The red wannabes

Have you heard the one about the black dude who walked into a bar and said: Gimme a tomahawk?

No? Well, no matter.

Seems that a Cherokee tribe in Oklahoma once owned slaves. They freed them in 1863, and later made them honorary Indians, or something like that.

Many, many moons later, the Cherokees had a change of heart and decreed that the blacks weren’t red after all. And now the former-red blacks want back into the tribe because, well, there are freebies involved. Goodies galore.

The blacks filed suit! About ten years ago, and the legal battle continues today.

Anyone who thinks the blacks want back into the tribe for any reason apart from the freebies is fooling himself. The benefits include business loans, medical services, housing assistance and scholarships. Plenty wampum.

Indian welfare, bro.

The black wannabe Indians got no shame. They should be embarrassed. But a significant portion of America’s black community has grown fond of freebies and preferences, to the detriment of everyone, but most of all to themselves.

When President Johnson began the War on Poverty in 1964, the black “community” in America was significantly more stable. There were far more two-parent families, and the illegitimacy rate was incredibly lower.

In 1960, just 22 percent of black babies were born out of wedlock in America. Today, the number is over 70 percent and climbing. The American poverty rate today is about what it was when the War on Poverty began, i.e. zero success.

The War on Poverty, like the War on Drugs, has done precisely nothing positive.

It did, however, brainwash a sizable percentage of blacks into thinking they deserve perpetual help. And they’re even willing to sue Indians for more freebies.

We have entered a Twilight Zone of ludicrousness.

* * * *

(Note 1: Here’s a Wall Street Journal article on the embarrassing lawsuit.)

(Note 2: For another shocking story of someone trying to pass herself off as an Indian for personal gain, click here.)

(Note 3: I predict that few will comment positively on this post. When blacks are criticized most whites palefaces faint from the vapors like little ole ladies.)

20 thoughts on “The red wannabes”

  1. I’d suggest two things: You post these inflammations because you know it might increase your readership stats, and I’m a bit embarrassed to say that it has prompted me to comment again.

    Anyhow–the statistical increase you cite is an example of that common idea: one can lie with statistics. (Of course, if one UNDERSTANDS statistics, it’s not as easy to be fooled.)

    Here’s the scoop: The number of children being born into black intact families has dropped considerably, and this fact skews the total distribution of “illegitimate” births. Without holding some variables constant, and making the SAME comparisons to other groups, such as the whites, one cannot conclude anything like you are concluding.


    1. Ah, Alinde, I have you on permanent moderation now since a previous post when you, sadly, overstepped the bounds of good breeding and courtesy. This is not a free-speech zone, and I do make judgments.

      But your comment here is interesting and telling, so I have let it see the light of day. It reflects the endless capacity of collectivists to excuse “minorities” of just about anything, and to blame white folks for everything.

      If you think the sky-high and well-documented rate of illegitimate births in the today’s black “community” is some sleight of hand with statistics, well, I invite you to continue thinking in that way. I will not change your mind.

      With that, you have used up your one allowed comment on this post. With future posts, they will be considered individually for appropriateness and good breeding.

      I cannot help but smile at your demonstrating how those of your political persuasion, though thinking I am a real jerk or worse, cannot keep away from The Unseen Moon, which can be like flypaper to the bluebottles.


  2. So it’s a black thing to try to take advantage of the system? Your inner cracker is showing a bit today.

    Hot as hell in the heartland today.


    1. Norm: Not a black thing to take advantage of the system at all, and I did not say that. We crackers and others do it too, though I think you’d be hard-pressed to find Asians in the U.S. on the public tit. Some cultures are prouder and more self-sufficient than others.

      But when Johnson kicked off the anti-poverty programs in the 1960s, programs that have failed utterly as the existence of equal poverty statistics today illustrate, the victimization mindset began to increase significantly in the black community because that is where most of the anti-poverty efforts were directed.

      Plus, so many people told them over and over that they are victims.

      Today’s topic, blacks trying to get re-labeled as Indians, to get benefits, free stuff, and that is precisely what they are doing, is incredibly laughable. And they should be ashamed of themselves.

      But they are clearly not, so I will be embarrassed for them. While I am chuckling, of course.

      I feel your pain with the heat in the heartland. I remember that life. Here it is cool and fresh and lovely. I urge you to reconsider your whereabouts.


      1. We should see 100 today, second time this summer, the AC keeps it nice inside. I’ve been hanging new drapes all day — a job for someone with three hands.

        I know more white folk than black folk and I know more whites who have played the system: cheating on their taxes, working while on the dole, selling food stamps but even knowing that some people are going to take advantage, I’m glad there is something in place to pick up my slack. The fraud in the welfare system is part of human nature and it is not a black-red-or-white trait, it’s a human trait. Some people are not happy unless they are gaming the system. So some blacks want to be classed as Indians, maybe they are, maybe they are not, I don’t know but the court will decide. The rule of law, ya got to love it.

        As to moving: Linda and I’s folks are still alive, it would be hard to not be close. And the little hillside farmstead was a goal when we were young. Goals are nice.

        We are planing a Latin drive by next winter, down the east coast to Yucatan, over through a bit of Central America and up the West coast — 4-5 months. Maybe we can have that coffee.


        1. Norm: Of course, folks of all skin tones play the system. I would never claim otherwise, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about this group of blacks trying to be reclassified as Indians.

          To me, that’s a hoot. It takes real gall for them to try that. Maybe they are Indians, you say? Nah, they are not.

          Back to the weather, it never gets to 100 degrees here on my mountaintop, for which I am eternally grateful. And, sure, if you get to these parts, you can buy me a coffee on the plaza. It’s very nice there.


      2. In my neck of the woods many Asian folks have discovered the public teat. Illegitimate parenthood is also quite common. And the Asians are not our minority. (Palefaces are.) Not too many black folks hereabouts unless you count some of the Pacific Islanders as black. I am, however, assuming you mean those descended from African parents. In that case, a few Rastafarians & Obama are rare exceptions.

        Not sure if you meant sleight or slight of hand in your previous comment.


        1. Larry: I’m not sure your Hawaii can be called typical in the context here. I was thinking primarily of Asian immigrants, first generation or their immediate offspring. On the mainland, I don’t believe you will find many who are not working their tails off in their own businesses, to their credit. I love ’em.

          Isn’t Hawaii just an extension of Japan to a large degree? Where you find good, bad and indifferent Asians, some of whom are ready to suck the public tit, or to try and be declared Indians given half a chance.

          Sleight of hand! Of course. Thanks. I’m going back up there and correct myself this very instant. I’m a dummy at times.


  3. Growing up in “The City” of San Francisco I can tell you that there are plenty of Asians that have landed on this side of the continent that are sucking off the public teat as well. It’s not just welfare but tons of other programs that are causing the once great state of California to go bust.

    One thing that made it easier was someone decided to print a lot of the California forms in so many languages that the Tower of Babel would be envious. That, combined with public programs and closet liberals who wanted to lend a helping handout, has created a system that will be hard pressed to stop.

    It would be a tad difficult for the Asians to try and foist themselves off as Indians, but I am sure some have possibly considered it. I find it amusing that in my old school days how many applications had little boxes to check so that you could grab the goodies associated with a particular heritage. I have to give it to the Indians though, they have gotten back at paleface, judging from the fullness of the parking lots at their Gaming Casinos that have sprung up every county or two.

    If the current administration has their way, all they will need is to get 5% more people on the dole, then the scale will tip to the point that the majority will never vote out programs. Then the big thing will be to figure out how the minority will pay for the freeloaders.

    But that’s another story.


    1. Tancho: First Larry with Hawaii, and now you with San Francisco. You are bursting my bubble of fine feelings for Asians. Here’s my experience from where I have spent most my life in the American Southeast and now south of the border: Asians are invariably hard-working and successful folks. Both Hawaii and San Francisco have been chockablock with Asians for ages, of course. It seems many of the bad American traits have infiltrated their culture in those parts, proving that in time we all become the same. Or some of us.

      Now, back to blacks and redskins. Don your bonnets.


  4. Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble (the Danish play). “Stir it up” (Jimmy Cliff). Seems you have elicited an interesting set of responses to your comments. Luv it! Keep up the delightful debates!

    Dan in NC


  5. Sir — You have BIG ones to branch out into these troubled waters. We are on different shores on the American Indian front — we established that a while back. But I should add mildly. You are right about one thing — I am NOT going to touch this one and wish you only the best from the rest. 😉


    1. Señor Calypso: It’s fun to use common sense to rile the preciously sensitive. Only Alinde at the top of these comments really falls into that category so far, but I know others are out there tsk-tsking for my taking members of a sacred class of people to task.

      I hope folks recall that I also enjoyed making fun of a white woman some while back who also tried, successfully, to pass herself off as an Indian for personal gain.

      “People heap funny”


  6. If you’re on Social Security, you too are on the public teat. Yes, y’all paid into it, but the value of the benefits far outweighs the funds paid in. People are far outliving the actuarial assumptions that went into creating Social Security. You should also note that Medicare is also part of evil Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty. Using that too puts one on the public teat.

    While poverty is still with us, it has largely been eliminated in the over-65 group, a group that fights as fiercely as any ostracized African-Americans to keep their benefits.

    Something to consider.

    Kim G
    Boston, MA


    1. Kim: Yes, I am on the SS tit.

      You are not the first here to point out that other categories of folks get government assistance, not just blacks.

      First off, the post is not about blacks being on the dole. It is about this specific case of their trying to get labeled in Oklahoma as Indians to get free stuff, which is what they are doing. I think their trying to be Cherokee Indians is ridiculous, and they should be ashamed of themselves and embarrassed.

      You and Alinde and Norm are like the kid who gets spanked by his mama for pulling MaryLou’s pigtails. The kid says to Mama: But Frankie and Billy did it too! Mama responds to her kid: I don’t care what Frankie and Billy do. I only care what you do.

      I’m mama saying: I don’t care what other categories of people do about public assistance. I only care about these blacks in Oklahoma trying to pass themselves off as Cherokee Indians to get free stuff.

      That is the point of the post. And you guys are going off on tangents.


  7. Just a note on the unwed birth thing…One needs to consider overall rates by race/ethnicity. In 1990 the birth rate among unmarried white women aged 15-44 was 32.9/1000. In 2008 it was 48.2. In 1990 the same rate for blacks was 90.5/1000. In 2008 it was 72.5. In 1990 the rate for Hispanics was 89.6/1000. In 2008 it was 105.1. I’ll leave it to others to draw conclusions. Beyond that I am willing to respond to your Note 2, not being one to ‘faint from the vapors…’ Your post is racially charged with unfair generalizations. I suspect a lot of your readers are disappointed with the rant. I certainly am.


    1. Brian: So Hispanics are putting both whites and blacks to shame on the unwed mama list. Not good.

      But at least they’re not trying to be Indians.

      As to the post being racially charged: Guilty!

      Unfair generalizations: I don’t think so. We’ll have to disagree on that, especially the “unfair” part.

      Some readers disappointed in me: Sure, and it’s not the first time. Nor, one supposes, the last.


  8. Dead on, sir. The U.S. has kicked the white-guilt liberal can on down the road about as far as it can be kicked. It is unsustainable social policy — a miserable failure that has wasted many lives with unlimited potential.

    I agree with some of the other comments that this malady is not confined to the black population. Not by a long-shot.

    It took no special courage for me to comment. I’m from Alabama, so that labels me as a racist with many of your friends, no?


    1. Ray: Thank you. But the malady of the blacks trying to be Cherokee Indians is indeed confined to them. And, again, that’s the primary point of the post.

      I did mention briefly (three paragraphs out of the 13) some broader cracks in the American black cultural fabric because blacks are the topic here due to the silly Indian lawsuit.

      Had it been Okie hillbillies trying to get classified as Indians to get free stuff, I would have been poking at them instead.

      Yep, you’re an Alabama hillbilly who would not be welcomed at cocktail parties in New York or Washington D.C. You better stay put in the pine trees, brother.


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