War on white guys

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter said it beautifully:

The two groups most fixated on race in America today are skinheads and Liberals.

Conservatives rarely speak of race, and don’t think about it much either, having become the true Tribe of Inclusion many decades ago. Leftists*, on the other hand, think of little else. Race is their obsession, their Kool-Aid and daily cudgel.

It’s their attention-getter and way to weasel out of arguments that are going south, as theirs so easily do. Count the word racist coming shrilly from one of them, and you’ll realize how often their arguments lack logic, style or even decent manners.

Alas, the worst of their breed control academia, the news media and showbiz, which means their influence scandalously outweighs their actual numbers on the American scene.

White guy 1

Most of these race-obsessed folks are white, which brings us to today’s topic: Their War on White Guys. Yes, this makes no sense. It is a bizarre self-loathing, a kind of cannibalism.

White people are the devils to white Leftists, especially their women, but not white people in general. White men particularly, and old white men specifically.

White women get a pass because, being female, they automatically rate as perpetually “oppressed people” to Leftists.

To today’s Leftists, all vexations, past and present, can be laid at the feet of Old White Men, a category that includes no decent people whatsoever.

But Old White Men include Abe Lincoln who emancipated the slaves; Gen. Eisenhower, who liberated Europe from Nazi tyranny; Albert Schweitzer, the medical missionary who won a Nobel Peace Prize; President Johnson who signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

White guy 2

The list is endless, but you know that.

Moving away from individuals, let’s consider who developed the best parts of today’s world, the areas where liberty and democracy reign, and the highest standards of living exist.

That would be most of North America, Western Europe and those marsupial outposts of Australia and New Zealand.

This trio, this Perfect Storm of Positives (liberty, democracy, high standard of living) was not born in Africa. It did not dawn in Latin America or in Asia. It was developed in Europe and North America by white people — male, female, young and old.

Be thankful.

* * * *

* Right-wingers like Coulter have demonized the honorable word Liberal. It is unfortunate. I prefer the more accurate term left-winger or, simply, Leftist. It’s someone who chases a perfect world that has never existed and never will.

(Note: The two photos of white guys show we are a diverse group, and any Leftist will tell you that diversity is to be pursued, though the fewer white guys the better.

32 thoughts on “War on white guys”

  1. Do you not agree that the whole “Birther” issue is based on racism? The only reason it started up is because the President has a “funny name” and “doesn’t look like an American” (whatever an “American” looks like. White, I suppose). If he was white would the crackpots accuse him of actually being born in Germany, Norway or Canada?

    Remember Romney’s dad? He ran even though he was born in Mexico. Why was he born in Mexico? Did the “leftist liberals” make a big deal of that? Or is the birther thing a new thing? A Republican thing?


    1. Croft: I think the birther nonsense, which is silly because there are so many other, better, smarter reasons to oppose Obama, is based in part on how he looks, in part on the fact that his father was Kenyan, in part on his unfortunate middle name of Hussein, and in part on the fact that he took, I believe it was, about three years to finally tell Hawaiian officials they could release a copy of his birth certificate. If he had done so at the get-go the entire hubbub likely would have been avoided entirely. He didn’t play it smart.


    2. P.S. Croft: You make me chuckle with how beautifully you demonstrated one of the principal points of the post. You are, of course, an extreme Leftist, and the first thing you say is: Racist!

      Did Central Casting send you?


      1. Pointing out a wrong is always the right thing to do. Think back to our day when young, intelligent people realized the Vietnam War was wrong. Young people all over the country mobilized and demonstrated against it, perhaps even forcing an early withdrawal. It was a proud time as it was when white people joined Dr. King in his marches against the injustices of his day. If it is wrong, it is wrong and it is our duty to argue against it.

        Having a racist jump up and complain against being called a racist is not reason to stop pointing out the wrongs of our society. And one of them is racism.


  2. From the BBC news “as U.S. radio star Neal Boortz points out: Every good leftist Democrat knows if you can’t win your argument on any other grounds, you always have race. The one big advantage to playing the race card, of course, is that you can paint any opposing thoughts or viewpoints as being racist.


  3. I don’t think it’s racist or nonsense to what to know the President’s background. He has spent great sums of money to keep it hidden. Why?

    Obama also received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia. There’s a lie there somewhere.

    I’ve been called a racist because I strongly disagree with Obama’s socialistic and power hungry policies. This left-winger said I couldn’t stand having a black man for President. Ridiculous! He’s the wrong man, period.


    1. Jackie: You and I certainly agree he’s the wrong man. I have not heard this business about his getting financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia. I doubt that is true. All manner of misinformation floats about cyberspace.

      And the next time somebody says something about Obama being black, point out that he is the nation’s first biracial president. He is not black. As for your being called a racist, of course you have. The Left calls everybody with a contrary opinion a racist.

      But we can rejoice in the fact that he will be out of the White House next January. Bet on it.


  4. The Left uses the “racist” argument when they cannot win the argument intellectually.

    As far as the “birther issue,” the most obvious answer is that the President was probably born in Hawaii, but he has used the Kenyan tag to play the system over the years (university education, for example). The birth certificate issue is a diversion, most likely.


  5. Reading over the relatively few comments here (most are mine), I notice that nobody wants to touch the post’s central topic, which is white folks and the Good Things they have brought to the world. And the ludicrousness of the Left’s trying to turn them into the Bad Guys, the demons, when quite the contrary is clearly the case.

    Admittedly, I did start out with the Left’s love of tossing the racist word about, a topic I have touched on quite a bit in the past. But that was just a lead-in to the post’s primary topic. And I did not even mention Obama. Not one word.

    But nobody wants to go near the White People issue, and I think that is due to the Left’s enormous success in demonizing us, and how easily one can be smeared after saying positive things about white folks, even if it’s here in this tiny corner of cyberspace.

    Buck up, people. Don’t be sissies.


  6. Okay, I’ll bite. The white men that you mention certainly played an important role in the history of our country. However, that was back in the days when women and minorities were certainly suppressed. It was the “white man’s world”. No? So, there really was no opportunity for anyone other that the “white man” to accomplish anything.

    I do feel that the tide has turned. Now, it is the “white man” that is discriminated against.


    1. Connie: You are to be commended, kinda. You wandered off into gender issues. But the issue really is that it’s become unfashionable, to put it mildly, to speak positively of white people at all. Blacks can speak of their “roots,” no problem. They can be “Proud.” Latinos, ditto. This Leftist dissing of whites, which has gone on for a few decades now because we have not pushed back, does focus mostly on men, especially “old white men,” as they love to phrase it.

      Mention White Pride, and all that comes into anybody’s mind, including mine, is cross-burnings and midnight rides in modified bedsheets.

      As I mentioned, white women usually get a pass (unless they sport a Klan hood) because Leftists feel all women are “oppressed” in one way or the other. So white men get the brunt of the dissing from the Left.

      Yes, in certain areas of the globe it has been a White Man’s World for sure. Women’s roles were different in the past. I’m not sure that “repressed” is totally accurate, but it fits to a great degree. That has changed in modern times, and it was white people who instigated the changes, for the most part.

      The white world (men and women) of Western Europe, and two-thirds of North America (Mexico excluded, poor babies) is where Liberty and Democracy were born, and where the highest standards of living the world has ever seen have been attained.

      White people did that. I pat them/us on the back. That is what White Pride should focus on and speak loudly about.


    1. Connie: No problem. You did hit on something, however. The issue of fashionable. Yes, it is fashionable, popular, whatever you want to call it, to be black these days in many quarters, which is why the biracial Obama is always called black. Blacks are in style.

      It intrigues me how the the Leftist-fueled culture has turned Jim Crow laws on their heads. In the pre-equal-rights days, especially in the Old South, to be even partially black was to be declared officially and totally black, and it was considered a severe defect. You were a lesser person. Nowadays, if you are partially black (like Obama), you are declared entirely black just like Alabama’s Bull Connor would have declared you. However, now it is considered a plus. You are a greater person, not lesser or even average. You are stylish.

      Jim Crow laws are gone, but the Jim Crow mindset, in a morphed form, is still with us. Don’t that beat all? People never cease to amaze me.


  7. Interesting. Yes, being of mixed race did mean that a person was accepted into the black community, but rarely accepted into the white community. However, Barack Obama was raised by his white mother’s side of the family. So, maybe this means that we are changing as a society and becoming more accepting of all people. This is a good thing.

    Even though Barack Obama was raised in a white environment, he chose to marry a black woman. I wonder if he was not comfortable in the white community, or if he was just more attracted to black women.

    I know this next statement will really get you. I like Barack Obama. I actually voted for him as I am not a fan of John McCain. McCain’s decision to pick Palin as a running mate really sealed it for me. A person with no better judgement than that does not deserve to be President.

    I am on the fence this election year. We will see how the debates play out.


    1. Connie: I never received my absentee ballot down here for the last election. Lost in the mail or something. I had a pretty clear take on Obama, especially when the Pastor Wright connection came to light, and I would not have voted for him even though I have always voted Democratic.

      Not getting my ballot likely saved me from some angst and soul-searching because I would have voted for McCain in a flash until he came up with Palin. I am not a Palin fan, to put it mildly. We are of one mind on that.

      You are right in that McCain’s choosing Palin reflected badly on him, but not nearly as badly as Obama’s voluntarily listening to Pastor Wright for 20 years reflects on Obama. Of course, I see tons of problems with Obama.

      I am glad to hear you are on the fence about Obama now as, I imagine, are tons of people who voted for him last time. He has been a very poor president, and I hope you abandon him this go-around, as so many will do, thank the Goddess.


  8. I am a white male and I am neither proud nor ashamed of my race. I am also a gay man and I am not proud or ashamed of that fact either. Whether by fate or God’s plan, it is who I am. It’s that simple. However, if you have never been a black man or gay man or a woman, you most certainly have never felt the pain of discrimination, marginalization, suppression, or outright hate directed at you because of your race, gender, or sexual orientation.

    I haven’t read your blog for some time because, frankly, your screeds on Barack Obama and “leftists’ tended to grow tiresome. You don’t like him and that is perfectly fine with me. It is your right to express your thoughts on any of these issues. I cannot, though, summon up any sympathy for the white men who ‘can’t have no pride’ in their race. I mean, can we give it a break? The overwhelmingly vast majority of power and wealth in the world is held by white men. Did that happen by fate or by privilege?

    It is my opinion and judgement that liberals have more sensitivity in the areas of class, race, and gender issues. That is NOT to say that all conservatives lack such sensitivity, but unfortunately large numbers do.
    We also tend to favor a reasonable, not overreaching, social democracy where everyone has a fair chance to live with a roof over their heads, food on their table, and basic healthcare. Conservatives on the other hand seem, in my judgement, to want none of this if it comes out of their dollar.
    Slogans like “I want my America back” and “America has lost it’s soul” mean what?


    1. Ah, an uprising in the ranks! Well, that’s good. People got irked with me far more often in the past than they do nowadays. Probably most have simply gone on to more agreeable internet pastures. Like HuffPost.

      John: Not being black, female or gay, you are correct that I have no first-hand experience with discrimination. I am grateful for that. But discrimination is a tricky notion. It depends on where you live. Blacks face no bias in Africa. Latinos face none in Latin America. Women will always face a certain level of extra difficulty simply due to being physically weaker than men. That will never change. Never, ever.

      Gays will always face discrimination because they are a small minority everywhere (smaller than the vocal U.S. branch would have us think), and most people are not willing to accept those differences. It’s how the world works. There is no complete remedy. Humans are imperfect, emotionally defective.

      Some problems have no solutions.

      Do white people hold most of the power and wealth in the world? Of course. Were those great things called Liberty and Democracy invented by white people too? Of course. Is there a connection? Oh, yes. These wonderful concepts did not come from Africa or Latin America or Asia, did they? And where does the world’s highest standard of living exist?

      I find the current modish blaming of white people for almost everything negative to be quite silly.

      Do liberals have more sensitivity regarding class, race and gender issues? Yeah, probably. They are certainly more “sensitive.” No doubt about that. I think leftists mean well but are often naive.

      Liberals want a social democracy where everyone has a fair chance to have a roof over their heads, food etc.? That is what they say, and I think that is what exists in the U.S. today. You likely disagree.

      Conservatives don’t want to pay for others to have a roof over their heads, food, etc.? Probably not. Most conservatives, I think, want a level playing field, and then let people take advantage of the field or not. Their choice. I do not want to be forced to put a roof over anyone’s head or to feed them either. I don’t want to be forced to be my brother’s keeper. By the way, Obama wants me to be forced, which is why I want very badly to send him back to Chicago ASAP.

      However, I may want to voluntarily help, as I have done in the past quite often. But it was my choice. I have written about that here a few times, my volunteer work.

      What do slogans like “I want my America back” mean? It likely means they want the Good Old Days when Latinos mostly stayed below the border in their own conflicted countries and black guys were not looking stern behind suits and bow ties or wearing black leather jackets, berets and scowls.

      This does not surprise me. I think encouraging multiculturalism is national suicide. Diversity is a problem to be dealt with in as kind a manner as possible. It is not wise to promote it, as leftists do.

      Multicultural nations are conflicted nations, up to and including frequent violence and mayhem. Examples around the world are everywhere.

      So, we’ll have to embrace our own differences and be polite about it as I always attempt to do.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  9. AMEN, John!! Thanks for having the energy to respond to this guy’s tirades. But I must add, thanks to the ire I experience by this guy, Zapata, I just discovered the author TIM WISE, and am currently
    reading his latest book, DEAR WHITE AMERICA: Letter to a New Minority. I so recommend this book!


    1. Alide, dear heart: My Cambridge dictionary defines tirade as “a long, angry speech expressing strong disapproval.”

      And “this guy”?!

      Let’s take a look at the definition and whether your use of the word is correct. Long? One of the hallmarks of The Moon is that the posts are not long. They are brief and pithy so you will not get bored.

      Angry? If I exhibit anger here, it is done politely. Can there be polite anger?

      I checked out that book on Amazon. Tim Wise is one of the white guys who ironically doesn’t like white people. Clearly, a Leftist who carries a Political-Correctness Bible. Perhaps he’s a professor in the Women’s Studies Department of a major Ivy League university. Do they let men teach those courses, or are they strictly segregated by gender?

      But yes, it does appear that the U.S. will, in the not-too-distant future, become more black and Latino than white.

      My reaction to that is one should look at the nations run by blacks and Latinos. Is that what you want? This is your thought assignment for today. You may be quizzed later.


    2. PS: Most of the hard-nosed Leftists would label me a racist (their favored epithet) due to some of my stances.

      I am no more a racist than others. I am, however, a culturalist, and I think some cultures are far superior to others.


  10. Felipe Zapata (not your real name), I immediately regretted my response when I pressed the post comment button to your post. I knew what to expect in your reply. In my judgement, your worldview can only be considered fatalistic.

    -“Women will always face a certain level of extra difficulty simply due to being physically weaker than men. That will never change. Never, ever.”

    -“Gays will always face discrimination because they are a small minority everywhere (smaller than the vocal U.S. branch would have us think), and most people are not willing to accept those differences. It’s how the world works. There is no complete remedy. Humans are imperfect, emotionally defective.”

    -“Some problems have no solutions.”

    And, I assert that a couple of your statements are just flat out wrong.

    -“discrimination is a tricky notion. It depends on where you live.”

    “Blacks face no bias in Africa.” ( True, if you exclude genocide. Remember Darfur?)

    “Latinos face none in Latin America.” (I wonder if the Maya would agree with that?)

    Just my overly sensitive nature responding here, I suppose.




    1. John: Don’t repent a comment! I like them, even those who disagree with me.

      Fatalistic? Yes, to a very large degree.

      When I say blacks don’t face discrimination in Africa, I was referring to race and to sub-Saharan Africa, which is what most people think of when they think Africa. When it comes to tribe, religion, you name it, of course, there is discrimination a’plenty like everywhere on earth. The Africans love to chop each other up, and not just verbally.

      Which, by the way, is a great example of why encouraging multiculturalism is an abysmal idea everywhere. In general, people don’t much care for others who are different. We would like to think we can change that with education, etc., but I don’t believe it’s doable.

      And when I said Latinos do not face discrimination in Latin America, again I was referring to discrimination due to being Latino. They are, of course, the great majority and, by the way, they are definitely not keen on multiculturalism down here, even though a few “intellectuals” give it lip service, a Gringo influence.

      As for the Mayas, if they would just take off the white pyjamas and cut the hair, they would blend into the rest of Mexico. Whatever bias they face is due to being “different,” which they intentionally do.

      And that is usually a cause for troubles anywhere, repeating my basic contention.

      Again, thanks for the feedback, and look at how happy you made Alinde!


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