Laughing out loud


I‘ve been quiet the last few days because I’m trying to control myself. There’s spittle on my chin. I wake up mornings giggling. I go to sleep nights howling with laughter.

Why? The abysmal, pathetic performance of President Obama at the first debate, of course.

The myth of his eloquence was sliced open in a Godawful fashion. He stared at his feet, sometimes saying silly, incoherent things.

A prediction: The next two debates will go no better for him. In 2008, he had only to smile and say what he would do, and the clueless cheered. In 2012, however, he has a record to defend, and that record is indefensible.

On Thursday, we will see the buffoon Biden jousting with Ryan. Things will go badly for Biden too. He will play the race card. He will say General Motors over and over again. Then he will stare at his feet, giving us a good view of his hair implants.

Perhaps he will say it’s all Bush’s fault.

Support for Romney is surging. Maybe there will be an opening at Habitat for Humanity in January. Is Barry good with a hammer and nails? Let us pray so.

If not, old Jimmy Carter could use a go-fer.

* * * *

(Note: That’s Teddy Roosevelt laughing in the photo. Now there was a real president.)

15 thoughts on “Laughing out loud”

  1. All the media is saying that Obozo’s poor performance was because of the elevation, lack of oxygen and whatever other excuses they can come up with. Meanwhile, Romney had no issues.

    People are finally seeing Obozo without his teleprompter. About time.


    1. About time indeed, Tancho. And, as I said, it will be no better for him in the next two debates. He will be more animated, I am sure, after seeing the nuclear fallout from his arrogant, phone-it-in performance the first time. But the substance will not be there because there is no substance.


  2. It is amazing to me that people are making so much hoopla over the first debate…as you may recall John Kerry mopped the floor with GWB on all 3 of their debates in 2004…and look what happened…it ain’t over til’ the fat lady sings…I think perhaps they should strap a lie detector on Mittens for the next 2 debates…saludos!


        1. Sally: That’s the beauty of it — from your perspective. Were I you I would revel in it! And I recommend that you do so. You will feel so good.

          Well, until the evening of November 6.


  3. The Obama people are getting desperate. I just saw a new TV spot they put out that highlights Bernie Madoff, a Wall Street sign (egads! capitalism!) and Big Bird. The latter was due to Romney’s brief reference to the character while saying he would cut federal spending to PBS and lots of other things that should not be getting taxpayer cash. (Aside: Both PBS and NPR are blatantly left-wing).

    Mitt has absolutely no connection to Bernie Madoff, and criticizing him for the Big Bird remark is silly, trivial and childish. It is hardly presidential and will turn voters off, which is a grand thing.


  4. More on my previous comment:

    Socialist stalwarts on the collectivist cable channel MSNBC are in a hissy over the Big Bird television ad, agreeing with me. They don’t like it! And they are normally nonstop Obama huggers.

    Take a look at the story:

    And the dumb commercial itself:


  5. Linda and I voted yesterday. The line was out the door. We had to get the kids all legal in their voting status as well. They move around like water bugs. Looks like the turnout is going to be high in these parts.

    The Tea people had a person in the parking lot trying to sell their wares. No tar, no feathers, everything is cool here. But he had no takers either.


    1. Norm: Am I hearing you right? Your “kids,” whom I assume to be adults since it appears they vote, have to have their parents take them by the hand to register?

      If they care so little, I hope they do not vote since I imagine you will have loaded their young minds with Union Lore.

      No matter. Romney’s in the lead:


  6. Relax Jake. I was Just turning in their paperwork, save a stamp kind of thing. Those union wages paid their way for many years. The kids saw how their friends lived who had parents with non-union jobs. Trailer parks and track houses keep the rain off and the buns warm, but there is nothing like your own room.


    1. Norm: Jake doesn’t live here. He lives in Malibu with his dad Allan Harper and that millionaire guy who used to be Demi Moore’s squeeze. I don’t have a specific address for you.


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