted to newspapers, I get plenty of opinion. The talking heads seem to be off on a tangent most of the time, fighting for eyeballs does little to protect anything that might have some real facts embedded in the “show”. As an older man, I’ve lived long enough to develop a good natural lie detector, watching the talking heads sets it off in four alarm style. The printed word has staying power, people know that ten years out, it will still be lurking about. Defend something you said on TV from ten years ago and something you wrote and see which one causes you the most grief.


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