The closed mind

I‘m in the middle of an excellent, new book titled The Victims’ Revolution: The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind by Bruce Bawer.

Ironically, Bawer is gay. Ironic because I think gays, more often than not, embrace the victim mindset. Bawer, a New Yorker, and his spouse now live in Oslo, Norway, apparently because gays can marry there.

The heavily researched book lists in extreme detail how the forces of political correctness and their Gestapo arm, the Speech Police, have pretty much taken over the Humanities and Social Sciences departments of a wide swath of American higher education. And it has filtered down into K-12.

It began around 1970, and it continues today.

It was about 1970 that the militant blacks and feminists of the love-flowering 1960s elbowed their way into universities to form their “studies” with the threat of violence, literally, violence that often was carried out — bombings, murders, you name it.

Panty-waist universities quickly ran up the white flag, and the invaders entered.

They have never left.

The whole disaster mushroomed, and nowadays we have not just African-American Studies and Women’s Studies, we have every kind of “studies” you can think of. There are Queer* Studies, Chicano Studies and on and on and on.

A pistol-packing rainbow of disgruntlement!

You can actually get degrees in this nonsense.

You will not encounter, however, a department of European-American Studies because if there is one unifying theme to all these sourpuss “studies,” it’s that white people are the root of all evil, everywhere and always.

Well, not white people so much as white men. White women get a pass because they are one of the groups that are eternally helpless victims.

Where is Germaine Greer when we need her? She would bitch-slap these sillies.

Plus, The United States is evil and always has been.** Another unifying theme.

These “studies” are indoctrination, not education, and this is what your children, grandchildren and even you have been fed for 40 years, which is why so many Americans*** run around saying how “offended” they are at just about anything.

Meanwhile, the Chinese, a legitimately oppressed people, are taking over the world’s manufacturing, and Iran, where women are severely oppressed, moves closer to a nuclear weapon. The United States, however, one of the freest nations on earth, is inhabited by lots of silly people running around saying they are soooo offended, daily.

And wishing they hadn’t bought that mortgage they couldn’t afford.

It’s pathetic — and perilous. All of it.

* * * *

* Their name, not mine.

** It was this dumb notion that led Michelle Obama to say she had never been proud of America until her husband became president. She is innocent of history.

*** Citizens of non-English-speaking nations do not do this. Yes, this phenomenon was born in the United States, but has made little headway in most of the world. Where it has made inroads, it will almost invariably be voiced in English.

17 thoughts on “The closed mind”

    1. Who are you to restrict someone’s freedom to think and share their thoughts? You’re only Reasonable course of action if you don’t want this web log’s author to say these things is to attempt to change their mind. At least offer a solid counter argument for debate rather than stand in the name of dictatorship et al.


  1. As Popeye said, I am who I am. We’re the sum of our life experiences, including the 1960s. I cherish free speech and political correctness is alien to free speech and the First Amendment.


    1. Andres: So we agree, which is good. Oddly, I have encountered in my life just one, JUST ONE, person of the PC persuasion who would actually admit it, would even admit he knew what the phrase refers to.

      Everybody else plays absolutely dumb. Political Correctness? What’s that? Never heard of it. Incredible.

      The person who admitted it, and he did so proudly, is a gay, Texas-born Latino, so he is “victimized” in two ways even though he was a very well-remunerated newspaper executive. He was my boss at the Houston Chronicle and in most ways a great guy. I always liked him, admired him, and still do, even though he enforced PC pretty strictly during those years I worked there.

      He and I retired within weeks of one another, and we kept in touch via email and later through Facebook. My wife and I visited him during a visit to Houston about eight years ago.

      However, I am a very vocal supporter of the things Arizona has tried to do to stem the tide of illegals flooding over their border due to the Feds ignoring the problem, and I always said so on Facebook. One day he could not take it anymore, I guess, and cut me off his Friend list. I’ve heard nothing from him since. Pity.

      Perhaps the only PC advocate in the world who has the stones to admit it.


        1. Rancho: Have you read the quote from William F. Buckley at the bottom of these comments? I kind of doubt he actually said that because it sounds a little too contemporary. But the idea is accurate.


  2. ** “a pistol-packing rainbow of disgruntlement!”

    Here’s the thing re. “disgruntled”. Unfortunately, there’s no word or phrase in the English language that means “to ungruntle”. Being disgruntled is the closest to happiness these people can get, and there’s simply no way you can “ungruntle” them.


    1. Patzman: Oh my Lordy, don’t tell me that. However, it does not surprise me in the slightest. And you are quite right that all of this nonsense is totally at odds with the aims of MLK.

      This “identity” business (and the identity is never American) and the glorification of “diversity” is very slowly unraveling the American culture and, of course, the nation. Few people realize it, however, because we have become intimidated and brainwashed. It is insidious.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  3. Many American history textbooks, from grade school through the universities, have been rewritten to accentuate the “atrocities” of America while downplaying its nobility. The effect of this is incalculable. This is what young people grow up learning today.


  4. What is happening in the schools is also happening in the churches. I love the power and majesty of the English language in all its forms and expressions. Over the course of our lifetime there have been many new translations of the King James Version, which have destroyed the beauty and poetry of our language in an attempt to make the Bible politically correct or just plain crazy. In the Jehovah Witness translation, they no longer use the word cross. They now call it a torture stake.

    Political correctness is an insidious form of censorship. I find all censorship offensive.


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