Road to Europe

Muslims thank Allah for Barry’s victory.

The Americans have spoken. They want to be like Europeans.

They want cradle-to-grave protection from the difficulties of life, and they want their fellow citizens to pay for it. Specifically, they want the successful to pay for it.

They also do not want to be the world’s leader. They want someone else to do it, and someone else will do it. The top contender is China, of course, perhaps Russia. Both of these nations are despotisms.

Driving the European economic road will, inevitably, lead to where it’s led Europe.

Into a dark, desperate and riotous hole.

Americans have become a silly, uninformed and irresponsible people.

And I am glad I do not live among them.

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(Note 1: Impolite comments will be spiked. Courteous gloating is permitted.)

(Note 2: There will be no politics here in the foreseeable future. What’s the point?)

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  1. Too bad there were so many glitches with the new format. I thought it was spiffy! As for the election outcome, I will be down in your neck of the woods someday to collect my cafecito and warm croissant con marmalade. I, too, am glad that I no longer live among the disenfranchised in Gringolandia. GWB destroyed whatever hope I had for the USA during his eight years at the helm. Saludos!


    1. Charles: Yeah, I liked the makeover, and I’m sorry it did not work out, so here we are back where we started.

      And yes, all the problems in the U.S. are caused by Republicans. Sure, that’s it.


      1. Sr … I don’t recall ever saying or implying that all the problems in the U.S. are caused by the Repubs. There have been more than a few good Republican leaders. Eisenhower, Bush 41, but GWB took us down a road from which it will take years to find our way back. Many of the economists I have read say that it will take far more than 4 years to dig out of this mess. The worst President in our history in my opinion. I’m just hoping that Obama will finally show some cojones this next 4 years and make good on some of his unkept promises. Time will tell.


        1. Charles: Correct, you did not specifically say that. Apologies. My reaction was based on the ongoing universal finger-pointing in collectivist circles that all problems are caused by Republicans.

          But I do detect that you think the previous administration is the primary cause of the current economic mess, which I do not believe. It was a group effort. The Republicans, the Democrats, indeed the greedy, irresponsible American population in general caused the collapse.

          It could have just as easily happened on a Democratic president’s watch.


  2. I look forward to looking at the change Americans so wanted. I am glad that I can look that far over the horizon and, best of all, be able to tell anyone that complains that “I told you so.”

    Lemmings, plain and simple.


  3. Felipe, as a dyed-in-the-wool UKerican, I would suggest that the solution put forth by Gary Deness is the only one viable at the moment, given the present situation. Cheers!


  4. I have stayed out of commenting on this American political scrabble game intentionally until it was over. My one comment was that “I really didn’t care who won.” In reality, I did, and I think the right man won. There will be much hand-wringing across the nation, I believe, and no, I don’t think America will sink into the abyss.

    Mr. Romney brought religion, abortion, and womens’ rights into the mix, and with that lost a lot of support. Also the “right to work” quagmire. I am a trade unionist with a small t. It is and has been tried up here with disastrous results. People working for the smallest of wages and the companies reaping the profits. Workers working under a contract that has no benefits and the lowest of wages. I agree, companies need to make a profit to survive, but they should do it in a fair and equitable market and not charge $50 for a 5-cent screw.

    America needs to rebuild. The large centers are rotting at the core and need to be brought back. Here in B.C., we have American service personnel who have come out of the service, attending our trades colleges in a “Helmets to Hardhats” program, which started in Camp Pendleton, California. This was started by the Obama Administration.

    Health Care: It works here in Canada. It can work in the United States of America also.

    And no, caring for your neighbor is not the end of the world.


    1. Bob: Actually, Romney did not get into the religion, abortion, womens’ rights stuff very much. Other Republicans certainly did, and stupidly so. The Democrats took advantage of that.

      But the bigger question is this: What’s an old biker doing in bed with Obama?! Tsk, tsk, but I love you anyway.


  5. Well, Romney messed up and lost a close election.
    He made three strategic errors.
    1. Romney lost the Latino vote by saying illegals should self-deport.
    2. Romney said 47% of the American people are moochers and scared and insulted many people on Social Security and veteran benefits.
    3. Romney said we should increase the size of our military.
    Post-mortems are no fun, but necessary.


  6. Yesterday was not a total disaster. One bright ray of sunshine is that both Colorado and Washington State legalized recreational use of pot, a huge step toward ending the ridiculous, ineffective, counterproductive, 40-year-old, boneheaded War on Drugs.


    1. You beat me to posting about this news. Something good in there even for a curmudgeon like you!

      I also recall you to be on the correct side of the equal Marriage question which went 3/3 with Washington to soon follow when the mail in votes are counted.

      Contrary to what Glenn Beck says, it is not the end of the civilized world!


      1. Croft: Yes, I read of the gay marriage thing. Good for gay folks, no doubt. Personally, I am neither here nor there on it. Doesn’t affect me.

        As for Glenn Beck, I’m not a fan. Though I tend to agree that it’s the end of the civilized world.


  7. I am deeply disgusted with the outcome. Every American who voted for four more years of this abomination should be deeply ashamed of him- or herself.


    1. Ms. Stuff: We are, of course, of one mind.

      While it will be a long, long time before I mention politics here in another post, I will milk this comment thread for all it’s worth. Here is an astute column by a fellow named Robert Laurie.

      With the 2012 election in the books, it’s time to take a look at what won and what lost as America went to the polls. The candidates and incumbents whose hopes were dashed in the GOP bloodbath are part of the equation, but they don’t tell the real story.

      The real winners and losers all had to do with ideology, and there’s no way to sugarcoat it.

      Won: Dependence

      The idea that we’re a nation of autonomous, free thinking people looks positively archaic in light of last night’s results. A little under half of us still seem to appreciate the concept, but it’s now clear that a majority feel dependence on government is a better option.

      That the same government is universally ridiculed in its handling of just about everything is completely irrelevant. Give a man a free phone, promise him a cradle-to-grave nanny state, and he’s a Democrat for life.

      Lost: Rugged individualism

      The flip side of dependence is the death of individualism. Over half the country apparently values group-think and collectivism over the simple fact that they could choose to be capable, self-sustaining, individuals.

      Unlike the rest of us, they have no interest in living a life unfettered by government interference. Quite to the contrary, they actively seek a world where their decisions – from the size of their sodas to the health care they’re given – are made for them.

      Won: Class Warfare

      This may be the biggest winner of the night. Almost the entirety of Obama’s campaign was a shrill “us vs. them” screed designed to appeal to the worst in his supporters. Never in modern history has a President so successfully leveraged envy against a challenger.

      Mitt Romney was portrayed as a wealthy plantation owner who would “put y’all back in chains” and for a segment of the population, the meme stuck. Never mind that Obama’s a millionaire who enjoys all the perks of the ultra-rich. Mitt was a monster who must be slain.

      The message played better than most would have believed possible. We now live in a country where success is no longer something to be admired, it’s something to be jealously mocked, ridiculed, and destroyed. Damn the self-destructive consequences, Obama voters are out for revenge.

      Lost: The Melting Pot

      It’s easy to see that our society is degenerating. An off shoot of class warfare, the cultural entropy that the United States has undergone cannot be overstated. Previously, many feared that immigrants were unwilling to assimilate into the American mosaic, but the truth is far worse.

      Roughly half of our citizens – immigrant or otherwise – have no interest in doing so either. Instead, the fabric of the country is being shredded, divided into easily categorized segments, mostly along racial lines. An out of control federal government then corrals these groups with the promise of handouts, or the threat of penalty. Last night, we watched it in action and it was frighteningly effective.

      Won: Barack Obama

      The boy king didn’t just win because he achieved a second term. Certainly, he’s happy that he gets to stay in office, but that’s not really his crowning glory. In fact, that may be the least of his victories.

      Obama’s real achievement is that the death of the melting pot, the expansion of class warfare, an end to individualism, and widespread dependence were his goals from day one. Not only has he managed to implement policy that would affect these changes, he’s sold his most ardent supporters on the outcome.

      This, despite the fact that they’re the ones who will bear the brunt of the bleak future he’s creating.

      Lost: The United States of America

      In every category, from our standing throughout the world to our economic power at home, Obama’s policies have made the nation weaker. There’s simply no way to deny it. Right now, America is at the weakest it’s been since it fought for its independence from Great Britain.

      We’re headed for financial ruin, are neither feared nor respected by our enemies, and are broken and bleeding due to possibly insurmountable internal divisions. Yet last night, we doubled down on the policies that brought us to this point.

      As we drive over the cliff, half the electorate has dropped its lead foot on the accelerator.

      Conservatives will fight on, but with half the country rejecting the basic ideological underpinnings of America’s founding, it’s time to start wondering if there’s actually a way to win the war.

      This is new territory, and we – as a nation – are on a very dangerous path.


      1. I think the statement “America is at its weakest since it fought for its independence” is about the stupidest statement I have read in the last month.


      2. The Laurie article is particularly narrow minded. Over half the country does not think this way at all and represents a overly simplistic and inaccurate stereotype.

        How about the Republican party take look at their platform? Instead of blaming the other half (which they cannot control), Republicans should take a serious look at what they can change about their approach and their candidates. Consider what has alienated many who used to vote Republican.

        The fact that President Obama was re-elected given the marginal results of last four years speaks volumes. Also legalization of marijuana, legalization of gay marriage, first lesbian Senator – all sending a message to Republicans.

        There are many philosophies of the Republican party that are solid and logical. However, I will find it almost impossible to vote Republican as long as the Republican Candidate supports the socially conservative stances that deny basic human rights of equality and reproductive choice. Even if that means I have to deal with “more government” than I would like.

        I also think we give Presidents way too much credit/blame. The American people need to take some accountability for their choices as individuals and as a society.

        BTW – my hot button is Term Limits!!!! Whichever party gets that in place – gets my vote. Then we will see change.


        1. PS: The core of both parties have serious problems, I’ll grant. I think, however, the Republican flaws are far less grievous. If they could drop the religious fanaticism, it would sure be a great improvement. The core Democratic flaws, which are of a totally different caliber, are too numerous for me to list at the moment. I haven’t got all night.

          I favor an enlightened monarchy myself, now more than ever. A pox on both parties’ houses.


  8. The party of butter won this contest over the party of guns, a ugly contest it was but it is over.

    When the boy from Kentuck said his main objective over the next four years was to make O a one-termer, the Republicans sealed their doom in that very election. Obstruction for the sake of obstruction is a fool’s game in politics — we’ll see if things are a little more civil in the next Congress.


    1. Ms. Rose: Stop it right now. You’re just making me more depressed than I was. I have already deleted all political bookmarks from my browser. I am turning my attention to other matters. My navel, for instance.


  9. The end of the US is in sight. The differences in this election were clear. The breaking point it seems is when 50% pay no income taxes. When the well-intended social security is now a monster of unfunded debt. When a few kids were not getting breakfast. Were the parents talked to? No, they would have felt bad! This spreads to most urban school students getting breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks (I hope this doesn’t turn out like your rape train wreck!) leading to a lifetime of govt handouts. In 2011, 40% of US births were out of wedlock which will lead to a lifetime on welfare. This can be extended to corp. welfare etc.

    Both parties are responsible, but Obama will send us off the cliff.
    The sharks (Russia, China and radical Islam) are circling. They smell blood from a broke nation “led” by a peace prize winner who can not even pronounce Islamic terrorism. Fort Hood was workplace violence!? Although a close vote, the world only saw 300 to 200.

    We have till 2013 to change our debt course or it is over. China and Japan are no longer using the dollar as the currency of trade between each other. Other countries are following the trend. Combine that to when interest rates are FORCED upon us to a historical normal of 5% (or much higher — see Spain, Italy, etc.) we will be doomed. Got gold? The timing very uncertain but it will happen.

    6 Nov 2012. Dia de muertos de Estados Unitos. Qué lastima.

    Our only blessing is that it was a clear mandate. Our relocation date for Mexico will be expedited!


    1. Come on down, Patzman. I thought you were already here anyway.

      Nice to see another person who realizes yesterday was not just about caring for one’s neighbor, etc.

      I am pessimistic, but not so pessimistic as you. We’ll make it past 2013, but something has to be done. Obama won’t do it.


      1. We are here a few (too few) months a year.

        The economy will make it past 2013. That date is the fork in the road — or a time of a slightly easier economic option — we will never have again. All later options get uglier. You might find the economic writings of informative. Weekly articles. He was good at predicting (though, of course, not the exact date) the dot com and the recent housing bubbles.

        I strongly doubt Obama/Dem Senate will make the hard economic choices. Not sure that Romney/Ryan would have — was just hoping.


  10. The majority of the American people have voted twice for this man to lead us. Our democracy is working. People need to quit the fighting and the sniping and work together for the common good.


    1. David: You are quite right in that the American people have voted twice for this man. And if you define “democracy is working” as majority rules, well, you are correct yet again.

      However, I put to you that simply because 51 percent of any group is convinced of something, that does not mean it’s the right row to hoe.


  11. The U.S. has been on the road towards a European-style socialistic government for a long time. It’s course is irreversible, I think. I find it ironic that the strongest Obama critics in my circles are recipients of socialist practices in the U.S.: retired veterans who live like the Swedes with unbelievable perks, public university professionals in my family who are forever on holiday at my expense, and a host of others who enjoy the largesse of a socialist system in the U.S.


    1. Ms. Chica: Oh, it will be reversed all right because it is not economically sustainable forever. Ask the Greeks. The question is when, and how much damage and suffering will be done beforehand.


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