Our wacky world

Egypt is now a dictatorship of the Muslim Brotherhood.

President Mohamad Morsi has castrated the military high command and taken over. Like most people, you probably weren’t paying attention.

Every member of the Muslim Brotherhood cheered on September 11, 2001. Don’t doubt that. The happy hookah pipes were smokin’, boys and girls!

The United States gives about $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt every year. This was suspended in October of last year due to uncertainties regarding the “Arab Spring,” that oh-so-refreshing move toward democracy.

The military aid was restored last March, however, plus $250 million in economic and political assistance. Hillary was keen on restoring the cash, and the action sidestepped a new congressional requirement that links arms sales to Egypt’s protection of freedom.

The Obama administration does whatever it feels like doing.

Much of the military aid comes back to U.S. arms manufacturers, which was the deciding factor in renewing the government payout of your tax dollars — protecting U.S. jobs.

Election coming up, you know.

See, Obama really does care. Obama has a win-win, more U.S. jobs in the arms industry and support for the Muslim Brotherhood, which he has stated is not really so bad.*

Granted, the reopening of the taxpayer gusher to Egypt took place before Morsi had totally solidified the dictatorship and the whiff of Springtime vanished.

But they’re still getting your cash today.

Here are details from a March article in The New York Times. Keep in mind that the article was written in March, and there was still the naïve hope that democracy would blossom in Egypt, which it certainly did.

Just like democracy bloomed in the Gaza Strip, putting the terrorist group Hamas in power. Oh, democracy is such a fickle lover. You’d think we’d quit promoting it.

The Egyptians voted for the Muslim Brotherhood, and the United States today sends wads of your cash to  Egypt’s military, a military that once was on our side — but not anymore.

If you don’t consider this when you vote November 6, think about it when you write your check to the IRS next April. Or when you’re in the unemployment line.

This is our wacky world where we feed the hand that bites us.

* * * *

* Oh, but it is!

(Today is a rare two-fer-one. Don’t miss Obama bowing to Mecca just below.)

5 thoughts on “Our wacky world”

  1. The plans are fitting into place, he has accomplished so much in such a little time.

    Dismantled NASA and a good portion of the military, divided the country into the most polarized since I can remember. I just finished watching a interesting movie, called “Dreams of my Father,” (his real father) who was a communist, writer, poet, protestor, etc. It explains a lot.

    He is pretty much on track, so another four years should get it to a position that it will not be able to be reversed without a lot of bloodshed.


    1. Tancho: As is often the case, you’re a little farther out there than I am, and in some matters that’s difficult to do.

      However, it is quite so that dividing the country is what Obama excels at. He is no unifier, which is one reason he can’t work effectively with Congress, including at times with his own Democrats.

      From what I have read of Obama’s father, he was a real piece of work, and a drunk to boot. I believe he was soused in the car crash that killed him, but I may be mistaken about that.

      Another four years would indeed be a very, very bad thing.

      I was not aware that the Dreams book had been made into a movie.


    2. Tancho: I see the movie, Dreams From My Real Father, has nothing to do with Barry’s book. It’s an alternate look at Barry’s background. Available on DVD and, I imagine, lots of other ways.


  2. Isn’t it amazing how the government is so eager to arm other countries but they want to take our 2nd amendment rights away.

    The government seems to have endless money to give to other countries especially those that hate us, but we seniors are destroying the country because we want our social security that we have paid into our whole working lives.

    I wish everyone would watch the movie 2016 before voting.


    1. Jackie: I assume you are aware that the Social Security and Medicare reforms proposed by our next vice president Paul Ryan do not affect Social Security or Medicare for anyone currently over age 55.

      He simply wants, correctly, to make the necessary changes so that the programs will be available for future retirees. The Democrats are trying to scare current retirees with bogus information.

      The programs must be reformed and improved. Obama and the Democrats simply look the other way, or vote against reforms.


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