Here are two examples of pretentiousness that I dislike. I mention them just to be catty, and maybe come off as metrosexual or perhaps gay.

1. Being based somewhere. Unless you live out of a steamer trunk, perhaps as a foreign correspondent for The Calcutta Times, you are not based anywhere. You have a home like the rest of us, and you live there.

It ain’t a military installation.

2. The word the. You are not an artist or economist or whatever named John Doe. You are the economist John Doe, as if anyone has ever heard of you.

The economist John Doe will deliver a lecture today at 8 p.m. at the Concert Hall.

Pretentiousness No. 2 is invariable bestowed by a second party, not by you. The second party is trying to give the impression that you are famous even though you are not, often because the second party knows you personally.

If you are famous, you don’t need the the. Everyone already knows of you.

* * * *

(Note: The crank Felipe Zapata is based on a Mexican mountaintop.)

16 thoughts on “Pretentiousness”

  1. While we’re at it. What’s up with everyone saying “the south of France” instead of southern France? I guess I’m based in the “south of Michigan”.


  2. Of course, the pretentious do not merely eat; they “do” lunch. Considering the fact that “do” has always had sexual connotations, I usually decline what sounds to me a rather kinky way to spend the noon hour.


  3. Shouldn’t that be the infamous Felipe Zapata? If you would like to discuss that over a cafecito, I’ll have my people call your people.


    1. Kim: All these other issues, plus yours, have brought one to mind. I think it’s relatively new. Houses seem not to have a price anymore. They have a price point.


  4. We must, must, go shopping! I saw the most darling Pradas for you, of course not even to compare with the Louboutin’s I just purchased in the south of France…


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