Religious nuts

Why is the religious world so often populated by crackpots?

Amish face charges in Ohio today for cutting the beards of followers believed to be hypocrites. For lack of a better case, the prosecutors are using the hate-crime statute.

Jews trim the tip off their weenies. Catholics cannot eat meat on Fridays during Lent. Some Baptists don’t want you to dance. Muslims want you to die by the sword.

Mormons insist on goofy underwear.

What is the common thread of this nuttiness?

That God is the most trivial being in the universe. Instead of devoting her glorious thoughts to Goodness, Love and Justice, she is concerned with your skivvies, your hairstyle and what day you down a juicy burger. Jesus H. Christ!

10 thoughts on “Religious nuts”

  1. For most of human history the church was also the government and we all know the government is nuts. So there you have it. Keeping the church out of government will never be easy because they know they are doing God’s will. Try to buy a drink in Utah.


    1. Norm: And the current U.S. government is nuttier than ever.

      Since you brought government into this (I had not), I put to you that the zealots of the political Left possess a fervor that is no less religious than the Taliban.

      You should meet my sister.


  2. I know a few of the family members of that Amish clan that shorted out. They are not happy with the old bishop and his night time adventures.

    We here in NE Ohio give the Amish a pass on many things that would get an “English” a bit of jail time but breaking into ones home in the dead of night with an armed gang brings the court into the fray every time.

    And sorry about going off topic, I keep forgetting I’m working on my GPA.


  3. I think the common thread is man’s attempt to work or earn his way into heaven. Every religion seems to think that their particular rules, when followed, will get them the salvation they seek.

    Christianity is not a religion. God extends his hand of salvation to all through his Son, Jesus Christ. We can’t earn or deserve it. This is the grace of God.

    Environmentalism has become the “new” religion in the US. Its leaders worship at the base of wind machines and solar panels. In their arrogance they believe they control the earth’s environment.


    1. I was about to make the same point as Jackie. The distinction between religion and faith is central to any discussion of why religions do nutty things.

      What Jesus taught was the very essence of love and grace. Because God loves us, we should love him in return with every essence of our being. And because he created every human life, we should love everyone with that same intensity. Our lives are not about a list of “do not do this.”

      If we could show a bit more grace to our fellow men — especially our enemies — this would be a far better world.


      1. Steve: I don’t think you can love anybody or anything you’ve never set eyes on. As for loving everybody, c’mon.

        I’m with you, however, that showing grace to our fellow men is positive when you can do it. So many make that so difficult.


  4. Just a clarifying point … Jews are not trying to earn their way into heaven – what happens after it is all over is not a strong theme or focus in Judaism.

    “What is hateful to yourself, do not do to your fellow man. That is the whole Torah; the rest is just commentary. Go and study it.” Rabbi Hillel

    If you “do the right thing today,” the rest will work out. Me.


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