Dark girl in the blue dress — III

Pira-Tapuya became feathers of blue and green and scarlet. Her raised arms became wings, her beautiful body a small touch of her former dimensions.

It happened in an instant. Before flying through the open window, she made an uncaged jungle sound and then was gone.

He remained motionless, eyes wide, and naked on the floor, atop the pad of reed fibers covered with purple cloth.

The kerosene lamp still burned, but dawn was creeping through the door frame and the window through which she had flown.

The smoke that smelled faintly of cinnamon kept its hands on his mind, and he smiled. A warm, soft rain started anew, and he wondered on what branch she would sit it out.

Birds are most active at dawn and dusk. He would wait till dusk.

The blue dress still lay on the floor. She would return.

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  1. A little transmogrification to follow up the post on religion. I have an old friend who says he can travel in time and space when he sets his mind right.


    1. Steve: Any resemblance between this adventure and something you saw in Conan the Barbarian is totally coincidental. I have never seen a Conan movie, and I’m surprised that you have.


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