Corporate bull

I am, it turns out, a corporate bullshooter.

My April posts following our visit to Communist Cuba are being serialized in a Texas newspaper, the publisher of which was a former coworker of mine on the Houston Chronicle.

He recently received this letter from one of his readers:

Dear Editor:

As a visitor from Canada and naturalized American, I am appalled at (Felipe Zapata’s) rant on Cuba as a Dismal Failure of a Nation.  Cuba is the only nation that met all our goals for Latino progress. They gave medical help for nothing to Americans who got sick cleaning up at the World Trade Center who could not afford our healthcare.  They have produced 10,000 doctors who help out around the world. They sent 10,000 troops to Angola to prevent a U.S. corporate takeover. Our takeovers of the Dominican Republic and Grenada have changed their progress into increasing malnutrition and rampant Mafia-type crime. Check the facts; don’t be taken in by (Zapata’s) corporate bull.


(We’ll call him Joe Blow)

Putting aside the factual errors and rampant silliness of Blow’s letter, let’s focus on this loathing of corporations, which is part of today’s Leftist script.

If you ride a Chevrolet or a Schwinn, a corporation did that. If you shop at Kroger or Whole Foods, a corporation did that. If your shirt is Eddie Bauer, Calvin Klein or Target’s house brand, a corporation did that.

If you live in a home or apartment, a corporation likely did that. Your weekly salary, with some exceptions, comes from a corporation. The water you bathe in comes through pipes and into tubs made by corporations. Your towels too.

Most of the tents at the Occupy sites are made by corporations.

Almost every marvelous aspect of our modern life comes from corporations.

If you want to avoid evil corporations, here’s how to do it:

Move into a cave — or to North Korea.

* * * *

(If you missed the Cuba posts in April, they are here and here.)

9 thoughts on “Corporate bull”

  1. The only problem I have with corporations is that they want the same rights as people but without the responsibilities that regular people have — it’s hard to put a corporation in jail for a misdeed.


    1. Norm: People who head corporations can be jailed for misdeeds, and they are.

      However, the large majority of corporations do not make a practice of misdeeds. They improve our lives with their products and services, making a profit in the process, which is as it should be.


    2. I find it lamentable how the American Left has come to demonize corporations. They do it with a exceedingly broad brush. The letter of this airhead Joe Blow is a classic illustration, using corporate as a malicious adjective.

      The Occupy characters started out by badmouthing banks and financial organizations, then swiftly switched to cursing corporations in general. And the uninformed swallow it. Your Obama, of course, is a well-known Occupy supporter.

      About 99 percent of corporations go about their business daily doing good work and good products, making and maximizing profits and improving mightily the world we live in.


      1. You make my point very well, a flunky who gets paid by corp gets jail but the corp rolls right on down the road. Corps are not people and should not have the civil rights of a person who can be made to pay the price of freedom of movement. We have entered a time of blackbag politics, not the first time by far but another good example of our reactionary times we live in.


        1. I believe corporations should have the same rights as everybody, including the right to marry whatever gender, race, religion, nationality and ethnic group that suits them. I support equal rights for corporations. It’s only fair. Corporations are, after all, just like people but different. I also think corporations should have the right to hyphenate their names and wear anything, including the hijab.


  2. Great post, Felipe. Let’s just say Joe Blow has his head in the sand or someplace else where the “sun don’t shine.” OK, I know that’s not grammatically correct and as a teacher I am a stickler for grammar, but I think you get my drift. Can’t help but wonder where they’ve been been if Cuba is the first place that has met their goal for Latino progress. You know I’m Cuban, and we both know there is no such thing as progress there. Perhaps this person should try living there or, as you said, in a cave or North Korea.

    Teresa in Nagoya


    1. Teresa: Of all the nonsense in Blow’s letter, that part about “meeting all our goals for Latino progress” is the most hilarious. I have no clue to what he is referring.

      This post apparently was read by a young, left-wing lad (British or Canadian, I’m guessing) studying for a few months in Cuba. He left a long comment on the Belly of the Beast, my first post on Cuba in April, laying the blame for Cuba’s current condition almost completely at the feet of the U.S. embargo, not the Castros or communism. I responded to him there. In other words, it’s the fault of the United States. He cites China as a thriving example of communism.


      But this post is about the leftist demonization of corporations, which are the building blocks of modern society, of course. Turning corporations or corporate into dirty words is like demonizing the entire human race because murderers walk among us.


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