The mea culpas

Obama has been apologizing, in both word and deed, to the Muslim world since he first arrived at the White House door.

It’s no wonder that so many believe he actually is Muslim. I do not believe that. He simply embraces the politically correct notion that “other cultures” and other faiths deserve our respect. Always.

Particularly deserving are Arabs and Muslims because of all the dreadful things America has done to them and to other sad sacks.

The politically correct — and Obama is the first truly PC president of the United States — glorify other cultures and belief systems, thinking this is fair and just.

This is naïve.

Naïve: unsophisticated, ingenious, credulous, having or showing a lack of experience, judgment or information.

Naïveté is the perilous core of PC foreign policy, which is Obama’s approach, and it is what makes him an amateur — and very dangerous.

The politically correct glorification of “other cultures” and religions was born in the English-speaking world, primarily America. It spread somewhat to parts of Europe, but the Germans and Dutch have given up on it, and the French never bought into it at all.

People who speak Spanish all over the globe laugh at it, and so do Italians and Greeks. These folks glorify their own cultures, and that’s the natural order of things.

Obama’s initial reactions to the Muslim atrocities in Egypt and Libya included apologies for the anti-Mohammad movie.

He began to backtrack rapidly on the apologies, but apologize he did. He should not have apologized because Americans can make pretty much any movie they want to, which is one of the many things that make America superior to the despotic Muslim world.

Obama thinks we should respect the Muslim world, and be nice. Problem with that is they do not return the sentiment, to state it mildly.

The Muslim world does not respect freedom, other religions, or other ways of looking at things. For a president not to understand that is dangerous.

Lamentably, many Americans are very naïve. Aside from the 9/11 attacks, the nation has lived a long, long time without fear of much of anything. America’s guard is down, and a naïve, amateur president like Obama keeps it down.

Enough with the apologies.

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19 thoughts on “The mea culpas

  1. Politicians love apologizing for things someone else has done. It gives them a sense of moral superiority. In this case, the president should have admonished the Libyan mob — that he helped put in power — to stop acting like juvenile hooligans. Calling to their attention that the United States is a free country where people are allowed to hold all forms of opinions — even blasphemous ones.

    But I guess that is just another way of saying the same thing you just did.

    There was a recent incident in Oregon involving the Chinese government. I just may post on it.


      1. What really rankles me is Obama back tracking AND accusing Romney of politicizing a tragedy. Ridiculous! The Obama crew apologizes to the Muslims for America’s freedom of speech. Romney is running for that office and makes a valid and timely point; all Obama people can do is pick at the ridiculous point of his commenting on the un-American position Obama took – That guy pisses me off! Sorry. How can those Obama supporters not see all this is beyond me.


  2. After reading the book The Amateur, written by his buddies and cohorts, it explains of really how much over his head he is. Just look at the way he treats Netanyahu, our only ally.

    The issue is that people only want to see what they want. They see a “cool,” “hip” community organizer who talks and walks like them, hands out checks and freebies, sits in church and listens to how bad the country is and needs to be damned, so what do you expect to be the result?

    History will show of what an error it was to place this person into the office of power. The only salvation for this country is to remove the cancer as quickly as possible before more damage is done.

    But it is going to be difficult when 50% of the population is connected with a freebie already and don’t want the goodies to stop.


    1. Tancho: We are of one mind, of course, and not for the first time. I considered reading that book The Amateur but then decided against it since it would have been a first-rate example of preaching to the choir. I need no further convincing.


  3. It is pretty easy to throw these charges out there without references or quotes. In the past couple of days I have spent some time searched for hard evidence of any “apology” and aside from one out of context example from FOX News where the second half of a sentence was conveniently left out, I have been unable to find one clear example of an apology.

    Here is an interesting Las Vegas Sun article on Obama statements that have been referred to by some as examples of so-called apologies.


    1. Croft it is pretty hard to find news 4-5 hours after it has been put out on the Internet. I went to look where I had read it on Yahoo news just a few hours earlier and it was not to be found.

      A couple points however. I DID read the apology notice made by “the Obama administration” in Yahoo News which is decidedly leaning towards Obama, at least as much as Fox leans to Romney. What’s more – whatever you might say about Felipe he does not make this stuff up. Of course when the error was obvious and brought to bear it disappeared quickly.

      I think we are way past having to provide sources at this point – this seems like a typical liberal smoke screen to evade the issues which were already out there. Nothing personal – just saying.


      1. I do trust Felipe (and yourself) to know you do not make this stuff up. However it is far too easy to hear something on Hanity, Fox or Rush and then to repeat it without checking it out. And as the Romney campaign said some time ago, “We will not allow our campaign strategy to be dictated by fact checkers.” I guess in an attempt to dismiss the “liberal smoke screen.”

        A little off point but Fox tried to start up a “news” TV service here in Canada but were denied a licence because in Canada it is illegal to release something as a “news” item which you know to be a lie. Fox would not agree to these terms.


        1. U.S. Embassy Condemns Religious Incitement: The link:

          oops does not exist (ANY LONGER – hmmmm)

          I wonder how long it took for Obama’s team to get that handled.

          Croft you are just going to have to resign yourself to the FACT that Obama’s team blew it – and HE is the quarterback (where the buck stops).

          Reminds me of a story about a fellow whose wife discovers him in their bed with another woman.

          The two cheaters get up quickly and dress while the incensed wife stands stunned and dismayed.

          The two vacate the bedroom, soon to be followed by the wife. Now she and her husband are alone in their living room.

          She starts screaming, “How could you do this you, you cheater. You home wrecker!”

          The husband emphatically denies any wrong doing assuring his wife she did not see what she thought she had just seen.


        2. Croft: Fox tried to start up a “news” TV service here in Canada but were denied a licence because in Canada it is illegal to release something as a “news” item which you know to be a lie. Fox would not agree to these terms.

          I’m sure you sincerely believe this. I do not, or at least how you have phrased the situation.


    2. Croft: His deeds have been an ongoing apology from Day One. His first official TV interview as president was with an Arab channel. He has yet to visit Israel, the nation’s top ally in the area. Instead he visits Arabs. His actions are clear.


  4. I also saw the item where the U.S. Embassy in Cairo condemned (not apologized for) a disrespectful video (poorly) produced by an American-Israeli real estate developer that ridiculed the Prophet Mohammad. This statement was made unilaterally by the embassy before any attacks took place. The Obama administration was quick to say they did not know of or authorize the statement. It was then removed from the Cairo Embassy website.

    You can say that Obama was responsible for the statement whether he knew of it or approved of it or not and there is a certain amount of truth to that. However the fact that he ordered its removal as soon as he was informed of it says something as well. I think as far as criticism goes, this is pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel. Come on, there must be something better out there.

    Even Romney’s own party is jumping on him for his premature statements on this issue. I am sure there are examples of Romney’s own campaign coming out with something the candidate did not authorize. When this happens, you disavow it, state your real opinion on the subject and move on.


    1. Croft: The apology about the movie did indeed happen just before, not after, the attack on the Embassy in Egypt. No matter. It was still an apology.

      The Embassy is an arm of the Obama administration. They cannot weasel out of responsibility so easily. Or they can, depending on one’s political leanings. As Harry Truman said: The buck stops here.

      Obama’s ordering the removal of the statement came because of the flak that began to fall upon him, so yes, it does say something.


  5. I like your reference to the husband and wife story John. It shows just what is going on here. repeat a story loudly and often enough and people start to believe it. “Obama is apologizing for America” is such a statement. Every right wing hack includes it in every speech and soon otherwise reasonable, thinking people start to believe it and start adding to the chorus.

    In actuality, President Obama has NEVER apologized for America. Never. It is all wishful thinking and a figment of the imagination of the right.


  6. Have you guys seen the polls today? While we sit here bickering about who said what when, the polls have been asking people how they will vote. Even Fox’s own poll now gives Obama a 5-point lead! Bill O’Reilly is speechless!

    Rush is calling it A…a…a..a… left wing conspiracy with the pollsters. It is a…a…a… it’s VOTER SUPPRESSION from the left!

    And these polls do not even reflect what we have been talking about. Just wait until tomorrow!


  7. Obama has asked YouTube if there is not some way they can erase the video. YouTube says the video does not violate their rules.

    Also, the ACLU says it’s “concerned” that Obama is trying to get the video suppressed.

    Obama is unclear on the notion that in the land of the free and home of the brave, you can say anything you want about religion.

    Obama is worried about the feelings of his Brotherhood pals.

    If it waddles like an apology and quacks like an apology, it is an apology.


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