Let us pray

First it was the Pope.  Next it will be Felipe.

To Cuba, of course.  The Pope just left, and my child bride and I will soon visit the Communist tropical paradise, quite soon.

It’s looking more and more like we’re going at the ideal moment.  Fidel’s brother Raul is now president, and some of the ham-fisted, dreamy-eyed economic policies of the past are crumbling.

To some extent the citizens can now own private property, buy it, sell it, as they see fit.  They can better themselves instead of living in the gray, Soviet-like sameness of the past.

A dash of capitalism is improving their lives.

So we will see the old Cuba and the beginnings of the new Cuba.  Perfect.

Here’s a five-minute video by Christine Amanpour.  Pathetic that one cannot own a computer in Cuba without government permission.*

And it’s so sad that the university students with whom Amanpour spoke were afraid to talk freely.*

Surely, the Pope has already done so, but let us pray to the Goddess that soon anybody who wants to own a computer can do so and that one can speak openly in public, just like you and I do here.

* * * *

* Take note, swooners.

11 thoughts on “Let us pray”

  1. A place I’d like to visit too. I look forward to a vicarious visit through your eyes. You and the child bride have fun and be careful.


  2. Thank you for sharing the video link. Nice Spanish architecture and old American cars. We take freedom of speech sometimes for granted. The video depicts the cautiousness of the students quite well. Connected are the 1%–social structures I am familiar with are so different.


    1. Andean: It’s not just freedom of speech Americans take for granted, it’s lots of stuff, which is why I consider the U.S. to be full of terribly spoiled people these days.


  3. I enjoyed my visit to Cuba in 2001. As you know, I wanted to retire there to work with The Salvation Army. But there was no way that the Castro government was going to allow it. If Cuba liberalizes enough (and soon), that may be my next stop.

    I supect the two f you will have a nice (and eye-opening) experience.


    1. Steve: From what I can make out, Cuba has changed quite a bit since 2001, especially in the last two years. They were not full-tilt-boogy on the Tourism Train back in 2001. A nation’s gotta get moolah somehow since the Soviet cash cow went dry.

      I’m not sure how eye-opening it will be because, as you know, I know a communist dictatorship when I see one, plus I lived two islands over in the 1970s. It will be interesting, however.


  4. Sometimes, after reading some of the goofy posts on a few Internet fora, I opine that no one should be allowed to operate a computer without first taking at least a basic instruction course.

    But, unfortunately, no one listens to me.

    Have a great trip and come back with some good stories.

    Don Cuevas


    1. Don Cuevas: I have no idea what you are talking about in your first two paragraphs, but that’s okay. My mind is not as agile as it once was.

      As for having a great trip, thanks. Maybe I’ll bring you a Che T-shirt.


  5. Enjoy your vacation with your wife. I would also want to visit Cuba and see Hemingway’s boat — if only for the name. Somehow it rings a bell.


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