Mohammad’s homeboys

Think of the world as Los Angeles, and consider the Middle East as Watts or South Central —  i.e. Gangland.

Instead of the Crips and the Bloods, however, we have the Mohammad gang. And instead of thugs named Tyrone, Tyrell and D’Marcus, you’ll encounter dimwits dubbed Aasif, Abdul and Najam.

Like Tyrone, Tyrell and D’Marcus, Aasif, Abdul and Najam are dumb as rocks, totally uneducated apart from gang regulations — and violent.

Gang regulations for Tyrone, Tyrell and D’Marcus are unwritten because they can’t read, but the rules are known, etched into their dark hearts (no racial pun intended).

Fortunately for Aasif, Abdul and Najam, their gang regulations are written, scribed long ago by literate — if intolerant — ancestors.

It’s called the Koran.

Like young men everywhere who have accomplished nothing of note in their lives, and know they never will, Mohammad’s homeboys are keenly attuned to being “disrespected.”

“Disrespect” them at your peril.

In Watts or South Central of Los Angeles, you’ll be shot or stabbed. In the South Central of the world that is the Mideast you will have your embassy stormed, your flag stomped, and your ambassador murdered and dragged through the streets like a dog.

It doesn’t take much to “disrespect” them. A stupid cartoon or a short, dumb film clip by a felon on the other side of the world is more than sufficient.

Mohammad’s gang is the biggest threat to world peace these days. Obama’s playing one-sided kissy-face with them for four years to convey that America is now their trustworthy pal has accomplished nothing positive. Quite the contrary.

The appeaser has emboldened them. Like the Crips and the Bloods, Mohammad’s homeboys see kindness as weakness and move quickly to slice a wimp’s scrawny neck.

* * * *

Pity the Jews who, in the form of Israel, moved unwisely into the turf of Mohammad’s gang, the worst place in the world they could have set up shop (ethnic pun intended).

They should cut their losses and move to Miami.

13 thoughts on “Mohammad’s homeboys”

  1. Yes, unsavory characters like Osama bin Laden should be shot! Oh, wait a minute. Your “appeaser” already did that, didn’t he? CNN has a scroll going under the screen right now saying three more terrorists were just killed in Pakistan. Odds are they were Muslims. More appeasing in your mind I suppose.

    Your desperation is starting to get the best of you mi amigo. All the polls are showing Obama heading for victory. Obama is up in all the polls, as much as 6 percent or more. No recent polls show him falling, not even the Rasmussen poll which uses less reliable “robo” calling. This is most obvious in the swing States where Obama is now leading in most.

    In America where Party allegiances are almost equally divided, this is the makings of a landslide.

    BTW, did you see Obama go “Brownface” to talk to Latino voters on Univision TV a couple of nights ago? Even I don’t think Romney is that stupid but the camera does not lie.

    This is turning into a joke.


    1. Where is your “edit” button? I meant it was Romney who appeared “deeply tanned” for his presentation to Latin Americans, not Obama! That was beyond Freudian!


  2. “They should cut their losses and move to Miami.”

    And I wonder how the good citizens of Miami would react when their homes are bulldozed under to make room for Jewish “settlements” in their newly claimed land.


      1. i expected more. Oh well, this is what they are trying with Obama now, mailing out DVD’s to voters claiming Obama’s father was really and American Communist who had an affair with his mother. The “born in Kenya” thing did not work so on to the next lie on the list. Pathetic.


  3. The attack on our embassy that lead to the execution of Ambassador Chris Stevens was a coordinated attack not the result of some video that’s been out for some time. Even Obama is back-peddling about it now. Although he did just spend $70,000 of taxpayer’s money to make T.V. commercials to air in Pakistan, once again apologizing.
    The killing of bin Laden was accomplished by Seal Team Six and thanks to Obama “leaking” that information most of those men are now dead shot down over Afghanistan.
    Meanwhile the tensions mount between Iran and Israel, Obama is busy with David Letterman and the women of the View. It seems he has no time for Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu. A joke indeed. The rest of the world is laughing at us.


    1. Jackie: As for killing Osama, any president would have done the same thing given the chance, so I don’t give Barry any credit for that.

      And the U.S. government is now a major stockholder in General Motors.


    2. 1) Apology? From the Wall Street Journal:

      “The ad rehearses, with Urdu subtitles, last week’s statements from Obama and Mrs. Clinton in which he declares that America “respects all faiths” and she asserts: “Let me state very clearly, and I hope it is obvious, that the United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. We absolutely reject its content and message.”

      2) As far as your statement about Seal Team Six goes, this is from the LA Times:

      “No member of the Bin Laden raid team was among the dead, said a Pentagon official”

      3) Israel has been wanting to nuke Iran for decades. This is nothing new. If we do not want WW 3, we should not allow this to happen. Netanyahu is a war monger. Most Americans are not so there is little common ground to discuss.


  4. Since I arrived in Mexico I have become a pacifista. I have become disillusioned with American foreign policy. I am opposed to what is euphemistically called regime change in Libya and Syria. I am opposed to the war on drugs. I have been living under martial law for 3 1/2 years in Uruapan. I cannot see how Romney would be any better or any worse than Obama.


    1. Andres: I am a pacifist too. Now if only the rest of the world saw it that way. Ah, there’s the catch.

      We also are of one mind on the war on drugs.

      There’s martial law in Uruapan?! I didn’t know that. For 3.5 years yet. Dang. If I were you, I would move to Morelia. No martial law in Morelia, and the weather is nicer.


      1. To use an old cliché, the best kept secret in Mexico, is that Uruapan has the same climate as Cuernavaca – eternal springtime. Climate is determined by elevation: Cuernavaca – 4,950′ Uruapan – 5,310′ Morelia – 6,303′.


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