Banana whacker

I whacked back my bananas on Friday. Banana whacking is not a job you want, but at times it must be done. Bananas need stern discipline.

A couple of weeks ago, a storm blew through here that you wouldn’t believe. Aside from lots of hail, the wind uprooted nine old, towering trees in the nearby plaza.

That really made a mess. Luckily, not one of the trees fell on the Victorian-style bandstand that nobody ever uses, but it looks real nice.

The only damage here in our yard was from hail, which made spaghetti out of the banana fronds and the leaves of other plants too. Spaghetti is not a good look for bananas.

I finally wearied of the messiness, so I toted a ladder to one of the three stands of banana trees, the one that sits against the property wall that abuts the street.

And I started whacking with a hedge clipper. That’s it you see sitting atop the stone Olmec head. Before long, I was wading in banana fronds on the ground.

Nothing screams rain and summer more than aloe vera and its orange floral spikes. Just beyond is the yard patio. Next year we plan to put brick columns at its four corners and a clay tile roof above. Yep, a gazebo.

It will look snazzy, plus I won’t need to wipe rainwater or dew off the table every blessed morning. And the big umbrella can go to the upstairs terraza.

There are always ways to improve life if you put your mind to it.

8 thoughts on “Banana whacker”

    1. Carole: The plaza of my neighborhood, which is 1.5 blocks from my house. My neighborhood once was a separate town, so the plaza is large and has a 16th century church, etc., all the necessary stuff.

      But now we’re just a neighborhood of the larger town down the highway a short distance. We have been annexed.


  1. I had not heard about the tree demise. I assume on the plaza grande. But it is nice to know that your garden is now tidy, that God is in his heaven, and all is right with the world. (It is an interesting commentary of our time that it is impossible to paraphrase a Victorian poet without sounding sarcastic.)


    1. Steve: You assume incorrectly. Not the Plaza Grande downtown, but the plaza of my neighborhood, which is also big and beautiful, but not quite so big as the one directly downtown.

      The detritus has all been cleaned up except for the huge, uprooted stumps. I hope something gets done with them before long.

      It’s a pity because the plaza was renovated about a year ago, and the uprootings played havoc with some of those improvements.


    1. The trees grow great here. And they make bananas every year, but they are incredibly crappy bananas. I imagine that’s where the altitude figures in. This is not their natural environment.


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