Bombs bursting in air

Lots has happened since we last looked at the presidential campaign, so let’s revisit that explosion-pitted landscape.

First, the Democrats.

The biracial Obama still claims to be black so that actual blacks, Latinos, clueless youth and guilt-ridden white Liberals will vote for him.  It’s “cool” to be black, even when you’re not.

And the Democrats have launched a new campaign tactic.  It’s called the “Republican War on Women.”  Why, I actually heard Hillary compare Republicans to the Taliban.

They’ll do anything to direct attention away from the grim Obama economy and his vague and bland leadership style.

And the Republicans, according to the Democrats, are trying to steal voting rights from poor folks by requiring them to (gasp!) obtain a photo identification.

No matter that many, likely most, democratic nations require precisely that.

Before you know it, dastardly Republicans will want photos on drivers’  licenses, and Democrats will simply not stand for it, you hear!?

Obama wants to get re-elected so badly that he’s leaning on Israel not to take action against Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons because his re-election is more important than keeping nuclear arms from the grasp of Muslim crackpots.

Were Israel to zap Iran’s nuclear program, it would have economic repercussions in this election year.  Can’t have that.

It would darn difficult to blame Bush.

Speaking of which, as we race through Obama’s fourth and final year in the White House, everything that’s going poorly is still “Bush’s fault.”

And now the Republicans.

I apologize for my momentary support of Rick Santorum some weeks ago.

He should be tossed unceremoniously beneath the wheels of the Republican bandwagon due to saying recently that re-electing Obama would be preferable to electing Romney.

He is an embarrassment, proving himself to be a larger loon than Ron Paul.

My boy Mitt

In spite of his Mormon underwear, I am now a Romney man.

I have backed Cain and Gingrich and, for a moment, even Santorum, but things are clearer now, and I am less hysterical.

Romney is not a right-wing nut.  He is no horn-dog.  He has left no trail of girlfriends and ex-wives, not that I care a lick about that, but others do, sadly.

He doesn’t obsess on human reproduction and religious issues when it’s Obama’s economic mess that deserves top billing.

And Mitt even looks presidential.  On to November!  Yahoo!

29 thoughts on “Bombs bursting in air”

  1. We knew that you’d finally come to your senses, Felipe. So much that we’ve even give you a pass on that comment about our hero, Ron Paul.


  2. This is a critical election to those of us who love freedom and the Constitution. Even the Democrats should be very concerned about re-electing Obama. The ground work has already been laid for Dictator Obama.
    The Patriot Act was bad enough, but now we have the National Defense Authorization Act and, by executive order, the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act. These three Acts alone give the President and his Czars total power, and Obama’s love for dictators like Hugo Chavez is no secret. There is also pending legislation to do away with term limits for the President.

    The contraception issue is just a smokescreen. Obama does not want you to look too closely at what he is really doing.


    1. Jackie: True-blue Democrats are like those three monkeys when it comes to Obama. They see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

      It is quite true that the White House is doing many things below the radar.


  3. Ask Trayvon Martin if it is “cool to be black”.

    As far as the US Economy is concerned, a quick look at the GDP Growth Rate Chart shows that the rate started rising and has remained in the positive range since Obama took power in early 2009. Take a look at the chart and please point out where “Obama’s economic mess” starts.

    The economy is bad all over the world. My investments are in Canada and it is a slow climb out of the hole, just as it is in the USA and elsewhere. The important thing is, it is slowly improving and is doing better than some other countries.


    1. Croft: Sometimes it’s better not to be black, true. And sometimes it’s better not to be white either. It’s an imperfect world we live in. And, of course, the whole story regarding that unfortunate incident has yet to come to light. But I do see the self-serving Al Sharpton has joined the fray. No surprise there.

      When I refer to Obama’s economic mess, I’m thinking mostly of his determination to keep spending money the nation does not have on things the nation does not need. I’m a big-picture guy. The federal deficit is, I believe, more than $1 trillion higher now than when he took office. But you are right in that things are improving a bit in some areas, but they’re worsening in others.

      I object to Obama’s philosophy of income redistribution, which runs counter to basic American values. Probably Canadian values too. The guy’s a socialist.

      If you want to come get him, you can have him.

      Tote him to Ottawa. Please.


    2. Croft: You have inadvertently demonstrated my assertion that being black is “cool.” To left-wingers, that is. Though the investigation is ongoing, you have clearly decided that the black kid was blameless and the white guy is guilty. This in spite of the fact that a month after the shooting Zimmerman has not been arrested or charged with anything.

      To you, the black guy will, I imagine, always be innocent in most any situation while the white guy will be guilty.

      Clearly, black is cool to you. And this attitude is common on the left end of the political spectrum.

      I, on the other hand, who find no race to be cooler than another, await the final outcome of the investigation.

      By the way, the kid stood 6-feet, three-inches tall, was not in school that day due to having been suspended in a drug case, and at least one witness said he was atop Zimmerman and beating him.

      But he does look sweet and angelic in the hoodie-free photo that’s all over the news.

      I’m sure Al Sharpton will get it straightened out lickety-split.


  4. Anywhere else in the USA I am sure that an investigation would take place under these circumstances. An armed man with a violent history, follows an unarmed black man even after being told by the police dispatcher to back off. The words “F*****g C**n” can be heard on the recording. The black kid gets shot. The first police report mentions no injuries to the gunman but an hour later he has a broken nose and minor cuts. Convenient. No arrest or investigation. What would have happened if the black kid had the gun?


    1. BTW, the “drug case” was an empty baggie that had once contained pot was found on or near him. He was suspended from school but not charged. Pretty minor stuff. I don’t know the details but it was in no way associated with what happened. The other guy has a bit more of a violent police history though.


    2. Croft: I have read nothing about Zimmerman having a violent history, but maybe he does. Did you hear that from Al Sharpton? As for the racial slur, I heard the tape, and did not hear it, but others did. I heard garble.

      The kid was suspended in a drug case, as I said. Whether you find it minor or not is another matter. I never said it was related to the shooting, but clearly the kid was no choir boy.

      But I was pointing out that you think being black is cool due to your assumption that the kid was innocent and Zimmerman was not. I would bet big bucks that it was your assumption before learning any further details of the unfortunate event, accurate or not.

      But, let us get back to the matter at hand: the presidential campaign. You gotta conservative PM up there? I’m ready to swap. Send him down.


  5. I am afraid that Obozo will get 4 more years based on the fact that the Republicans cannot come up with anyone worth their weight.

    The only people that can get elected are as an example Obozo, no prior history who was zapped from nowhere, with no skeletons in the closet, unless you worry about forged documents etc.

    No one is willing to bite the bullet and call things the way they are, so the charade will continue to an ultimate collapse one way or another, next or future generations will have the consequences of happy go lucky, media-influenced voters.

    The equalizer will continue until the workers will finally give up and figure out there’s no reason to support the rest and away we go. But that’s just my opinion.


  6. Felipé,
    Pardon my innocence but who is silencing whom in the graphic and how does it relate to your diatribe? Even though I was once a left wing flower child & spent a great deal of time practicing passive resistance and swallowing teargas opposing war of any kind, I now find myself apolitical. Call me a conspiracy nut if you wish but I do not believe you or me or any of your readers are going to have much impact on who runs our respective countries. That has all been done behind closed corporate doors long ago. They’re only figureheads. The rest is just part of the show.

    You’re correct in that Obama is not truly “black,” at least not in the sense of some of my friends growing up in West Oakland.You only have to compare him and his mother in law’s reactions to the blues concert at the White House. He tried to be cool but, let’s face it, Obama just doesn’t have any sweet street soul. He is way more familiar with Hawaiian pidgin than African American ebonics. Hawaii is, for the most part, color blind. There really isn’t much difference between a Tongan, Fijiian, Samoan, or a skinny kid who’s father was from Africa. Most of the brown skinned folks here are of mixed races — asian/hawaiian/pacific islander/haole. When there is racism it is more directed towards the whites (haoles). Obama went to an extremely privileged high school. His fellow classmates were the future movers and shakers of our state. Networking was part of their education.

    All that said, if I vote, it will be for Obama… only because it hurts the least to put my checkmark next to his name instead of one of those other clowns I’ve been seeing on T.V. of late.


    1. So, Larry, you will follow the rabbit down the deep, dark, deficit hole, a hole that will come out on the other end of the earth, somewhere in the vicinity of Greece. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

      You say “if I vote.” I pray that you stay home that day.


  7. Romney is unelectable…period. Main reason is he is a 1%’er…kind of like McCain not knowing how many homes he owned…the sheeple cannot identify with that kind of person or lifestyle…especially when he refuses to take a stand on important issues because it might cost him the election…geez…I’ll be looking forward to the cafecita you will owe me when BO gets his second term…


      1. Romney is planning renovations on his California beachfront house that includes an elevator for his cars to maneuver in their four car garage. What? The average American does not have an elevator for his cars? Well then they must use the stairs!

        His plans do not conform to city plans so he has hired a $20,000 lobbyist to walk them through the city planning department. What’s $20,000 for a man of the people?


        1. Croft: I see that Obama’s nefarious tactics of dividing the people (whatta prez!) has even filtered up over the Canadian border.

          What, pray tell, is wrong with being wealthy? With being successful? Answer: nothing.

          I do not buy Obama’s contention that success is a problem for society. Quite the contrary.


          1. The problem with being overly wealthy my friend is this. How can you understand what it is like to have to decide whether to pay the rent or buy groceries this month because you have not got the money for both when your biggest decision is whether you should drive the Cadillac or the Mustang today.

            How can you even contemplate the crippling effect of a large student loan when you consider $400,000 to be “not very much” additional income from speeches.

            How can you begin to understand the anguish of a family which cannot afford glasses for one child or dental costs for the other when you can casually drop $20,000 for a lobbyist to walk your $60,000 car elevator plans through city planning.

            Answer – you can’t. Read back a few months and remind yourself what you yourself thought of Romney back then.

            He brings forth the image of Scrooge McDuck locked in his vault, counting his fortune rather than someone trying to make the USA a better place for ALL its citizens.

            This a rather pointless argument on many levels because there is little doubt that Obama will be re-elected. Like it was pointed out, the GOP cannot find anyone to run against him. Certainly not Mr. Etch-a-Sketch!


            1. Croft: You are quite correct. I am going to write my senator and reps this afternoon to demand legislation limiting the presidency to only poor and middle-class people, folks like me and you! We don’t want no pinche rich people in the White House! How could I have not seen this before?

              Anyway, the successful and wealthy are evil, as everybody knows.

              Why, we should have laws capping income like in Cuba. Nobody should be permitted to earn over, say, $35,000 a year. That way, everybody would know what it’s like to pay their bills with a dwindling checking account. And anybody who makes over $35,000 a year should be forced by the government to hand it over so it can be redistributed to “the unfortunate.”

              As for my objections to Romney some weeks back, it was due to his Mormon underwear more than anything, certainly not because he was rich because I have nothing against the rich. Well, until now because you have opened my eyes. The wealthy are no-goodniks!

              But Obama won’t be returned to office, I fear. We’ll have that darn rich guy instead! Oh, woe!


      2. Felipe,
        Can I get in on the cafecíto bet? In either case, it’s always nice to break bread with you on plaza grande… particularly if the bread comes from your beautiful bride.


        1. Larry: You bet. However, this cafecito bet is kind of a no-win situation for me because the coffee shop I frequent is in the family, so I don’t pay anyway. So if you win (which you will not), I get a free coffee, which would be free for me anyway. See the dilemma?


  8. I am not sure Mitt really wants to be President. He keeps feeding the press and his opponents ammunition to use against him. If he had any political sense or serious ambitions he would put off things like his car elevator until after the election.

    By constantly drawing attention to his vast wealth he is doing serious damage to his fund raising capabilities after he is nominated. To fund the election he has to appeal to people like you to send him a couple of hundred bucks. Is a hard working American going to do this? I am pretty sure your income is well below six figures. Are you going to be inclined to send him $200? For him, that is a tip to the valet parking. Is he going to fund the campaign himself? He probably could but I don’t think he will. Maybe his high roller friends will fund him but if they do, they will be expecting considerations if he is elected. Is that what the American people deserve?

    Anyway, I see Obama is up 19 points on Romney right now and Mitt’s “unfavorable” rate is at 50% while his “favorable” is only 28%. I expect this unfavorable number to grow as people get to know him better, he is not a very likable fellow. By American standards, it could be a landslide!


    1. Croft: Being a Canuck, you completely misunderstand the situation. It’s not that people will be voting for Mitt, or whomever.

      It’s that we will be voting against the socialist Obama.

      America is the Home of the Free and the Brave.


      1. Even in the hold your nose derby, the Mitt smells worst. To call Obama a socialist is silly, a bit left of center yes but no socialist. I’ve known more than a few socialists from my union work, he ain’t one of them.

        The High Court looks like it is going to hand the election to him over health care this week. The man ran on a platform of national health care and won in a landside. If I were a congressman I would be very worried about being on the wrong side of that issue in the next election. To be honest, the health care plan as it stands now is bad, a cobbled together sop to the health industry but to rule it is against the basic law that our country was founded on is a reach. The voters will not be happy that their will was thrown out over politics and not the law. The real fight this election will be in the House.


        1. Norm: The difference between the socialist Obama and your socialist union buds is that the union guys wear it on their sleeves. Obama keeps it up his sleeve as out of sight as possible.

          And I don’t know what polls you are reading, but what I see shows the overwhelming majority of Americans are against FidelCare, whoops, I mean ObamaCare.

          Wait till November.


          1. You only have to look at the numbers as far as the fall election, as in turnout, the midterms were standard midterms and about 20% of the voters that voted for O stayed home-this fall is not a midterm election and the results will be somewhat different from the midterms. The house is in play. A political high court ruling will only bring out more of the people who might blow off the election as something that does not matter. The house Republicans have been playing “chicken” with the American public, it will be interesting to see who is blinking in January.


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