Politics of profanity

The potty-mouth party won’t give it a rest. One might think this is insignificant, but it is not. Language affects culture.

It affects everything of value.

I’m not even hunting these things. I read internet news every day, and they jump right out at me, spitting in my face. Only the Goddess knows what would appear were I to make an intentional search on the dark Collectivist side of cyberspace.

Earlier this month I posted an item about two professionally made political videos featuring famous showbiz folks promoting Obama. The two videos were a nonstop cascade of cursing, including the F-word from the mouth of a girl child.

I made a challenge: If anyone could find something comparable promoting the Romney candidacy, I would make a financial contribution to the Obama campaign. I have not had to make that contribution, of course. It was a very safe bet.

Conservatives do not make slick, political videos chockablock with cursing. It is a characteristic confined 100 percent to the Collectivist side of the spectrum.

It is a sign of both stunted adolescence and moral relativism.

And here is another one for your viewing pleasure. Brace yourself. It has a bunch of old coots in a retirement home cursing like rum-soaked sailors in a New Orleans saloon. They, of course, want you to vote for their boy Obama.

The puerile video is stunning for its silliness.

It is from MoveOn.org, which is the Collectivist internet bat cave, by way of the perpetually unkempt and overfed Michael Moore who always dresses like a kid.

Vote like a grown-up next week.

* * * *

(Note: Less than a week till election day and The Unseen Moon will then return, for the most part, to its regular, more varied, programming.)

18 thoughts on “Politics of profanity”

  1. Michael Moore. OMG, now there’s a guy one could really lay into should one decide to take the low road.

    Seems Romney is slowly, steadily, pulling ahead of the anointed one in many key states. Perhaps there is hope for some sanity in our land after all.

    Time will tell. Please do vote, Pops!


    1. Mark: The ridiculous, self-serving, unkempt, baseball-capped Michael Moore and the eternally smirking and ever-profane Bill Maher are the faces of today’s Democratic Party, which is very different from what it was in the good old days.

      And I voted weeks ago. Guess for whom?


  2. Really … and Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter are such well-spoken people? I will take potty mouth any day compared to the lies and hate-filled comments of the conservatives. And I voted last week. Guess for whom?


    1. Karen: You are quite correct. Limbaugh and Coulter are the heavy hitters of the right. And both are equals in smugness to Maher, Rachel Maddow, et al. But they do not cascade profanity, which is a very important distinction and the topic of the post.

      I do not think Coulter and Limbaugh routinely lie, though I imagine they push the line and perhaps go over it on occasion. They are quite “in your face,” of course. But that is their shtick. They are entertainment folks.

      I like to watch Coulter both because she’s a hot babe and because she is funny and outrageous. Not really a fan of Limbaugh, and the truth is that I have never seen more than a minute or two of his shows, though I imagine he and I agree on many things. I just would state them a bit more calmly. But he’s the millionaire, and I’m the poor Mexican.

      My conservative heroes are the contained, thoughtful ones like Charles Krauthammer and Thomas Sowell.

      Brace yourself for next week.


        1. Patzman: When I lived in Houston during the 1990s, Prager had a television show that I loved and watched at every opportunity. I don’t think he does TV anymore, but he does write a column and, it seems, have a radio program. I read his column now and then. He’s an absolutely first-rate guy.


  3. BHO is getting lots of positive press out of this hurricane. The BP disaster was a lesson in passive leadership as he sent Biden to LA to give them a pep talk.


  4. My favorite comedian was George Carlin, who was famous for the Seven Words You Can Never Say On TV. Of course, that was before cable. In many ways, we are still the most puritanical and yet the oversexed nation on earth. That is part of our dilemma and paradox as a society. Profanity used to be a sign of a limited vocabulary or a weak mind trying to express itself. We used to joke in the service about going home on leave and asking our mother to pass the bleeping salt. It is a different world today. There is very little shock value left to the use of profanity. That must be very frustrating for the people who rely on dirty words to draw attention to themselves.


    1. Andres: I agree that the United States is puritanical. As for its being oversexed, I doubt it. I think people are hyped up about sex everywhere, even in the Arab world.

      Excessive use of profanity, in my book, remains a sign of a limited vocabulary and/or a weak mind.

      That there is little shock value left in profanity is not a good sign. One of the countless problems I blame, rightly, on the 1960s.

      But I blame most all problems on the 1960s.


  5. Pretty silly clip. I do not really see the point in it but I guess someone must. These are words you hear all the time on the street and the shock value has worn off. I can’t think of anyone to whom this (whatever it is) would appeal to and cannot see it being endorsed by a party or candidate.

    I agree it is offensive but nowhere near as offensive as hearing politicians say things like. “No exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the mother” or watching a candidate expound on how he would get rid of FEMA and then dodge questions on his position during a natural disaster.

    Or pathetic lying like putting out desperate ads in Ohio saying Obama was letting Chrysler send Jeep manufacturing jobs to China after Chrysler strongly denied any such action.

    The Romney ship is taking on water fast and by November 7th it will be a mere oil slick on the water.


  6. I know this post is about foul language of the four-letter version, but obscene language comes in many forms.

    It’s obscene when a President repeatedly lies about a terrorist attack that killed four Americans, one being an ambassador. For days he tried to convince us the attack in Benghazi was the result of a video. The truth is finely coming out. Obama knew exactly what was happening. Because this was a cross-border rescue mission he was the only one who could give the order to send help, but that order never came. Instead he went to bed because he wanted to be well rested for Las Vegas.

    Two men who are real heroes, Tyrone Woods and Glen Dougherty, displayed remarkable honor, decency and character by ignoring the order to “stand down” and went to the rescue of Ambassador Stevens, upholding their oath to serve and protect, unlike the commander-in-chief.

    Benghazi is a demonstration of incompetence and supreme lack of leadership which I find offensive.

    “When Obama called the SEALS they got bin Laden.
    When the SEALS call Obama THEY GOT DENIED.” special ops 2012


    1. Jackie: If we started a list of Obama’s foreign errors, we would be writing till tomorrow.

      I have a feeling, however, that Benghazi is pretty low on most Americans’ priority list. I hope I am mistaken.


  7. It’s like we have all the polysci majors that just graduated college running things. That’s one of the major things I don’t understand about the “left” today: they allow and justify this type of behavior in their name. If camp Rombo did this stuff, they’d lose my hard earned vote.


      1. Sir, Indeed. Yet I would also like to see more critical and objective thought on all sides and most importantly, on the right. We may be polite, but can follow the herd just as well. Que tenga buena semana!


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