This is the real Madagascar, off the African coast.

We took our favored nephew to see a pixellated movie called Madagascar 3 the other day in the state capital. My wife and the boy, who is 9 now, saw his movie while I watched Dark Shadows starring the androgynous weirdo Johnny Depp.

On coming out of their movie, they asked where Madagascar is, and I surprised my companions by telling them precisely. Do you know where Madagascar is?

Dark Shadows is a waste of time, but at least you get to see that Michelle Pfeiffer is aging well, and the strange Eva Green can chew scenery with the best.

Our nephew had spent the previous night with us, something he’s doing again after about a year’s hiatus because he did not want to sleep alone upstairs in the second bedroom. He wanted company, and so did I.

The only company available was the same person, my wife and his aunt. I prevailed, winning her warm, shapely form, so he quit coming. Sore loser.

But we have reached a compromise. I purchased a fat, portable mattress at CostCo. It gets opened on the floor in our bedroom, and he’s content.

I’m content too — or sufficiently so.

The lad is not much company these days because all he does is sit on the sofa and play games on a cell phone. He sits there hours as if comatose, staring at the little screen.

He does love movie theaters, however, and his uncle showed him the real Madagascar on a world globe here at the Hacienda. He’s a bright boy and handsome.

God knows what the future brings.

12 thoughts on “Madagascar”

  1. Gotta get that boy out and running around before he turns into a fat, torpid couch tamale at the tender age of 19.

    As for Madagascar, it’s a fascinating place, full of unusual animals and plants. Unfortunately, it’s also dirt poor, and the inhabitants are killing off all that makes it special as fast as they can. But I’m sure you knew that already.


    Kim G
    DF, Mexico
    Where we too saw Dark Shadows and enjoyed it, though wouldn’t rate it intellectual. Try “Dangerous Method” (Un Método Peligroso) instead, which is running in theatres here. That was quite good.


    1. Kim: I don’t think it will take another 10 years. The young fellow is lazy. It’s a lifestyle and way of thinking he has reinforced every day at home. However, my wife gets him up and out every chance she gets.

      Thanks for the movie recommendation.


  2. This is my grandson’s favorite flick:

    Background music is William Tell Overture! Danny is obsessed by airplanes.


      1. Señor Cuevas: When we flew to Cuba in April, it was the first time we had been on an airplane in about seven years. It wasn’t bad. But the flight is just two hours, and we flew Interjet, which is pretty nice as airlines go.


  3. Most kids that age play computer games, as if nothing else exists. Not any different in this neck of the woods. But if a suggestion is made of another venture, with good company they will run. It’s sometimes a matter of interaction, a screen or a person, doesn’t seem to make a difference. But in the end it does, we know that and they will have learned it…


  4. Felipe;

    Karma. I was wondering just the other day about The Little Vaquero. Thanks for the update.



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