Old wives’ tale

I‘ve been divorced twice, something that puts shocking pauses into your life.

Former wives stay inside you to varying degrees. Here are my two ex’s. The photos show how they looked when they were with me. Both now are in their mid-60s.


The first was Ginger. We met in Spanish class at what is now the University of New Orleans. She was 19, and I was 21. That’s too young to get married, and we lasted five years.

I was the one who called it quits.

She came from a poor background in the backwoods of South Louisiana. She now has a graduate degree, and a more appropriate husband to whom she’s been married for many years. They live in New Orleans.

After Ginger, I flew solo for about five years. It was during that period that I lived on two occasions in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and learned to fly small airplanes.

And drink too much. And haul-ass on big motorcycles.

The second was Julie. We met at a party in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I arrived at the fiesta with a snoot-full and two beautiful babes, one on each arm.


In spite of that questionable introduction, we eventually lived together for a bit over eight years before marrying for another ten.

Julie was the oldest of ten children in a tumultuous Catholic family in St. Louis. She had moved to New Orleans with her first husband, whom she later dumped. I should have noted that.

After almost 19 years together, she dumped me too, so I have been both the giver and receiver of divorces. The smasher and the smashee.

Julie resolutely refused to go to college. I never understood quite why. One of her sisters is a doctor. Through our time together, while I mostly supported us, she was often pursuing business ventures, which never panned out.

She also became a self-taught computer whiz, and that’s how she made her way, successfully it seems, after we split up. I believe she still lives in the Houston home we bought in 1986, which I handed her as a Valentine gift the year after we divorced.

She has not remarried that I know of, and she has no children.

24 thoughts on “Old wives’ tale”

    1. Laurie: Both had their pluses and minuses, as do we all. But sweet was not a notable trait in either of them. And I’m not saying that because I am bitter, because I am not in the slightest and never have been. Other emotions were bouncing off the walls in those times, especially with Julie, but bitterness was never there. For me, at least.

      Ginger does look sweet in that photo, and I imagine it’s because she had our baby daughter in her lap when the photo was taken. She is a very good mother. She had two more children with her second husband.

      Feisty? Oh, brother. Both of them, but Ginger more than Julie. So much for photos.


    2. Here’s a funny story. I almost put it in the post but didn’t. Your comment has inspired me.

      Ginger cussed like a merchant seaman. Maybe still does. Part of her backwoods charm. The first time I phoned her to ask for a date, there was quite a bit of noise in the background. Her parents and brother. She put her hand over the mouthpiece, but I distinctly heard:

      Goddammit! Shut up!


    3. It’s strange to me that you think about your ex wives and blog about them. I don’t think about my ex at all. I’m too busy living life.


  1. Linda was 19 and I was 21 when we tied the knot but we had been together 5 years before that so we knew what we were getting into. We had 9 years of hell raising before the children came, it was a great time in our lives.


      1. We did not live together until we had a contract, Linda is funny like that. She and I were friends when we were in primary school, she hung out with my younger sister. Her Freshmen year she asked me to a formal and we dated after that, she was a fox with a 4 point average, I would have had to be nuts to let her get away


  2. Three X’s for me – I DO NOT have a photo of any of them. I was on the ‘call it quit’ side in all three cases – so no broken heart experience ;-0

    The first three did not add up to five years. Current one, number four of course, 24 years plus. Finally got it right 😉


        1. Steve: That doesn’t fly because you weren’t in the music business like Calypso. Maybe there are only so many wives to go around in each generation, and he and I ended up with so many that nobody was left over for you.

          Or maybe it was something else.


  3. I have two male friends that are married three times, and have children with each of their wives. Kids ages range from two yrs. to 25. I’ve known them both from the first wife on– have met all six, through the years.

    Life is certainly interesting.


    1. Mark: Of course. You really need to pass by here more often. I’ve posted a photo of me on that thing twice over the years. For sex appeal, you can’t beat a Harley. I’ve had a number of bikes. My favorite was a Norton Commando Interstate 750. The Interstate had a very big gas tank, and mine was the only one I ever saw in person. It would blow the paint off that Harley, which had a bigger engine. I owned those two simultaneously for a while but, the Norton being British it had the brake pedal on the opposite side of the Harley. I figured it was not wise to have to pause a few seconds during an emergency to look down and see which bike I was on before applying the brakes, so I sold the Harley. A sad day still.


  4. If you go one-for-three over a career in baseball, they put a statue of you outside the stadium.

    Looks like you saved your big hit for the last at-bat.


  5. Met my husband just after turning 21. We married six years later, which was four years ago. A decade together, so far so good. My parents were high school sweethearts, married at 18. About to celebrate 34 years happily married. Sometimes the young get it right too. Or lucky.


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