The old friend

I‘m lying naked on our rose carpet in the capital city.

It’s early, 9 a.m., and my lovely bride has departed to visit an old friend, leaving me here alone with my body, which is long and lean, for the most part.

Moments earlier, in the dressing room, I stood exposed before a full-length mirror, looking at myself at almost 68.

It could be worse.

I can clearly spot my feet, which is more than many can say in this deep-fried world. For ideal naked viewing before a full mirror you want the proper light. Avoid fluorescent, which will drop you into despair. And candlight is a delusion.

Good, honest ambient is ideal. Toss back the curtains.

Look at it. It’s been with you every blessed moment. You’ve never been alone. It’s been there through every pain and joy, every horror and ecstasy, the constant companion, the faithful friend who never goes away.

The meat and bone that move your head and heart around.

15 thoughts on “The old friend”

  1. And yet we have all wished our bodies were different in one way or another. Thank you for the reminder to look at and be grateful to our life long friends…all the best. Lilly


  2. “Your mind is software. Program it. Your body is a shell. Change it. Death is a disease. Cure it. Extinction is approaching. Fight it.”

    An apropos quote I like. 😉


    1. John: I have a friend who plans to live to 120 or so with some mind/body procedure. I forget the details. He is fighting extinction. Good luck with that. He does not want to die. I actually do, but not soon, I hope.


  3. A friend once told me “If we all stood naked in front of each other, there would be something wrong with all of us.”

    This postpartum body certainly is a different sort of vessel, yet at 31 there is time to work towards its former resemblance. No time to think about it much. And we don’t worry about dying at this point.


    1. Rosalind de Bois! My, oh my. You’ve changed names. I liked the previous and this one too.

      I think it’s stretch marks that prove the stubbornest rascals following childbirth.


      1. I don’t know how, but I was lucky enough to be spared of any and all stretch marks! But la pancita is new and has overstayed her welcome. I just need time to run again.

        Yes, finally a nomme de plume. Rosalind is from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” Intriguing and identifiable character, plus French names sound classy. 🙂


  4. I am a bit shocked at your introspection. I always thought every man who stood in front of a mirror saw a Greek god. When I told that to a former girl friend, she said: “And every woman sees her mother.” Apparently, the therapy wasn’t going well.


  5. Mirrors are fine for enjoying a fantasy, but for reality, to see yourself as others see you, take a picture. I remember the first time I saw a lot of light colored hair around the barber’s chair in which I sat. I was shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you. In the mirror, I had always seen mostly brownish hair, but in pictures, and the floor at the barbershop, was white. I’m unable to articulate what the facial features reveal. Today’s words of wisdom: Be kind to your mirror.


    1. Masked One: My second ex-wife took a photo of me once while I sat naked in a wing chair in Houston. My legs were crossed, hiding my sausage and eggs, so it was relatively decent and almost fit for public consumption. Truth is, I looked pretty good. However, it was 28 years ago.


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