I am evil


I voted Republican*, ergo I am evil.

For good measure, throw in that I am an extremist too.

Yesterday, Barney Frank (don’t ask) sent me an email begging for a contribution to the Democratic Party because if the Democrats don’t win back Congress it will remain in the grip of extremists!

His word. My italics.

And then there was the column in The Nation that I read yesterday, titled A Letter to my Allies on the Left. Clearly, the envelope did not have my name on it, but I steamed it open and read it anyway. That’s what nefarious extremists do.

The writer, a cute young woman, said this: We are facing a radical right that has abandoned all interest in truth and fact. Underline is mine.

Not one itty-bitty smidgeon of interest in truth and fact. Jeepers!

Both parties are apoplectic these days, unfortunately. Certainly does nothing to solve the grave national problems, does it?

I have no examples of the word evil from yesterday, but it’s fairly common to hear Lefties refer to those who disagree as evil. Conservatives rarely do this, and you would think it would be the other way around since conservatives tend to embrace Christianity more, and good and evil should pass their lips more readily.

People should be more like me, and here’s why:

I do not consider those who disagree with my politics as evil. Some are extremists, certainly, but most are not. Yes, people should be more like me. Reasonable and polite.

In my opinion, Obama is the worst president in American history. It’s not because he’s evil. He is not. I don’t know his level of extremism, although he is, to some degree, extreme.

He is the nation’s worst president because he does not know history, he is naïve, and he is an amateur. He was unprepared. Amateurs are a peril in the Oval Office, especially in this dangerous, shrinking world in which we reside.

He means well, I am convinced.

But let’s get back to this business of all Republicans being extremists who have no interest whatsoever in truth and fact. This is silly, of course.

Most Republicans simply believe in less government, more freedom**, more reliance on individual responsibility, and they give more to charity than Democrats do. A subset of Republicans are ardent Christians who think their religious beliefs should apply to all.

I am not among them. It smells like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Most Republicans know Obama is biracial, and they don’t much care. Republicans think affirmative action was likely needed in the past, but not into the 21st century.

Democrats believe in a more active government that does the right thing for people, giving them a helping hand when necessary, generally making things “fairer” via government action. If freedom is reduced a bit, it’s worth it for the greater good.

And they don’t want the church to interfere with their lives.

I am with them on that last point.

Democrats believe Obama is black, and they care very much. They think affirmative action is still necessary and maybe will always be necessary.

These are all differences of opinion on how to run a society. Being in one camp or the other does not make you evil. There are extremists on both sides, but they are a minority.

Maybe when the economic situation improves, people on both sides will dunk their heads into buckets of water to cool off, and then get back to being civil.

Like me.

Of course, who knows when the fiscal situation will improve because Obama seems smitten with Greek economics, which is why I say he is naïve and doesn’t know history.

An amateur. I say that sweetly, nothing evil about it, but it’s a true fact.

* * * *

* Yes, I mailed my absentee ballot last week, the first Republican vote in my life. Likely not the last, however.

** Except where abortion is concerned. Then freedom flies out the window for some.

(Note: The photo is not me, of course. It is the Nazi bigwig Hermann Göring, a true face of evil extremism, and if you take the uniform off him, he looks a whale of a lot like Barney Frank.)

35 thoughts on “I am evil”

  1. Félipe,
    Have you seen the current edition of The New Yorker? One line sums it up for both sides. “Send in the clowns.” It matters little what experience or innovative ideas or solutions either of these guys have. They’re merely puppets and, with the advent of Super Pacs, even more beholden to their puppeteers.


    1. Larry: It sounds a bit like you are saying it makes no difference who wins. I don’t believe that. There is a huge difference, for instance, between the last administration, Cheney’s, and Barry’s.


      1. No. I’m more saying that we shouldn’t be dissing the candidates but rather their puppeteers. I think you get a glint of what I’m talking about by recognizing the last administration as Cheney’s. Being an increasingly cynical old curmudgeon, I am suspecting that the puppeteers are controlled by other puppeteers who are controlled by other puppeteers… ad infinitum until we reach the puppet masters who have scripted the whole shebang.

        I would arm wrestle Norm for the right to cancel out your Romney marionette show in favor of our Obama show. However, his vote might really count whereas my Hawaii vote isn’t going to change the electoral vote for the Obama show by one iota.

        I do feel you would be justified in challenging the rude Mr. Kamman (below comment) to an arm wrestling match. Many of us do not agree with some of your political/social views but there are few of us following this blog who would deny your researched preparation and professionalism.


        1. Larry: If there are puppeteers, and perhaps there are, I think the candidates are, if not the primary puppeteers, they are on the Board of Directors of puppeteers, the boards of their respective parties. In other words, they pull the strings. They are not being pulled.

          That’s what I think.

          As for Mr. Kammann (and like you, I have the impression he is a he, not a she), when I first saw his comment I almost sent it directly to the trash bin, but I paused a moment. He was merely tossing my own words about Obama back at me. Plus, even though I usually regard those oh-so-popular emoticons, or whatever they are called, as silly, his adding one at the end, lending a slightly fun tilt to his comment, led to my letting his comment see the light of day.

          Plus, I’m really not that thin-skinned.

          I am sure that Barney Frank put him up to it.


  2. You’re not alone. I voted Republican and Libertarian last week, and both votes were cast for Mormons. And I hardly view myself as evil.


  3. You are one of those nasty evil people who want to take away food from the children and old people, push grandma and her wheelchair off the cliff. Meanwhile, the Democrats only want to help the children, like the infusion of money the last decade or two which have made more poor people. You probably also want to take away the food stamps of 46 million people. I would love to know what percentage of those are morbidly obese … must be a correlation of cable tv, couches, food stamps and welfare.

    Nasty man you!


  4. “they (Republicans) give more to charity than Democrats do”. This statement is a tad deceiving. They give more to their hand picked charities, some of which are not charities at all. Romney for instance, gives millions to the Mormon Church, which uses this money for things like financing the passage of California’s Prop 8 which took away marriage equality for millions of people. Sorry, this is not charity, it is political action that took away people’s hard earned rights.


      1. A voting story: The Tea people sent me a nice flyer about who to vote for; a disclaimer to protect their tax status included. I thought it was kind of them to give me pointers on who I might want to not vote for. Linda tacked it to the frig, most of that stuff goes into the circle file. Something worthwhile from my Tea drinking friends.


        1. Norm: Yeah, my old gang, the people I used to run with, the Democrats, send me stuff too. Sometimes it’s useful material, like absentee voting from down here, and sometimes it’s fun stuff like Barney Frank sent me. Barney’s always good for a chortle.


  5. The approval rating of Congress is at an all time low and we have never been deeper in debt. Due to selective perception and the left – right paradigm, we have the illusion there is a real choice on election day. I have a visceral dislike for both candidates. No absentee ballot for me.


    1. Andres: If ever there was a clear choice, this election presents it. I am not too keen on either candidate either. I think the GOP could have done a lot better. But I would have voted for any Republican this year even if he were Elmer Fudd.

      By not voting, you likely are helping Obama, depending on the state in which you are registered. If you would have leaned toward Obama, I salute your patriotic choice to sit it out.


  6. Nevada notified me my absentee ballot is on the way. I can see a post in my future.

    By the way, I am a Christian, but I do not seem to recall ever acting as if I “think their religious beliefs should apply to all.”


    1. Señor Cotton: Perhaps I could have phrased that sentence a little differently. I often hedge blanket statements or at least try to if I think it does not apply 100 percent.

      Let’s look at that sentence:

      A subset of Republicans are ardent Christians who think their religious beliefs should apply to all.

      That is a true statement. But it does not say that all Christians are in that subset. It does not even say all ardent Christians are in that subset. But that subset does exist.

      You simply are not in it.


      1. We can all chime in here Steve, you are not one of “them”. I look forward to finding you on my doorstep on day and know you will have no pamphlets in hand! 😉 In turn, I promise to keep my Skeptic’s Annotated Bible in the drawer as well!


    2. P:S.: Not only does that subset exist, but they cause huge problems due to being vocal and, occasionally, outrageous. The Lefties love to point at them at say: That is what Republicans are like, all of them.

      As I mentioned, the Muslim Brotherhood comes to mind. Or the Taliban. All are totally convinced they have God’s ear.

      But, again, you ain’t in their number. Your are one of the good Christians. I know some others. My paternal grandfather was one. I know one in Honduras, and two more in Alabama.

      But there are others. We just rarely rub shoulders.


  7. In my opinion, Zapata is the worst blogger in American history. It’s not because he’s evil. He is not. I don’t know his level of extremism, although he is, to some degree, extreme.

    He is the nation’s worst blogger because he does not know history, he is naïve, and he is an amateur. He is unprepared. Amateurs are a peril in the Blogosphere, especially in this dangerous, shrinking world in which we reside.

    He means well, I am convinced. ;-}


        1. Señor Kammann: Ah, so that was the line of thought. Only one problem, however. What I wrote applies to Obama, but it does not apply to me. That means I would make a better president, but so would most people.


  8. I am one of those Republican Christians who believes in individual responsibility and self reliance. To my knowledge, I have never forced my beliefs on anyone, but I’m not afraid to speak up either.

    America is not a Christian Nation, that would mean everyone would have to be Christian, this is not freedom. We are a Nation founded on Christian principals this allows us to make our own decisions and deal with the consequences good or bad. Something few people want to do these days.

    Here’s a quote from someone who was evil.
    “America is like a healthy body and it’s resistance is threefold: it’s patriotism, it’s morality and it’s spirituality. If we can undermine these 3 areas, America will collapse from within.” Joseph Stalin


  9. Also a Christian (mix of liberal and conservative views) and I do not think my beliefs should apply to all. The subset does exist within the Christian Republicans, as it does with atheist Democrats and various other combinations of politics and Theology. But their political agendas do not advance in the US as they do in the middle east. Americans still expect religious freedom and tolerance, gracias a dios.

    Looks like there will be one more Republican vote recorded for my district next month, since sand is quickly slipping through the hourglass of our life in Mexico. Let’s hope it helps.


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