Dark girl in a blue dress

It was raining outside, a rain that looked to be an endless characteristic of this green jungle world, and I was sitting atop a crooked stool in an open-air bar with no name and little roof above. The warm beer was a national make, Black Snake.

The so-called street outside was mud, holes, trash, chickens and pigs.

I had just stepped off the rickety bus, a brutal 19-hour ride from the airstrip at Riesgo Grande. My canvas bag sat at my feet, and I smelled like onions and mangoes.

I’m not here on vacation. There’s a job, to drive a small case of nitroglycerin three days through the mountains. There are two possible outcomes: I’ll die poor, or I’ll live rich. The latter is the least likely of the two, by a long jungle mile of leeches.

She dashed in wet from outside, a tall, dark girl in a blue dress, and I squeezed the Black Snake. I was in love again, just the second time in my 48 years.

(To be continued, or not.)

11 thoughts on “Dark girl in a blue dress”

  1. You are like a one-night stand — a great time, no commitments, but wondering what might have been, and what might be.

    I love these little mind mosaics.


  2. Boil the water off the acid on site, the trip over the road will be less of a risk. We need that hero to live.


  3. Wasn’t there a movie about a group of soldiers of fortune who were going to drive a cargo of nitroglycerin along precipitous mountain roads in some South American backwater nation? It may have originally been a French film. I’m not sure about this.

    Don Cuevas

    PS: Sure: The Wages of Fear. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0046268/
    Amazing what some astute Googling can find.



    1. Señor Cuevas: You are sharp. Two things inspired this little item. One was a song called The Girl Dressed in Blue. I had never heard of it, and I have never listened to it, but it was mentioned briefly in a novel I am reading now. I altered the song name a bit here.

      That was first. Second was remembering one of my all-time favorite movies, the 1977 flick titled The Sorcerer, which I just discovered today on Amazon was a remake of the French film you mention. I’ve never seen the French movie nor heard of it before today, but The Sorcerer is fantastic, starring the late Roy Scheider of Jaws fame.

      I took the name from the song, slightly altered, and the nitroglycerin and tropical setting from the movie. I don’t recall their being any love interest at all in the movie, which was very grim.


      1. I knew that there had been an American remake, but hadn’t recalled the name yet.

        I’m thinking of renting or buying the movie via iTunes. It might take a few days to download. 🙂

        Don Cuevas


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