The grim month

May is the worst month here on the mountaintop.

Luckily, it’s about half over.

It’s dry and dusty, and it gets stuffy in the early evenings upstairs where we watch the telly. The upstairs tends to capture and hold the late-afternoon heat.

Most months here run from pretty nice to real nice to superlative, but not May.

Since Havana did not qualify as a vacation, being more of a social-political descent into the Heart of Darkness, we still need a getaway. A Springtime vacation, fer crissakes! So we’ll be heading to the beach at Zihuatanejo next week.

It will be hot, but there will be air-conditioning, which we lack at home. And fried shrimp. May is a grand time to go to the beach and eat fried shrimp. Just three hours away.

6 thoughts on “The grim month”

    1. Carole: Yep. Compounding the problem is that the ceiling upstairs is kinda low. The ceiling downstairs, where it’s eternally cool to cold, is quite high. The outside temp always drops at sundown, so it’s a huge contrast to simply walk from the upstairs room, say at 10 p.m., where it’s warm and stuffy, out to the adjoining terraza where it will be about 20 degrees cooler. Odd world here.


      1. That’s how it goes at our Canada place. It’s hard for the heated air to exhaust after sundown. We have a screened sleeping porch there and beds with blankets for July and August which we need by morning.


  1. Huuuum, And I waited for you at the train station…..Yep, it was toasty but there was a nice breeze most of the time, only hassle was the heat inland, and the unfinished road before town…enjoy it, we did!


    1. Rancho: It was outside the Melia Hotel that you were to meet us. Nobody said anything about the train station!

      As for that unfinished stretch of road, it sure seems to be taking an unusually long time to wrap that up.


      1. My mistake, you are right again!
        Looks like probably another 2 years, based on how much work they have left to do. Once that is finished, It will be a breeze!


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