The sacred people


Earlier this week a Republican billionaire was planning an independent pro-Romney television ad campaign that would have targeted Obama’s vituperative, race-baiting, anti-American “Pastor” Wright.

(Everyone knows 50 percent of Republicans are filthy rich Robber Barons, and the other half are ignorant Christian fundamentalists who pray daily to be saved from people of a different skin tone.)

News of the planned ad campaign sparked an immediate firestorm of opposition. Both Obama (well, duh) and Romney declared it a bad idea, quite inappropriate. Tut! Tut!

The planned campaign was swiftly aborted. Wright remains swept beneath the rug.

I, on the other hand, think it would have been a superlative idea and very appropriate.

Absolutely nothing reveals more clearly the dark depths of Obama’s heart and core beliefs than his voluntarily sitting 20 years of Sundays listening to this “man of the cloth.”

Ditto for Michelle.

Here’s a brief taste of the Obama family’s spiritual adviser.

During the previous presidential campaign, McCain refused to jump on this humongous issue, this grizzly bear sitting across the room, and he lost. Looks like Romney fears it too.

Why are they afraid? Because Wright is black, one of the Sacred People. And the biracial Obama calls himself black, and everybody nods, giving him equal sanctity.


Were David Duke a preacher, and had one of his flock sought the presidency, he would have been hooted down, and appropriately so.

White racists are shunned, as they should be. Black racists, on the other hand, are treated with respect and nervousness. This is what decades of political correctness have brought us to, destructively.

No other American president of either party would have sat even 20 minutes listening to Wright’s venom, much less 20 years.

Putting this boldly before the public would have been a great idea.

The Republicans need to grow a pair.

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(Note: An excellent column that touches on one aspect of blacks having become Sacred People who cannot be criticized, written by the brilliant — and coincidentally black — Thomas Sowell, can be found here.)

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  1. One of the problems with the US is that everyone is now afraid to say anything about anybody … exactly what the liberals have postured the media and masses to believe. You can no longer call anything black or white … simply because even mentioning the color black will mark you as a racist.

    Next the PC crowd that will say that because you have some nice clothes you make the others feel bad … so everyone will wear a grey outfit like was shown on the Apple commercial years ago … we might see that in our lifetime.

    If Romney doesn’t have the moxie to fight now, it’s all over. Look what happened when Gingrich had some balls and took on the question from the media, instant increase in the polls, enought to give him thought that he could win if he pursued it.

    Romney might as well, since he has absolutely nothing to lose, otherwise it’s lost.


    1. Rancho: Oh, I think Romney will win for sure due to the continuing Obama economic mess, but Obama’s connection to Wright would make an excellent extra selling point.

      You can no longer call anything black or white? I beg to differ. You can badmouth white folks all day long, and nobody complains. White folks, especially men, are out of fashion.


  2. Everyone also knows that 80 or so percent of Republicans sop up the crap that if they turn enough millionaires into billionaires then one of those new billionaires just might give them a job that pays slightly higher than minimum wage. How has that worked out so far?

    On Wright: I have an idea. Lets keep religion out of politics. Both sides. No more bible quotes, no more “holier than thous”.


    1. It would be nice to keep religion out of politics, but Wright’s “religion” is political……social justice, anti-Semitism, anti capitalism, anti-whitey. etc.


      1. Pana: I think that more than anything Wright’s “religion” is self-serving. He plays to his audience. Too bad that, due to his skin tone, we can’t give him a good thrashing about it.


        1. Personally, I rather liked the old dude and found him very entertaining ….mostly good for a laugh….like most preachers.


    2. Croft: Though capitalism is flawed, it’s by far the most successful system we have. And some people will, by superior intelligence, personality traits, ambition, whatever, be more successful than others. It’s the wealthy who create jobs, God bless ’em, and those jobs will pay from very low to very high, depending.

      Keep religion out of politics? That sure won’t be easy.


    3. You’re a hoot, Croft. Listening to you, one would think the world consists solely of two classes of people: Billionaires and oppressed peons all living like they did on the distant steppes of pre-revolutionary Russia.


      1. Unfortunately this is what is happening in America. The middle class is disappearing as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The gap is widening. Henry Ford figured this out when he realized he had to pay his workers enough to be able to buy one of the cars they were building.

        The rich are not the “Job Creators”. The people who actually create the jobs are the people who create a demand by buying the products. If you made a product that no one could afford to buy, your business would quickly fail. There must be a viable middle class of consumers to make any economy thrive.

        What is happening in the USA now is that wealth is becoming concentrated in the hands of the rich minority. Romney spent his business career taking profits out of failing businesses and putting people in the unemployment line. As a result of this his wife has two Cadillacs and an elevator to her garage but would it not be better for the general economy if everyone had a decent paying job and could afford to at least buy a Chev?

        If you owned a car dealership would you rather be in a city where the average wage was $8 per hour or in a city where the average wage was $30 per hour?


        1. Croft: Alas, none of this has anything whatsoever to do with the post at hand, which is about neither economics nor class differences, which I realize are your fixations.

          It’s about the huge Double Standard that has emerged in America, making criticism of blacks unacceptable. This is not beneficial to black America, quite the contrary.

          An interesting look at one aspect of the phenomenon the post touches on can be found here:

          (This comment replaces an earlier one at this location.)


        2. As a marketing class prof once said in a class lecture, “You can’t create demand.” I think he knew what he was talking about.


  3. Your comparison of the Wright vs Duke scenario is spot on. Having said that, I would rather the issues be about the sad state of our economy, jobs, and healthcare, and specifically what they plan to do about it. We already know the answer to that with Obama, but I would like to hear how Romney plans to improve these things.

    My opinion is that these issues are far more important right now as opposed to the social issues being thrown around out there.


  4. By every measure the US economy has been improving since Obama took office. It is slow but it is steady.

    It is republicans who are making the election all about race, religion, equal marriage, birth control and abortion. And what about the “Birther” issue rearing it’s ugly head in Arizona again?


    1. Croft: And as I noted in an updated comment up the line, this has nothing to do whatsoever with the topic of the post. Let us veer back to the topic at hand, por favor.


      1. Sorry amigo. I get carried away easily…

        BTW, David Duke actually did run for and was elected to the LA State Senate (as a Republican) from 1989 to 1993. In 1992 he ran for nomination for president on the republican ticket. He received 1% of the vote but got no delegates. I guess you could say this was effectively “hooted down” but the fact that more than 119,000 Americans thought he was the best choice for President is pretty scary. These are probably the same 119K who think Obama was born in Africa. ;>)


  5. I was having a conversation the other day with a very liberal minded person pointing out why I felt Obama is a failure. Instead of defending his position he called me a racist. I guess if you’re white and don’t agree with Obama’s bad policies you’re a racist.

    No other President has spent such massive amounts of money to keep his background hidden than Obama, including paying Mr. Wright to keep his mouth shut.

    Instead of focusing on what Romney does with his money we should be focusing on what Obama does with our money.


    1. Jackie: You know that a lefty has run out of ideas when he calls you a racist. It’s their last-ditch tactic when logic fails them as it so often does. Alas, it’s effective against the cowardly.

      Hottie right-wing columnist Ann Coulter recently came up with a great (and accurate) line. I paraphrase: The two groups in America today most fixated on race are skinheads and liberals.


  6. On the subject of Wright, I agree with you. But Ann Coulter? Please tell me you’re not a fan of that cuckoo bird.

    Wright is the reason I voted tor Hillary. But everyone else wanted to vote for Obama, someone who I think had limited experience and is a racist. As you say, you can’t listen to Wright’s rascist hate for 20 years & have him baptize your daughters if you don’t agree with the message.


    1. Celeste: One must keep in mind that being provocative is Coulter’s stock in trade. It keeps her famous when people are foaming at the mouth over her.

      I enjoy listening to her, and I agree with her sometimes, and sometimes not. But I agree more often than I disagree.


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