Happy birthday

Today ends the first year of The Unseen Moon.

Happy birthday to us!

I imagine most passersby here are holdovers from my previous internet efforts, The Zapata Tales and The Bierce Account.

The Tales was born with a slightly different name in January 2005. Bierce, well, I don’t rightly remember. Both now are offline, gone for good.

The Unseen Moon is more versatile. It’s one-stop shopping. It can be either romantic or rough, bright or dark, sweet or nasty. There are no limits.

The topics have ranged from romantic wolves to a beautiful, heartless serial killer. From a lovely Arab wandering lost in the desert to the details of my taking a shower.

From World War One aerial battles to white hogs and man beans. From night music in the long-ago Georgia of my childhood to avocados and sour cream.

From trolls in barbecue pits to shape-shifting panthers. From water music tinkling from the roof to sleek bottle blondes from Brooklyn.

From redheaded negroes named Billy to old Foreign Legionaires named Maxence. From sadistic sailors named Quinn to gay bartenders named Beauregard or Bo for short.

There was the wolf’s death and Myron Blade’s descent into salaciousness and subsequent execution. There was the loquat tree and America’s continuing fall into trivialities. Unsightly comb-overs and Mormon underwear.

And Cuba! Who could forget the best tourist take on that Communist dictatorship that you’re likely to find anywhere?

And, of course, I love to speak badly of President Obama, sending some collectivist readers away for good, no doubt to more politically correct venues where rampant silliness is promoted and never questioned.

In the upcoming year, we’ll diss the socialist Obama even more. With luck, it won’t be necessary beyond November. Then we’ll turn on Romney. Perhaps.

But, as usual, we’ll stick to other topics most of the time. They’re more fun.

Thanks for your visits, courtesy and good humor.

* * * *

(Note: We’re still in the nation’s capital, just a few days more. This post was pre-programmed because birthdays and anniversaries can’t wait.)

18 thoughts on “Happy birthday”

  1. Holy Folks Wakyman! Has it been a year already? I’ve loved this new format since you started it. I Liked the way you stirred things up in Zappata, and the dark musings of Bierce, but it is early days for this blog…. Thanks for the telling of the tales….
    Dan in NC


  2. Felicidades. Estoy aqui todavia con una nueva cadera (Translation from Felipe because we keep this an English website: Congrats. I’m still here with a new hip.)


    1. Hey, Memo. Sorry about the delay in moving your comment here. I was off the grid the last few days. Congrats on the new hip. Actually, I had been thinking about you and that just recently.


    1. Thanks, Jackie. It’s nice to live here. We do need domestic help, and someday I have to do that. Obviously, lots cheaper than up in your area. We came back from Mexico City today, and the grass is almost up to my ears.


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