Obama bows to Mecca

That’s Obama third from the left.

Egypt says to Obama: Kill the blasphemous flick!

Obama says to YouTube: Pleeeese remove that movie!

YouTube to Obama: No can do, sir. It’s breaking no law.

ACLU to Obama: What’s up with you? This is the Land of the Free!

Obama to himself: Oooooooooh!!!!

Obama to Egypt: I’m so sorry.

* * * *

(Based on a sad but true story.)

7 thoughts on “Obama bows to Mecca

  1. “The video (the controversial anti-Muslim video) remains accessible on the American YouTube website. But Google, YouTube’s parent company, has blocked access to the video in Libya, Egypt and India.”

    It seems to me that when free press starts ‘policing’ videos, even internationally, they play into the hands of the maniacal demonstrators. They must look at this as a success resulting from their violent demonstrations.

    A bad move in my opinion.

    Just so I am clear on this – is Obama actually in that group photo bowing to Mecca?


    1. Señor Calpso: A bad move in my opinion too.

      This current situation focuses clearly the fact that many in that woebegone and backward sector of the world, the Middle East, make the most crackpot Holy-Roller fundamentalist Bible-thumping lunatic in the backwoods of rural Florida look like a Harvard grad in comparison.

      Of course, that’s Obama in the photo, third from left.

      Would I lie to you?


  2. I do not believe you would lie to me – no. However I do think you might use a photo metaphorically. If that truly is Obama – WTF is this guy thinking?

    It would be laughable if I wandered around the Hood crossing myself before every capilla and church in Catholic-ville – why would I perform such gestures that have nothing to do with my belief system? People here would think I was nuts.


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