We culturalists

Presumptive President-elect Mitt Romney riled the Obama cheerleaders news media last month when he mentioned the stark differences between the Palestinian and Israeli cultures.

He’s a racist! bellowed the Palestinians, who have learned well the Western jargon and bully tactics of  politically correct people.

Global cultural differences are huge, and they contribute to the well-being (or not) of societies.  In the Muslim world, women are usually covered in sheets and often cannot drive cars or walk in public without a male chaperone.

In the Israeli world, women can dress as they choose, drive where they want and even tote machine guns while wearing military uniforms. The Muslim world is mostly backward, and the Israeli world is mostly modern. Palestinians are poor, and Israelis are not.

Romney was correct.

Yet the news media called it a gaffe. It was no gaffe. It was bold.

Another “gaffe” was Romney’s aide who told members of the news media to kiss his keister when they started screaming questions during an event at a Polish holy site. I would have told them to kiss my keister too. The Romney aide committed no gaffe.

He was bold.

This gaffe word was everywhere during and after Romney’s European trip, and yet they were no gaffes. The reporters were simply promoting their man Obama.

Romney is a culturalist. I am a culturalist. It is sharp to be a culturalist, to notice differences, boldly praise the good and berate the bad.

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(Note: To Politically Correct people, all cultures merit respect. This is silly. There is one exception: The Anglo-Saxon culture, their own, is deemed evil. Also silly.)

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  1. all this pc crap gives me a headache! people are different, cultures are different, even when we grow up in the same neighborhood, and family, we are different – get used to it world! why can’t we call a cracker a cracker, and risk the cracker hitting us with a baseball bat?


    1. This gaffe business is an absolutely classic example. It has become part of the public consciousness, at least in that percentage of Americans who pay attention to the news, that Romney’s overseas trip was full of gaffes. It was not. I imagine even his supporters, those who don’t think as clearly as they should, also think he made gaffes.

      Behold the power of the press.


  2. The complete gaffe by Romney’s aide was, ““Kiss my ass, this is a holy site for the Polish people,”. This adds a little colour to the comment as he obviously thought the site was too “holy” for asking questions Romney did not like but not too holy for the curse (mild curse, but nevertheless, a curse).

    Recent polls show that because of the quirks of the silly Electoral College system, there is a 60/40 chance that Obama will be re-elected. There is also a movement starting among “conservatives” to “Dump Romney” at the convention. I sense panic in the ranks.


    1. Let me revise that prediction to a 72.5 / 27.5% likelihood that Obama will be re-elected. Elector College results look like 302/236 lead for Obama. The boring white man is dropping like a rock. Oh well, he will have lots of time to teach his million dollar horse another dance next year.

      To make yourself cry even more and for latest poll results read Nate Silver’s Blog here: http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/

      Silver has an amazing record. In 2008 he correctly called the election results in 49 of 50 States and correctly forecast all 35 Senate races.

      I am practicing my Happy Dance for Election Day.


      1. Croft: Dream on, amigo. Do you recall the midterm elections that went heavily for the GOP? That was a referendum on Obama after just two years. You think his popularity is better now than then? You think the nation is better off now than then? Quite the contrary. You can cite your left-wing polls till the proverbial cows come home. See you in November.

        I have listened to the video of the event at the Polish ceremony a couple of times. I never heard the fellow say kiss my ass at all, though I believe he said it. I salute him. He said it in a normal tone, one supposes, not screaming across the parking lot as the reporters were rudely doing.

        This gaffe business is pathetic. There were, if I recall correctly, three principal events that made the news on the “gaffe-laden” trip. One was something Romney said criticizing the Brits on their Olympic preparations. Inconsequential. I don’t care about that. The second was the accurate Palestinian culture observation, and the third was his aide telling the screaming mob of reporters to behave themselves in no uncertain terms.

        These things are gaffes only from a certain political perspective, which is the left-wing perspective of almost all of today’s Obama-loving news media. They are not objective, universal gaffes. The Palestinian culture remark was totally correct, and the foreign reporters in Poland clearly needed a little slap upside the head.

        Amazingly, I have neither read nor heard one person say in public that these were not gaffes. Nobody! Apparently, even Romney supporters are buying the gaffe nonsense, which is a stark example of how the political correctness zealots have affected our thinking processes.

        Well, not mine, obviously.


        1. Not criticizing mi amigo, identifying. The Boring White Guy vs. The Exciting Black Guy. I have a whole bucketful of other reasons to criticize Romney and could care less what color he is. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about present day GOP supporters whose whole thing I fear is to “get rid of the Black guy”.


          1. I’m not gonna let you wiggle out of the boring white man so easily, Señor Croft. That it rolled so easily off your keyboard is revealing. Disparaging remarks about white men, particularly old white men is not far down from racist in the lengthy PC list of disparaging adjectives they so love to toss around. Funny thing is that with so many white PC people saying it, it really makes one wonder if psychoanalysis is not an urgent option in many cases. Clearly, some self-loathing is going on.

            Saying Obama’s opponents want to get rid of him because he’s black is facile and ridiculous. We want to get rid of him because he is the most radical president ever, and incompetent to boot.

            Obama is exciting? No, he is wooden. He is black? No, he is biracial.


  3. As some of your responses state that Obama will win, I hope so!
    If that happens I may consider moving back to California since I’ll be able to sign up for all kinds of Federal Programs of handouts, since the teeter- totter will be in the favor of more people on the dole than working.

    I’m just glad that I no longer contribute to supporting the nonworking segment of leeches.


  4. No double standard please. “Boring white guy” should fall into your bucket of calling it like it is (for example Cracker.)

    Please note, I do not necessarily agree with the reference.

    I just think if this a forum for dropping the PC paradigm then it goes for all: Palestinians, Israelis, Crackers, Boring White Guys, Black Guys, and many, many other references posted in the past …
    (bolting myself for a dress down!)

    BTW – Thanks for your highlights of the Israeli culture. The fact that Israel has created a thriving, modern culture with upteen contributions to the world is an important part of a complex problem.


    1. Ms. Mommy: References to white guys, boring or otherwise, is the one and only exception to the PC Rulebook on Racial References, so I view it differently too. While PC people will call out both the armed militia and nonwhite farmers with pitchforks against anyone who refers to any race or (non-American) culture without showing utmost respect and slobbering adulation, white guys (not white women so much because all women are “oppressed people”) are the sole exception. You can say anything about white guys that you want without any blowback because, of course, they always deserve it because they cause all problems in the world (and always have) as anybody with a lick of sense knows.

      Croft in one of his comments mentioned, in a disparaging way, that Romney was a white guy, even though Romney’s race has nothing to do whatsoever with my post. Croft is a hardcore PC guy, so he thought nothing of doing that. In his circle, nobody would have flinched. On the contrary, they would have all nodded. He would not dream of making a disparaging racial reference to anyone other than white guys. Even though he is one. Croft has a history of wandering off on unrelated PC and far-left tangents in his comments here. He will turn blue in the face defending the Communist dictatorship of Cuba, for example.

      So, yes, there is a double standard regarding white guys, but it wasn’t me who initiated it. It was dem other guys who done it. I simply react.

      As for Israel, it’s a lonely bastion of progress and the 21st Century (well, with some exceptions like all those guys with the goofy hats and pigtails coming out of the side of their heads) in an area of the world that lives mostly in the distant and primitive past.


    1. Charles: What Ryan and his fellow bright thinkers hope to do is reform Social Security and Medicare to make them financially viable over the long term. Currently, they are not, as surely you know.

      There are tons of wasteful defects in both programs. Means testing to receive SS payments is one reform that comes to mind, but there are lots of other repairs that dearly need to be done. I live almost entirely on Social Security, and I support its reform enthusiastically.

      The nation needs to get its financial affairs in order ASAP.

      The Obama people, MSNBC, Michael Moore, Bill Maher and NPR will try to convince you that totally ending SS and Medicare is the goal of the mean, old, white Republicans, tossing the elderly into the streets, penniless. Oh, dear me.

      And the legions of clueless will eat it up.


      1. And what does the wacko right think of the anointment of Paul Ryan?

        “This is the end of the Romney campaign. As good a man as he is, Ryan will be portrayed by the Marxists as another rich white male who wants to ruin the environment, destroy Medicaid and Social Security and give tax breaks to the very rich. It’s all over. The Romney schmucks are so out of touch with reality they do not see how they are being portrayed and perceived both by the servile press and the ignorant masses. The Romney insiders detest conservatives and are trying to appease this core base with Ryan. Too little, too late.”

        – Wingnut radio blowhard Michael Savage, quoted by World Net Daily.


        1. Croft: I am not a fan of Savage nor any extremist (which is why I am anti-Obama). But he is correct in that the Obama people will try to portray Ryan in that manner, but I think most voters will see through it.

          If only Ryan were a black or Latina woman in a wheelchair! That’s what people care about these days. The oppressed!


  5. Felipé,

    Although I am admittedly on the left leaning side of politics, I rarely take it seriously. Perhaps I should but I strongly believe those with the money and power have long ago decided the fate of us peons.

    My question to you, however, is why do you have such strong feelings about U.S. politics while expressing little opinion or comments on the politics of your adopted country? Mexico just went through a major election. I suspect there will be big changes in the way things are done down there.

    Many ex-pats seem to have gone to Mexico for either the possibility of living off of their U.S. social security and/or to get away from the mess we’ve created up north. I think you initially were trying to get away from a life you no longer found rewarding. I further think you have found the rewards you were looking for with the lovely lady Zapata, a beautiful home, and the ability to comfortably live a lazy (your description) lifestyle. So… (three dot pun intended) why not bask in the comfortability and not let the insanity of U.S. politics disturb your peace?

    Personally, I find the politics of your neighbors in Cheran much more disturbing. It’s your real estate here but I’d much rather hear more about Pira-Tapuya than another anti-Obama rant.

    Just saying.


    1. Larry: I don’t get into Mexican politics for two reasons: 1. This website is not about Mexico. 2. Living here is akin to residing in Alice’s Wonderland. You never know what is going to happen next, and it’s often futile trying to make sense of it. Yes, we did just have a major election, but I don’t expect things to change drastically. We tried that back in 1910, a big, bloody change, and we’ve been very edgy about major changes ever since.

      But I am optimistic about Mexico and its politics. Things improve here daily, which is a stark contrast to the U.S. where things worsen daily.


    2. Larry: Just noticed I did not completely respond to your comment. So: Yes, I did move over the border to get away from a life I no longer found rewarding — and for a cheaper cost of living — and lovely Latinas.

      I succeeded on all counts.

      The reason the U.S. insanity disturbs me is because my wife and I do live almost entirely on SS, so a financially responsible America is of concern. Plus, we have investments that also are affected greatly by a financially responsible America. The entire world economy is affected by U.S. fiscal responsibility. Everyone should be as concerned as I am. I occasionally hear people say: Hey, you don’t live up there anymore, so why worry? These are shortsighted people.

      As for anti-Obama rants, I imagine more will show up hereabouts.


  6. Social Security would be fine if Congress would stop “borrowing” from the funds to use for other purposes (illegal wars, empire building, etc.) The Medicare mess is caused by insurance fraud, over-billing, outrageous medical costs, etc. Rein those in and both would be fiscally sound. As for Mr. Ryan, someone needs to enlighten him to fact that trickle-down economics does not work, only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.


    1. Charles: You are quite right. The SS fund is stolen for other purposes. Yes, Medicare is in a mess to a great degree due to fraud. That would need to be part of a reform process.

      Whatever you think of trickle-down economics (I don’t believe Ryan has used that term) or any kind of economics (clearly Socialist economics don’t work) the fact is that America must get its financial house in order, or follow the route of its current soul mates Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, et al., which it is doing at this moment.

      The sinking European economies are going under because they have been led for quite a spell by people who think like your Obama.

      Radical leaders, whether of the left or right, always take a nation toward its doom.


  7. Interesting quote in this morning’s paper: “Politicians from both parties have made empty promises which will soon become broken promises with painful consequences if we fail to act now.” Paul Ryan. I am no authority on American politics by any account. What I have observed is this. Americans are afraid of change, any change. They want the world to stay as is. My son went to collage in Missouri (football scholarship, footsteps of the old man). The students he went to school with there knew little of whatever was happening outside of their hamlet, and a once or twice visit to St. Louis was considered a major event. Some grew up in the towns close by, went to school, collage, married and worked, basically in the same towns they grew up in. What was interesting to Sean was, in some cases, he knew more about the surrounding states than the American students he was going to college with. Most knew nothing about Canada, or much about any other country. I saw this while going to university in Michigan. Now, whether Obama or Romney gets in, I don’t really care, the polarization is going to continue until the blinders come off, realization sets in to the American people that whichever party gets in, support the damn leader. Not every idea that come to the forefront is going to be a winner, learn to accept that. New ideas are not always bad ideas, the world changes.


    1. Bob: I agree completely with that quote from Ryan.

      As for Americans being ignorant of many things, especially the outside world, boy, is that ever correct. Now and then somebody does a poll, and a huge percentage of Americans have no idea where either Canada or Mexico are.

      As for your not caring whether Romney or Obama get in, I suggest you should care quite a bit because as goes the U.S. so goes Canada to a large extent. And the U.S. is spending itself into an abyss (as many southern European nations have already done), and Obama does not care and is making it far worse. I think Romney picked Ryan as his running mate in part due to Romney’s knowing the fiscal situation and that Ryan is a whiz in that area. He also picked Ryan to attract the votes of the many Republicans who are highly concerned about the nation’s fiscal peril. Democrats are out to lunch, la-la land, on the economic mess.

      True, new ideas are not always bad ideas, but sometimes they are.


      1. I misspoke. My comment of “not caring” about who gets in, is not the right phraseology. How I meant it to be interpreted was, “if all parties can’t get behind whoever is in power, it won’t make a hoot of difference” who the president is, they will still be locked into the same bipartisnship they’re in now. It is important to be able to see past that, be open to change, some things will be good, some, not so good. But to reject everything, just because you’re either a Republican or a Democrat, makes no sense at all. I have friends in Texas and Tennessee who were after Mr. Obama before the first month of his tenure was concluded. Now whether it was the color of his skin, the party he represented, of this I am not sure. There is some blowhard talk show host down in the States (the name escapes me right now), who is a diehard Obama basher. He started as soon as Mr. Obama was sworn in, people listened in and believed everything this man said, rather than thinking through the policies and ideas themselves. Pure nonsense.


        1. Thanks for the clarification, Bob.

          Don’t know who that talk show host is either. Of course, I am a diehard Obama basher too, and I have been since Day One. Obama’s history, work experience, 20 years of voluntarily listening to the vituperative Pastor Wright, Michelle saying she had never been proud of her country till Barack was nominated, and quite a few other red-hot flags made it pretty obvious to me who was stepping into the White House at the get-go, and I have hardly been proved wrong since, to say the least.


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