Off to the capital

We’re gone for a spell, spending some time in the nation’s chaotic capital.

We have to go occasionally to clean the apartment, pay a few bills and eat those great burgers and fries at Titanic Hamburgers on the night street median.

In 2007 when we lost our tenants and decided to keep it vacant for getaways, we visited every two or three months, but we don’t do that anymore. It’s twice a year.

If I never set foot there again, it would be too soon. We’ve stopped driving there, which improved the visits a bit because traffic is beyond comprehension.

Now it’s taxis, minibuses, the subway and something called the Metrobus which is kind of a subway on rubber wheels above ground with its own stations and lanes.

Aside from taxis, all of these modes of transport are generally packed to the roof.

We get to the big city on a relatively new express, snazzy bus service from our small town directly to the capital’s northern bus station, which is near our apartment.

Another task for this visit is making progress on getting the deed to the apartment which was paid off years ago. A government agency handles this, and nobody there seems at all interested in whether we get the deed or not.

It’s always going to be ready mañana.

I predict it won’t be ready mañana or the mañana after that. To keep my blood pressure down, I’ve left the entire problem in the hands of my lovely wife. After all, she purchased the apartment in the first place, not me.

I doubt the deed will be seen in our lifetimes.

If it were not for the traffic and the mobs of humanity, the capital would be a great place to visit. It’s undergoing a Renaissance, it is said. Take a look-see.

* * * *

(Note 1: The photo looks like a caldron of lava, but it’s the capital by night.)

(Note 2: I will not be responding to anything hereabouts till we return. I don’t travel connected to cyberspace.)

6 thoughts on “Off to the capital”

  1. DF is loads of fun, but also crowded and chaotic. I’ve often wondered why the government doesn’t spread some of those many bureaucracies around to some of the provinces. It’d help both the provinces and help reduce a bit of the congestion in DF.

    I think the trick to living here is to find a cool neighborhood and a place close to a subway station and then to not venture far within the city. F lives in a relatively far-out spot, and it’s a pain coming and going.

    Hope you have fun here.


    Kim G
    DF, Mexico
    Where we only have another four days.


    1. Kim: Finally got home. As to DF being loads of fun, I imagine that depends on your interests and priorities. I thought it was loads (kinda) of fun the first couple of years of visits, but after a spell, the negatives overwhelmed the positives. For me at least.


  2. We return to la Capital next Thursday. It will be a relief from the extreme heat here in los Estados Unidos. We have hardly left the AC comfort of the family casa. We will be in México DF at least a couple of nights before taking the bus home.

    Don Cuevas

    PS: I always travel with an Internet connection device close at hand.


    1. Don Cuevas: As for always traveling with an internet connection close at hand, you are with the majority. I find myself getting along without it for days with no emotional grief whatsoever.


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