Neat and trim

Abel the yard guy toted off the detritus on Saturday from my autumnal trim of earlier in the week. All is looking good and orderly, as I like it.

That’s a tequila maguey in the foreground, some other kind of maguey (the yellow and green) farther on, and the nopal cactus tree and bananas in the right corner.

All were cut down to size by me. One must show plants who’s boss.

After almost a decade in this house, I’ve grown accustomed to the racket of the locals, having learned ways to cope. I like living here, and wish I could have lived here all my life.

19 thoughts on “Neat and trim”

  1. El jardin se ve muy bonito.

    It is so important to feel comfortable in one’s home. That alone is an aspect of happiness in life.


  2. Sometime you’ll have to tell me your secret (about learning to live with the locals) the noise and the borrachos always got under my skin. Don’t get me wrong 95% of the locals were great!

    The yard is looking great!


    1. Mike: The rampant noise in this country and, perhaps even more than that, the utter disregard most of the natives show for the wishes of others (like to sleep, for instance, or listen to their own freaking music) really bothered me for a long, long time. Years, actually.

      I have simply grown accustomed to it. And I imagine if you’re born into this world, it does seem natural. But, as you know, coming here from more tranquil zones can be trying, to put it mildly. And, of course, it differs from place to place, neighborhood to neighborhood. Mine is not really so bad. I have heard worse, literally.

      You were not here long enough to really get used to it.


  3. Unlike you, no matter how I try, I will never be a person of place. Whenever I get the house-buying bug, it seems to pass quicker than a case of — well, you know.

    But I am still committed to being a Mexican citizen. And, as for coping with noise, I am one of the makers, not the sufferers.


  4. Felipe, if you’d liver in Tzurumutaro all your life, it would’ve been over by now. And you’d have far fewer teeth in your head.


  5. Whoops. That should’ve been “lived,” not liver. Then again, if you’d lived all your life in Tzurumutaro, the odds are that your liver wouldn’t have lasted a full lifetime either.


    1. I would have corrected your typo. I correct all typos in comments, so fret not. That is, of course, unless I do not notice a typo, which happens rarely. Now I cannot correct your earlier typo because then your second comment and the humor it includes would make no sense. So everything stays as is, including your initial typo, which only proves your humanity. Or something like that.


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