Dear Naomi Wolf:


My earlier post titled Dear Gloria Steinem was more fascinating for the comments it inspired than for the post itself.

Indeed, most comments had little or nothing to do with the post’s specifics, which was an interesting phenomenon. The commenters were collectivists almost to a woman. But they did have their male enablers on the leash.

The outrage here was merely a copy of the greater furor that greeted Missouri candidate Todd Akin after he uttered his politically unwise words — words we all know by now, words I will not repeat so as not to light another fire under your touchy tushes.

Akin wants to outlaw abortion, and that is what the hubbub is all about. His unwise words regarding rape simply put the spotlight on him that day.

Any suggestion to collectivists that abortion be outlawed is like walking a bountiful babe in a bikini before a bunch of Muslim men kowtowing toward Mecca.

I must confess — and certainly not for the first time — that I ride with the collectivists on this issue. Criminalizing abortion, a dreadful idea, would only drive it underground as criminalizing drugs has driven that matter underground, violently.

So, Naomi, I am in bed with you on this, which disturbs me because you are such a disagreeable woman in most respects. However, you were remarkably hot when young.

14 thoughts on “Dear Naomi Wolf:

    1. Okay, I listened to it. If the case against Julian Assange is as she describes it, and I don’t know that it is, then it would be one of those fake rape accusations, one of those (dare I speak it?) illegitimate rapes.

      But the Assange case creates a pickle for Lefties. They love Assange and they loathe rape. What’s a girl like Wolf to do?!

      But let us not revisit rape. We have moved on to abortion rights!


      1. I will not touch either topic, but thought that clip was interesting coming from two feminists. Naomi Wolf clearly sides with you in this case, but I wonder if she would if defend someone who was not Assange. Probably not.


        1. Rosalind: The sole reason Wolf sides with me in this instance is because she was caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Collectivists (and most hard-nosed feminists are collectivists) have a hunk of wood in both these fires. Rape and Assange. She had to pick one. For the sake of argument, the other feminist picked the contrary.

          I almost fell off my chair laughing when Wolf began to speak. The No. 1 phrase by which you easily recognize a PC fanatic is: This offends me. Being offended is their stock in trade.

          And what were, if I remember correctly, the very first words out of Wolf’s mouth? I am offended.

          It was a hoot. They really need to come up with something fresh.


  1. Been on vacation this week — just catching up on the blogs. Sorry I wasn’t around earlier to defend you from the lefty onslaught.

    What Akin said was just dumb. I know he was just trying to defend/explain his pro-life position, but gee whiz.

    Now, 1. Rape is a horrible thing, never acceptable under any circumstance. 2. Some women make false accusations. 3. Some women use very bad judgment and place themselves in compromising situations. Obviously.


    1. Ms. Red: Obviously to all of it. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I could have used some cover fire a few days ago. I figured everybody (save one) who agreed with me was hiding under a desk, which indicates the true level of free speech that exists in the English-speaking world these days.


  2. Regarding abortion, it should not be made illegal. I personally believe abortion is an act of murder, but I do not feel comfortable pushing that on others who have the right to believe otherwise. Having said that, I would like to see the practice discouraged — it’s way too easy and commonplace nowadays. Just my opinion.


  3. Red said, “Regarding abortion, it should not be made illegal. I personally believe abortion is an act of murder, but I do not feel comfortable pushing that on others who have the right to believe otherwise. Having said that, I would like to see the practice discouraged.”

    Agree totally! Abortion as a means of birth control — terrible!

    I hate the pro-abortionists title of ‘Pro-Choice’. It is anything but.


    1. Señor Calypso: Murder? A killing yes. Murder is more of a legal term. My dictionary says murder is the intentional killing of a person? But is it a person? There’s the rub.

      Can one be a person with no history? No memories? No knowledge, no experience? Knowing no one at all, and no one knows him or her either?

      It starts out a blob, and gradually takes on a human form. When does it cease to be a blob and become a person?

      I believe in a soul, spirit — whatever you want to call it. Is it there at the get-go when it’s just a blob? Or does it enter the growing body later?

      How can we know? Christians have an answer, most of them, but I do not. I am not a Christian.


  4. I was up in the North Country (bears live there). Dang, I missed all the dust, Old Rooster. My 2 bits, rape is wrong. If a man is a man, in an ideal world, shouldn’t matter if a woman is drunk or sober, not much of a conquest if one or the other doesn’t know what’s going on. But, having said that, the world is far from ideal. Is a woman to blame? In my world no. In the real world probably she carries some responsibility for putting herself in that situation.

    In the clubs here in Vancouver and in most cities, there is the date rape drug going around. Stuff gets slipped into drinks and bad stuff happens. I was a doorman and bouncer in Calgary, Alberta, many years ago. Woman were by far the most difficult to deal with when drunk.

    On abortion, it’s the woman’s choice. Other than giving an opinion if asked, men should stay the hell out of it. Be supportive. Be a source of comfort if that’s the situation you’re in. I’ve been there, it scars for life, some women never get over it.

    Not our Bodies, not our minds, but we still carry some of the guilt and responsibility. I know I do.

    Back to rape, I was in the Army at the time. Some person using my name did the deed, I was confined to base till the police did their investigation. The culprit was found carrying identification belonging to me. I was cleared. the Army brass took care of everything, chaplains, regimental sergeant major, platoon captain were supportive. I met the young lady some time after. We remained friends for many years. Platonic, I might add.


    1. Bob: You should have left the bears and headed back to civilization to give me some backup from the nuttiness I was exposed to on that day.

      Thanks for the belated take on things. You make sense.

      Glad you dodged the rape charge. Lordy, that could have gotten ugly. You’re a fortunate man.


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