Down the rabbit hole?

I‘m a Bill O’Reilly fanboy. We do part company on some issues. Abortion rights and drug legalization, primarily, and we’re polar opposites there.

Bill’s Catholicism colors his good sense sometimes.

He writes a weekly column, and the latest impressed me so much that I am going to share it with you.

Here goes. Bill talking now:

According to a new poll by The Hill newspaper in Washington D.C., 54 percent of likely voters believe President Obama does not deserve another term based on his economic record.

With rising gas prices once again punishing working Americans, and with fear in the air over unemployment, there is a very good chance that Mr. Obama will join Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush as one-term presidents.

And, if Barack Obama does go down, so does the liberal movement in America, which has made great strides over the past three and a half years. Consider the following developments:

— Gay marriage is now accepted by most folks.

— “Medical marijuana” is openly sold in many cities to people with no maladies whatsoever.

— Anyone who opposes abortion can be categorized as biased against women.

— Successful Americans and prosperous small business owners are not paying their “fair share” in taxes.

– And you are racist if you oppose Barack Obama’s liberal political viewpoint.

In addition, nearly half of American households are now receiving welfare — but if you want to control entitlements, you are anti-poor.

Almost 50 million folks are receiving food stamps, and a record amount of workers are filing for disability payments.

The federal colossus in Washington is reaching into every area of American life – even as President Obama has increased the debt by more than five trillion dollars in less than four years.

This is liberal nirvana: a big spending central government dispensing “social justice” and calling many shots in the free marketplace. Soon the feds will control the health care industry.

Of course, the results of the left-wing blitz have been disastrous. The economy is moribund with banks refusing to lend capital for expansion because they fear business failure.

Our currency is tottering because the United States has to borrow billions of dollars every day in order to service debt. And employers are loath to hire because they don’t know how ObamaCare will affect their bottom line.

You would think the left would take a look at the chaos in Europe and slow down a bit. Not happening. If you watched the Democratic Convention coverage you heard some incredible stuff. Sandra Fluck and her crew not only want you to pay for female birth control, they also want you to pay for “transgender medical needs.”

That means if Harry meets Sally and they want to switch genders through expensive surgical procedures, the American taxpayer gets the bill.

And if you oppose that — you are a bigot.

I believe most Americans are uneasy with the liberal direction even if they are not fully convinced it is at stage three. But it is. The United States is on the verge of becoming a combination of Greece and Sweden — where almost anything goes and fiscal responsibility is a joke.

If the president wins re-election, this country will continue to undergo a radical social and economic upheaval.

But if Barack Obama loses, the liberal movement in America will be dealt a crushing blow. That’s what’s at stake on November 6th.

26 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole?”

    1. Señor Calypso: Alas, yet again (like in 2008), my absentee ballot has not arrived. I am not optimistic. It does not really matter, however, since I am registered in Texas, and Texas will not go for Obama. That’s a sure thing. Bless dem yahoos.


    1. Ben: We are of one mind. Lamentably, a huge (but not huge enough, I am relatively confident) portion of the American population does not realize what’s going on. Something drastic is called for, even more than simply sending Barry back to Chicago.

      Paul Ryan knows the score and, I hope, so does Romney. It isn’t going to be easy, and electing them will only be a good beginning.


      1. For now yes, but I have seen the light and will be changing my legal stuff to Arizona, very soon. I can’t wait to stop paying my California ransom.


    1. Ms. de Bois: Since I am not really certain where you stand, I’m not sure if I should encourage your trip or not. You seem quite smart, but you’re young so that could counter the smarts in this matter. I do know you believe in unfettered “free speech,” which is not good in my book. It’s usually a sure sign of the left.


      1. I don’t think I can be easily classified. Left on some social issues but squarely conservative on the fiscal/economic. A moderate of some sort, perhaps.

        Free speech is important to a free society, but completely unfettered? Nah. I believe in personal responsibility. Say what one will but realize there are consequences. Todd Akin’s ideas on reproductive biology are a good example. Sure, he can say it, but…

        With the exception of the small town college elite, my voting district is as red as the tomatoes grown by the inhabiting farmers, so, I may stay put.


        1. Why, Ms. de Bois: We are quite similar.

          And, sure, what Akin said out loud was pretty stupid for a politician hoping to get elected.

          You appear to have no need to go home to vote. Your neighbors have things in hand. Bless them.

          That Red-Blue thing has long amused me. How is it that the conservatives ended up being Reds?


  1. A federal judge in Boston just granted a man convicted of murdering his wife a sex change at the taxpayers expense. The judge said he was entitled to a sex change because he has gender-identity disorder. Insanity!

    It’s surprising how many conservative counties are in California, we are just out numbered by San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    I heard a radio talk show host this morning saying since Obama had to be moved to a smaller auditorium a new slogan for the Republicans should be “you didn’t fill that”


  2. Señor … I have enjoyed your posts for several years now … such good writing … but the Obama-bashing on an almost daily basis is getting tiresome … it is negative energy to me … maybe you can do a post on what Romney/Ryan will specifically do to fix the economic mess and why going back to trickle down economics will be an improvement … have a good weekend.

    P.S. Faux News and Bill O’Reilly are tabloid journalism at its finest.


    1. Charles: The GOP convention last week. The Democratic convention this week. We are in the very middle of the hubbub. How can one concentrate on anything else? Obviously, I cannot. So please bear with me.

      Obama-bashing? You betcha! I’m 100 percent guilty.

      I’ve been trying to come up with other topics here, but I can’t get my mind off Barry, what a terrible job he’s doing as president, and how badly he needs to be sent back to Chicago into the open arms of Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers, etc.

      What Mitt and Paul will do specifically? No problem. Go to their website where things are spelling out pretty clearly:

      Of course, most anybody would be better than Barry, who submitted a budget proposal in 2010 that was voted down by everyone in both parties and he submitted another in 2011 and, dang, that baby was rejected by everyone, including Democrats too!

      $5 trillion more in debt on Barry’s watch and, worst of all, he doesn’t really seem very concerned. The nation is in dire need of a leader. What it has is, well, a dawdler. Where’s the passion? Where’s the sincere concern about the nation’s direction? You sure don’t see it in Barry.

      As for Fox News, it’s the most-watched, most-trusted news channel in America, routinely blowing the socks, ratings-wise, off the competition. Not tabloid in the slightest. Especially not O’Reilly. Watch him sometime. Bet you never have. Maybe just a few, edited snippets on MSNBC.

      I’ll be bashing Barry more in the immediate future, but it will end. I promise. Hang in there.


        1. Smokesilver: Nah, it won’t. In the highly unlikely event that Obama is re-elected, I will just resign myself to the fact that a people do indeed get the government they deserve. And I will be even happier that I live in another nation. In short, I will move on to other things.


    1. Ms. Red: Yes, I had heard of that case, and it truly boggles the mind. I have no problem with sex-change operations and I think they save the lives of many unhappy people. Go for it, I say.

      However, if you are a locked-up murderer, you don’t get to do it at taxpayer-expense. The judge should be tarred and feathered, put atop a mule facing toward the rear, and a shotgun should be fired into the air to startle the bejezus out of the mule near the outskirts of town.

      That should about do it. Perhaps the judge’s sex should be changed before the above is initiated.


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