Nearer the grave

Wind chimes from Zihuatanejo

I cut two roses for a bud vase that went atop the red tablecloth in the dining room.

Sitting then on the terraza in the cool morning air of 65 degrees, I took a deep breath. I am still alive on this first day of my 69th year which makes me, of course, 68.

All parts are still working though some accelerate less rapidly than they once did. That they accelerate at any speed is a source of joy and contentment.

My high school graduating class in Jacksonville, Florida, recently started a website, and a 50th reunion nears. I will not be attending, but the website is an interesting read.

Of just over 300 graduates in 1962, 43 are dead, an unsettling quantity.

And yet I soldier on — here on a Sierra mountaintop way south of the Rio Bravo with no job, no measurable worries and a child bride.

No wonder I’m not dead.

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    1. Judy: I was just scanning the spam files, and there was your birthday greeting from last month. Sorry about that. Lucky I spotted it because normally I just zap them all without checking what’s there. Can’t imagine why that happened, but it should not happen in the future now.


        1. J.P.: I hope this was the first time for you. I guess I need to pay more attention to the spam folder. The only explanation I can see is that the first part of your email address is a business concern.


      1. Some how you forgot to respond to my birthday greetings also or maybe you didn’t want to. I was waiting anxiously for some witty repartee but alas nothing.


        1. Yipes, Jan. You are right. I simply overlooked your nice greetings. The only possible reason I can see, aside from my decrepit mind, is that you accidentally commented as a reply to someone else’s comment instead of doing it at the bottom as a new comment.

          More likely it’s simply my decrepit mind.

          Anyway, I’m going down the list right now, and respond as I should have in the first place.

          By the way, unless there is some serious reason why a comment needs no reply, and that happens only rarely, I always reply to comments. Always. If I do not, it’s an oversight on my part.

          I view comments as people actually speaking to me, and it’s rude to ignore that.


  1. Happy birthday! Ha, ha, it is also my birthday, 65 years. I subscribe to your blog and am amused that we share birthdays. I have been with a Mexican man for 4 years and live in Alamos, Sonora. We rented a house in (your town) last year for the month of August, saw you and your lovely child bride strolling several times. I recognized you by your man bag. The weather was wonderful and the countryside was world class, verdant and spectacular.


    1. Robyn: You should have said hello. I don’t bite.

      Yes, all your better people are born on this date. It’s a little known fact. And the man bag! That goes back a spell. But don’t others carry them too? Mine rarely has anything in it but a Kindle and, during the rainy season, a collapsible umbrella.

      Felíz cumpleaños to you too.


    2. Robyn: My best friend in high school who also lived just down the street from me, coincidentally, also shared my birthday, but with him it was not just the day but the year too.


      1. I love those kinds of coincidences. That one is pretty amazing. A few years ago, on my birthday, I walked down the street to watch some workers pour a cement foundation. There was a light rain, unusual in California, and one of the workers said, “It never rains on my birthday.” Then the cement truck drove up and the driver jumps out and says, “How about that, rain for my birthday.” I walked home slightly stunned.

        My best friend here turned 75 on Aug. 29, and there is another lady here 75 years on Aug. 29, they are both from Europe.

        Sorry I didn’t say hello, I felt shy, didn’t want to invade your privacy like some blog groupie! If we had only known we could have shared some birthday cake.


        1. Robyn: I was going to say those two European birthdays were later in the U.S., so it would have been Aug. 30 too, but actually it’s the other way around.

          Blog groupie. That’s a good one.


  2. Happy birthday, 68 is a fine year. I like round numbers. Looking forward to more dusting of the feathers, chasing red herrings, stirrage of the pot and, of course, trips down memory lane. I wish you the best.


    1. Happy Birthday, Felipe. Mr. Provocateur. I can say you are never boring or safe. You continue to amuse, educate and incite. A pretty good trifecta. I especially like your postings on family and examinations of them. Thanks for the time you put into this blog for my and others entertainment.


    2. Thanks, Bob. As we both know, you arrived at this point a few months before me. So you say the lay of the land looks pretty good? I hope so. I prefer round numbers too.


  3. Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more! Thanks for all the time you take to share your thoughts with your many blog followers. Love the variety of topics you write about.


  4. Happy birthday! I’m a little younger but I remember Saturday mornings with Roy Rogers and Dale Evens, Lone Ranger and Sky King.
    Once again thanks for posting pictures of your lovely home.


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