War on women

The Democratic Party’s despairing campaign tactic called the “Republican War on Women” is quite a hoot. There is a war on women going on, but it’s not the Republicans doing it.

A genuine war on women has been under way for centuries in the Muslim world, and when elements of it, like the hijab, appear in the United States, those on the Left are the first to defend it as a woman’s “right to choose.” Oh, the irony! And, oh, so silly.

Women are covered up, literally, and abused to a scandalous degree in the Muslim world.

What brings this to mind today? A story yesterday in The New York Times. A courageous, young Afghan woman was raped and tortured by a gang of Mohammedan goons and, instead of keeping quiet about it, which is the norm, she is demanding justice.

Hoo-ray for her.

The usual, and expected, response to such an outrage in the Muslim world is that the victim kills herself because she has “dishonored her family.” That’s the mindset. Indeed, this young woman’s own mother thinks her daughter’s suicide now is a pretty swell idea.


Much of the Muslim world is primitive and not far removed from the Stone Age. Yet those in America who inhabit the murkier corners of the Left will side with them more often than not. Most on the Left back Palestinians over Israel, for example.

Stunningly, lots of American Leftists will even tell you the 9/11 attacks were caused by the United States. Siding with Muslims is not rare. It’s connected to the “diversity” thing, the Left’s sacred belief that “other cultures” are often not just equal but superior.


The American left-wingers’ adulation of multiculturalism translates in real life into adulation of other cultures, while loathing their own. This entire irrational shebang begins to take on the tarnished sheen of a sick Federico Fellini flick.

Actually, there is no war on women in the Muslim world these days. It’s long over. The women lost, and have been locked in prison camps ever since. A few centuries now.

That’s their uniform in the photo. Obligatory attire in the Arab camps.

If you want to see the results of a War on Women, don’t look to Republicans.

Look to Riyadh. And their lovers on the American Left.

* * * *

(Note 1: Many believe that covering women is ordered in the Koran. It is not.)

(Note 2: Upcoming will be a post titled War on White Guys.)

14 thoughts on “War on women”

  1. I also read that article last night. My thoughts followed … what a strong, brave young woman, in such a sad story of circumstances, all around.


  2. You are spot on, sir. It is baffling, this “tolerance” of radical Islam, which not only horribly abuses women but also tolerates no deviance from its rigid tenets. Homosexuality, drug and alcohol use, adultery, and even common thievery are dealt with harshly. No room for individuality, and certainly no freedom.

    I suppose it is the hard-core liberal idea that we are all really one big happy family if we just try to understand each other. Nothing could be further from the truth.


  3. I think what many liberals don’t understand is that Islam is not just a religion it is a political agenda. Muslims want the US to be sharia compliant, and some areas in the US are doing just that. To even consider allowing sharia law into the US is disgusting.

    Why are so many liberal women silent on the atrocities inflicted on Muslim women? Yet some college student whose morals are questionable at best is having so much sex she can’t afford birth control, somehow this constitutes an war on women. Unbelievable.


  4. Stone age mentality, not consistent with the world today. I see that some midwestern state like Kansas has just passed a law not allowing sharia law to be practiced or adopted.

    We’ll see how the liberal states respond to that.


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