The train

I climbed the spiral, steel stairway to the roof yesterday to take this train photo for you. You can see it there past the buildings and well this side of the mountain.

Those are double-decker freight cars.

All things considered and measured, it’s about two blocks from our bedroom. The train itself can pass pretty quietly.

The engineers’ fondness for the horn, however, is another matter. Some of the fellows announce their arrival with far more gusto than others.

But you get used to it, and it becomes a sweet sound of travel and adventure.

10 thoughts on “The train”

  1. Early in the morning is when I enjoy hearing it in the distance. Makes me remember of my childhood growing up in the city. Although we lived in the GG Parkpanhandle area, I could hear the distant sound of the airhorns of the train.

    Every time I hear it now, immediately brings me back to those days. I have always enjoyed trains, train trips and such. Too bad the U.S. never got wired up sufficiently for train travel.

    In addition to the train, we hear the loud firecrackers coming from town too.


    1. Tancho: I think just about everybody loves trains. It’s strange.

      Oh, I think the U.S. was wired up pretty good for train travel for a spell. When I was a kid I took the train fairly often and not for fun but for actual transportation.

      And DC-3s.

      Much of that has vanished, sadly.


  2. “I see a small boy who hears far off train whistles in the night…” For some reason that line from the most famous of 1968 speeches burrowed its way out of my memory as I read your post. Train whistles have always been a clarion of adventure to me.


  3. We have aviones. Depending on the wind, sometimes right over the house. When we travel by air, it’s a good thing to be so close to the airport. I don’t mind the sounds unless they might start sputtering 🙂 Train horns are a more muffled sound from where we live in North Central SAT.


    1. Carole: Whenever I think about living near an airport, I invariably think of the hotel right across the highway from the New Orleans airport. Many years ago a plane landed on top of it, and it was not pretty. I think you should move.


  4. Those horns can be mighty loud. I know, there is one I hear and it’s a couple of miles away. How many times a day do they pass by?


    1. Andean: I’ve become so accustomed to them that I cannot say. At least twice in the middle of the night. Maybe three or four times in the daytime. The engineers seem more fond of the horn at night. But again, strangely, it goes in one ear and out the other. Even during the rare times it awakens me at night these days, I immediately go back to sleep. Simply not a problem.


  5. We used to set silver coins on the train tracks to flatten them out enough to be able to make rings and what not. That track was scooped up and hauled away over 35 years ago


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