Red power!

Viva, Chicago!

Raul Castro tells Cuban reporters on Sunday that he and Fidel, too feeble to stand up now, are heartened by the Chicago teachers’ strike, which started today.

Fidel and I send moral support to our comrades in Chicago in their ongoing struggle against capitalist oppression. We also send a High Five to President Obama for the great work he’s been doing, and we wish him well in the November elections.

The Cuban crowd chanted:

Viva Fidel! Viva Obama! Remember Bain Capital! Phooey to liberty!

The two in front live together and teach Women’s Studies.

Chicago teachers say they’re mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore!

In the White House, Obama was overheard to say: You go, girls!

12 thoughts on “Red power!”

    1. You are, I would imagine, one of the very youngest folks who passes by my corner of cyberspace, and even you would not be here except for your marital situation.

      People who have more years under their belts wouldn’t for a moment associate Red or Reds with Republicans. That’s a relatively new development and even then needs the word state after it.

      Reds are communists, pure and simple.


      1. The red republicans and blue democrats started in the 2000 election, which was my first election. Of course, red in the rest of the world are left-wing of some sort – socialist, communist, labor party. I know this, but many of my fellow young comrades do not. Blame cable news.


  1. Did not think Red/Blue states would take over the minds of the youth leaving we older types back at the cold war rather than the political one in the U.S. of A. – funny that.

    The young lady in question is indeed young living just up the road from us – young and pretty I might add 😉


  2. Chicago teachers DESERVE add’l pay for the fine work they do incarcerating the pupils 8-3, keeping the city streets safe during this time frame AND especially for ensuring their students are the highest scoring students in the country — not necessarily grade wise — but they do score … Gimme a break from these thugs, please … I do not care for Mr. Emanuel, but the best thing he can do for the city is to implement his education policies, replace the striking teachers, and negate the union. A clean sweep is in order, and is possible as there are lots of unemployed educators who would thrive in a “pay for production” environment.


  3. So now do we add all unions to our “Hate List”, or just those who try to improve wages and conditions for not just their own members but for all working people?

    Replacing workers with scabs did not work in hockey or in football and it will not work in schools. Negotiation is always the best answer.


    1. Croft: The primary problem these days is public-sector unions, many (likely the overwhelmingly majority if not 100 percent) of which have “won” wages and benefits that are, especially given today’s economic landscape, wildly excessive.

      I put “won” in quotes because public-sector unions, when bargaining for higher wages and benefits, are essentially bargaining with themselves (politicians or their stand-ins, people who need union support), and they are accustomed to winning for that reason.

      I am a fan of unions in certain times and circumstances. In the past, they did wonderful things. These days they are essentially cocky and too big for their collective britches. Teacher unions are classic cases.

      Perhaps in the future, because things go up and down, unions will have another heyday, another era in the sunshine. But now they are a huge element in the severe financial problems of cities, states, etc.


  4. Just so we remember that if we get paid vacations, we can thank a union, If we work only five days a week, thank a union for gaining that sometime in the past. Eight hour day? Retirement benefits? Same thing.

    You cannot say, “Not me, I never belonged to a union and I get all those things”. Unions fought for and gained these things for their members and soon these wages and conditions became the norm. Other employers had to offer the same or their employees would all run to union employers or bring in a union of their own. There are not many of us who do not have unions to thank for our present working and retirement conditions.


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