Here’s some fun

Forbes magazine directed me to this quiz that claims to show which presidential candidate most agrees with me.

Not surprisingly, I was in lockstep with Romney 76 percent of the time. Next was the Libertarian kook Ron Paul (yipes!) at 74 percent. And then with Obama at 44 percent.

That’s correct. Obama is not always in error.

On social and science issues alone, Obama and I agree 89 percent of the time.

I have often and unkindly been labeled a right-wing nutcase, so I send a rotten raspberry to those who attach labels too easily.

But just because Obama and I agree on such things as abortion rights, gun control, stem-cell research, etc., does not mean I don’t want to send the incompetent, politically correct, anti-American collectivist straight back to Chicago on the next train.

The quiz indicates Romney and I agree on issues like illegal immigration, health care, the economy and foreign policy.

Looking at parties instead of just candidates, I am with the Republicans 76 percent, Libertarians 70 percent, Democrats 44 percent and the Greens 43 percent.

I’m a bit of a tree-hugger. Who knew?

* * * *

(Update: Whoops! I overlooked part of the quiz. After retaking it, my results in some areas were significantly different than those written above. The updated results are in one of the comments. Goodness, I may be a right-wing nutcase after all.)

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  1. Something loaded with those science and social issues – like you I supposedly agreed a lot with Obama 100%-99% respectively!

    The party thing kind of speaks to why I confuse you:
    Libertarian 88% (of course because I am one) Green 68% Republican 67% and Democrats 62%

    Who believes in these tests anyway? I was NOT surprised at my or your results 😉


  2. Ron Paul 92%, Gary Johnson 90%, Mitt Romney, 66%, and (I am so ashamed that it’s this high) Obama, 33%.

    92% LIbertarian, 66% Republican. Come November, I’m with the guy who wears the magic underwear.


    1. Ms. Rose: I did not mention Gary Johnson in the post because he’s totally out of the running now. I imagine this test was put together before things came together for Mitt. I rated pretty high with Johnson too.


      1. You KNOW it! Personally I like Ron Paul’s views on most things but he will not win. I’d hate to waste a vote. (I know you don’t like him tho.)


        1. Mike: Of course, Paul will not win anything. As for my not liking him, or rather some of his positions, that’s not so, as my score indicates. But I do think he is a kook. He’s off the wall, unrealistic and completely humorless. He needs to get out of politics and quit distracting people who otherwise would vote this year for Romney. All votes for Paul are, practically speaking, votes for Obama, clearly not what Paulbots want.


  3. We seem to be on a roll here: Paul 97%, Romney 82%, Obama 8%. I will confess that I went into “guy at the end of the bar” mode with some of the questions. But the results strike me as accurate — even though I do not think of myself in such reductionist terms.


  4. Revised figures for me: When I first took the quiz, I did not notice that the topics of economics, domestic policy and foreign policy offered additional questions. I went back and answered them all, and it changed some of my results pretty significantly. Here is the new, more accurate me:

    Romney: 80 percent instead of 76.
    Ron Paul: 77 percent instead of 74.
    Obama: 28 percent instead of 44. Now we’re talking! Even lower than Ms. Rose.

    And from agreeing with Obama 89 percent on social issues, I went to agreeing significantly with him on no major issues at all.

    Republican: 80 percent instead of 76.
    Libertarian: 72 percent instead of 70.
    Democrat: 28 percent instead of 44. (Yahoo!)
    Greens: 28 percent instead of 43. (Not such a tree-hugger after all.)


  5. I have just spent 3 weeks traveling the back hills of Montana, Wyoming, Washington State and Idaho. I don’t know much about American Politics, but I listen pretty good. The motorcycle I ride dictates the type of people I associate with. I asked a lot of questions, always got around to the presidential question. Rough guesstimate, 80% in favour of Obama. Biggest complaint, polarization of the sides. Daddy was a Dem., so am I, no matter what the policy of the Govt. is. Suggestion from a lot of people, both sides need to work together to pull the USA out of its backward slide. I took the quiz, ended up a Greeny with Obama a close second, but I’m a Canadian, what do I know?


    1. Bob: I can safely assure you that 80 percent of Americans are not Obama supporters, so I can’t imagine what kind of motorcycle you ride these days. It used to be a Harley, if I am not mistaken. You must have switched to some electric Japanese contraption designed by Michael Moore. I am glad you are Canadian. One less Obama vote.


  6. Interesting… Always considered myself to be an Independant voter, casting my vote for the individual not the party..
    91-Ron Paul, 90 – Gary Johnson, 72 – Mitt Romney, 44 – B.Obama…..
    91- libertarian, 74- rep, 44-dem, 27- green
    It was fun to see where my vote would have gone had all parties been viable.
    Dan in NC


    1. Dan: Saying one votes for the individual, not the party, is pretty common. However, I don’t think the candidate can be separated from his party. It’s a package deal most of the time.

      Your results do not surprise me, señor.


  7. I am an outlier in this group:
    75-Obama, 46-Paul, 19-Romney
    75 for both Dem & Green, 62 Lib and 19 Rep

    I will say the quiz makes me think that I need to consider my stance on certain issues with more reading and research.


    1. Mommy: Outlier. Well, there’s a word you don’t hear too often. But there are some Obama fans in the crowd. You are not alone.

      Thanks for the feedback. First time if I am not mistaken.


  8. Living here in the States, there seems to be a very separate divided line of debate amongst the folk, they either love BO or Rom, one or the other, strongly, it’s been close, and so is Nov.
    And best part right now, that is, the passion involved.


    1. Andean: I think the passion is linked totally to Obama. You either love him or loathe him. I don’t think there’s much passion connected to Romney. He is simply the anti-Obama.


  9. Well, I took the test. Here are the results:

    Candidates you side with…
    76% Gary Johnson on foreign policy, healthcare, domestic policy, and science issues.
    73% Barack Obama on economic, science, social, and environmental issues.
    72% Ron Paul on foreign policy, healthcare, domestic policy, and environmental issues.
    39% Mitt Romney on healthcare and environmental issues.
    67% Massachusetts Voters on science and social issues.
    76% American Voters on foreign policy, science, environmental, social, and immigration issues.
    Who you side with by party…
    75% Libertarian
    73% Democratic
    71% Green
    39% Republican

    I think these results make me hard to pigeonhole, though it’s pretty clear I’m not a fascist. I agree with Obama on much, but am pegged as a libertarian. Go figure!

    For me a big part of the problem is that what I think the country needs, no one is talking about because they all want to be reelected.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I’ll be voting for Voldemort come November.


    1. Kim: How in the world can you be with the Libertarians and the Democrats in the same measure? Were you sober when you took the quiz?

      Well, since Obama has not done or even mentioned what you primarily want these almost-four years, I hope you’ll vote for Mitt because maybe he will, maybe he’s just keeping quiet to not disturb anyone, which seems to be his primary tactic. It’s what got him the nomination.


      1. Yes, indeed I was sober.

        And as for what I want, it’s a fiscally responsible federal government on a present-value basis, i.e., with everything like social security and medicare accounted for like corporate pensions. This would put congress’ spending spree right on the books in all their multi-trillion-dollar horror.

        Go look at if you want a good scare, and then consider that they don’t even calculate the present value of future social security or medicare liabilities. So it’s even worse than they present.


        Kim G

        P.S. Any word as to whether people such as yourself will be required to buy U.S. health insurance under Obamacare?


        1. Kim: You are right, of course. Obama pays it no mind. We don’t know what Mitt would do, but maybe he would do something, which is better than Obama’s definite nothing. It’s the entire government’s fault, but at least some focused and powerful leadership at the top could perhaps get something going. Obama does nothing.

          As for my having to buy U.S. health insurance under Obamacare, I imagine that my being in Medicare would fulfill the requirement. I have done nothing and will do nothing with Medicare since I turned 65, but I was automatically enrolled in the basic version, not that I would ever use it. I would not go to the U.S. for medical care in a million years.


  10. I couldn’t resist…
    For what it’s worth: Johnson(84), Stein(84), Paul(76), Obama(74) and Romney(30). Sorry Mitt.


  11. Libertarian 83%, Republican 79% Democratic 59% Green 44%

    This is a surprise ! Thought I was more a Dem. than a Rep. – tho am registered Independent. Guess I don’t understand the parties as well as I thought.

    Ron Paul 86, Mitt Romney 79%, Gary Johnson 76%, Barack Obama 56%


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