Odds and ends

Reuters photo by Ralph Orlowski

Here is a photo that drips with psychological potential. The details are unimportant. The only thing you must know is that the blonde babe is a model, and the woman (yes, it’s a woman) on the left is a makeup artist. Think about it, all of it.

* * * *

Violent protests in Madrid and talk of secession in the wealthy area of Catalonia may push Spain’s prime minister to ask the rest of Europe for rescue money.

Spain hands out more money to citizens than the government takes in. The handouts must be reduced, and that’s why the citizens are rioting.

That’s Spain. Then there’s Greece where tens of thousands took to the streets in violent protests just yesterday. The police fired teargas.

The violence was urged by Greece’s two biggest unions. Not a surprise. Greece hands out more money to citizens than the government takes in. The handouts must be reduced, and that’s why the Greeks too are rioting.

It’s hard to apply brakes to handouts.

Similar situations are brewing in other European nations that are fond of socialism.

* * * *

In the United States, the percentage of people on welfare and “disabilities” is skyrocketing, and the debt hole is $5 trillion deeper now than it was four years ago.

The current White House is fond of socialism.

It’s nicer not to think about that. Better to play with your iPad, make a new “friend” on Facebook or maybe marvel at the psychological elements of that photo at the top.

The human condition. It is fascinating, ¿no?

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    1. Carole: This video reminds me of what a commenter on another post said just last night. He sees no particular difference between Obama and Romney. And that’s going into an election in which the choices cannot be more starkly opposite.


    2. And the average IQ of a Howard Stern viewer is…? Reminds me of one of Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” episodes where he asked a woman on the street of L.A. to name one country which shares a border with the USA. She was stumped. The best she could do was “South America.” Jay asked, “What is the second most common language in L.A.?” “Spanish,” she answered. “Does that give you a hint as to which country shares our southern border?” With a look of great relief she answered, “Spain!”

      Another episode just after the “war” with Iraq started, Leno carried a globe out on the street and asked people to point out Iraq. One guy did right away and a couple more after searching, but most had no idea. One woman pointed to Australia over which Jay had taped a piece of paper with the word “Iraq.”


  1. Great post, señor. I want to add an “LOL!” But, I recall how you loathe those, so I won’t.

    That’s a woman eh? Gatsby, she’s a great poster child for voluntary birth control. At least she’s found her calling and applies her knowledge to those less fortunate of her like species…

    By the way, it’s springtime in the Middle East this time of year… Just ask the president…


  2. Stern’s passion is exposing stupidity and he hit the jackpot this time. Spain is going down the drain as one of the four little PIGS financed by the Central Banks and sinking the Euro and the EU. These austerity measures are pure gravy. If we’re not careful we’re next, if it’s not too late. The only way to turn it around is to avoid another war. We can’t afford it.


    1. Andres: Yes, much of Europe is going down the drain, and for the reasons I stated. And yes, if the United States is not careful, it will do the same thing. However, the nation is not careful, and it’s already slipping down the same slope.

      Avoiding another war will certainly save cash, but other measures are also needed. An overhaul of the national mentality would be good too.


    1. Good one, Howie. Democracy is certainly flawed, but most other systems are worse. I favor an enlightened monarchy. Really. However, the problem there is maintaining the enlightened aspect from one generation to the next. Tends not to happen.

      We’ve seen what happens with democracy in recent times in the Gaza Strip and, more recently, Egypt.


  3. We’ve had rioting here too, it’s called flash mobs. It’s happening more and more.

    That video is a sad commentary on our public schools. I’m sure if they had asked the question who won American Idol, they would have gotten a correct answer.

    I watched the interview that Pelosi’s daughter made. She talked to people waiting in line at the welfare office. One man told her he was there to get his Obamabucks. Another man told her, very proudly, that he has 4 baby mamas all getting welfare.


    1. Jackie: The positive thing is that the people in the welfare office, I’m betting, will not vote. That is, unless somebody from some “Get Out the Vote” program comes and chauffeurs them to the polling place and points their noses to the door.

      Ignorant people should not be encouraged to vote.


  4. And the teachers are wanting more money … for what? To do more teaching?

    I’ll bet you a dinner that you ask anybody on the street in Russia or China who is running for president they will tell you. I have always been surprised that when traveling abroad, much casual conversations with locals was about politics and the running of governments. They all were very well versed in U.S. politics at least on the national side, more so than you would expect.

    For the most part kids nowadays are pretty inept, in both social skills and knowledge of the world in general … kind of like the question a Miss Teen USA was asked:

    I rest my case.


        1. Cringe indeed.

          Before jumping to blame the teachers, let’s take a good hard look at the parents.

          We can talk to our kids about politics and current affairs. We can take them with us with we vote — every time. We can attend demonstrations. We can visit museums. We watch the debates with them on TV. We can take them to Washington D.C.

          The list goes on and on …


  5. The other side of the coin as it were, one more quote from the great W.C.: “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” What a wise man he was.


    1. MCM: Yipes! How right you are. I have corrected that. I wrote this item too fast this morning, and did not read it 1,000 times as I often do before I hit the publish button.

      I always appreciate corrections. Thanks.


  6. That’s because you are too well protected in Mexico. NOB that photo is pretty common and has been the norm in California for years.


  7. Deck the hall with boughs of holly,
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    Don we now our gay apparel
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    Fa la la la la la la la la.


  8. If she is, as you state, in your post a “makeup artist” why is she doing her hair, as it looks like in the photo. There are hair stylists, and there are makeup people, but she is not in the front of her, working on applying facial makeup, but working on her hair, from behind, so is she a makeup artist?

    It would be interesting to know what you, “see other things, more complex things”.


    1. Andean: The Reuters caption on the photo merely identified her as a makeup artist, but what you say makes sense. They usually are two different occupations. So let’s assume the Reuters caption was an error, and she is a hairstylist. It doesn’t change the bizarre nature of the scene.

      What I see in that photo is a profoundly unhappy woman. People who are overweight to that extent, far more often than not, have serious psychological “issues.”

      I got the impression from the comments of Tancho and Andres above that they merely saw a lesbian combing another woman’s hair. I’m sure they came to that conclusion from the fact that lesbians of the more manly persuasion often are overweight with close-cropped hair.

      But the woman in the photo does not give me that impression. First off, she is not merely chunky or even simply fat. She is what is medically labeled grossly obese. And her haircut indicates she has totally given up on her appearance, going for convenience.

      And here’s where we get to the very strange part. She chooses a profession in which she comes into daily contact with women who are beautiful, her polar opposite. That element is what struck me most.

      And the blonde is texting on her cell phone, probably to one of her 10,000 suitors.

      The photo reeks of drama.


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