White is out

Way cool

I have surrendered. I want to be “with it,” part of the “in crowd.” I want to be “cool.”

And these days in America, that means you must recognize that white is out, not just out but the fount of all things evil.

Since identity studies thugs invaded universities decades back and have now frozen the academic mind by edict, and the effects of that have filtered down to all levels of education and out into the popular culture, one must embrace that white is out, and brown and black is in.

Yellow isn’t particularly in because Asians get good grades and focus on personal responsibility, muddling the issue entirely. No matter. They still get points simply for not being white, though it remains far “cooler” to be brown or black.

Christianity is out too. But if you simply must love some kind of God (God help you), make it Allah. Allah is “in” and very “cool.” He is swarthy, not white.

No matter that it was primarily whites who invented liberal democracy and the capitalist system that drives the modern world with its high standard of living, yes, Liberty itself. You must put that out of your mind. It is not “cool” to dwell on it.

It is unacceptable thinking.

And no matter that Christianity was the ribbon on the pretty package, with its devotion to values, self-sacrifice and delayed gratification.

Yes, white is out and so is Christianity. Brown and black is in, and so is atheism and acceptance of Mohammedism if you gotta say something good about religion.

Oh, being a Jew is out too. They shoot Mohammedans.

No matter too that the African, Latino and Mideastern worlds have long been violent, bloody and chaotic. Forget that. It’s not “cool” to notice.

I have been out of step. I recognize that now. I must get with the program. I am starting with The Unseen Moon, which has been an offensive white page for too long, an effrontery. But now it is brown, sensual and modern.

I hope you like my new skin tone, and that you like me too.

35 thoughts on “White is out”

  1. Oh, too funny… in an ironically grotesque and tragic fashion… I am soooo not cool… white, male, middle-aged, christian values, job, pay my bills… Damn, next thing you know, I’m gonna be targeted by my neighbors…


    1. Mark: We now live in a Clockwork Orange world and in Alice’s Wonderland. The inmates have control of the asylum, and the wardens are fleeing, not for fear of their lives, but of (are you ready for this?) being called names.


  2. Bewitched, bothered and bewildered – am I – an older, white male in the 21st century. The GOP has been accused of being a party of this demographic, a vanishing breed due to lower fertility, economic hardship and changing social mores.


  3. And here I thought it was cool to be uncool. I will have to dig out my Birkenstocks, the old sweaty smokey tie-dyed shirt and dig out the lava lamp to be cool again, err or not?

    Or to be really cool nowadays, I will try and adopt a child of color from some foreign country to show my friends.


    1. Rancho: You are seriously showing how clueless you are. Birkenstocks? That once was cool but no more, mi amiguito.

      Adopting a child “of color” is a good idea. Just like Angelina Jolie!

      Just don’t adopt a white kid. It would look bad, and people would point at you and call you names.

      Best of all would be to just adopt Angelina Jolie.


  4. Felipe, I have tried not comment on this post but it is pulling me to the keyboard like a magnet. Even if you are trying come across as though you are writing tongue in cheek, contempt (not to mention stronger adjectives) screams through the whole post.

    I hardly think that our world is on the road to perdition because other ethnic groups are beginning to claim their place in the sun. I suppose that after the Boston tea party, the English felt much the way you do today. But as your issues with technicolor and diversity are being addressed (one MUST stay on topic) I think you might try considering that change is not always bad. The old (white) boy’s club have had their go at things for generations and I would venture to say they have not done a very great job. Maybe it is time for someone else to have their turn?


    1. Joanna: If I have pulled you to the keyboard like a magnet, I have done my job! As for other ethnic groups claiming their place in the sun, they have always been here. It’s not like they just appeared on the face of the earth. They often have missed a place in the sun due to endless squabbling and chopping each other up.

      As for the old white boys’ club not doing a good job, you are well indoctrinated and totally wrong. It was specifically that club that brought us liberal democracy and the capitalism that created most all of our modern conveniences and high standard of living. It was not Latinos or Africans or Asians who brought us the idea of Liberty for All. It was precisely white Western Europeans.

      In short, you could not be more mistaken. I often say here that people are ignorant of history, and some folks criticize me for that. Thanks for weighing in with one proof of my being correct.


  5. I could not disagree with you more. Those of us who enjoy “modern conveniences and high standard of living” have these privilege because our forefathers wielded the biggest sticks, And I don’t believe that governments who hold on to their advantages with political and military might have a great deal to be proud of. You suggest that I am ignorant of history… definitely you and I have read different books and lived very different lives. I feel the world needs a leader who will try to even the playing field. Because the longer we ignore the national and international imbalances, the more precarious our house of cards becomes


    1. Tip: You’d need to find real history books, not the reams that have been drastically altered by the “identity” people (who have captured the educational system over recent decades) to make people like me look bad. And like you too, blondie.

      They could teach Stalin a thing or two.


    1. Joanna: I am well acquainted with your take on things, your opinion on these matters. They come directly out of the guilty, white Liberal playbook of political correctness. Word for word. It’s a hoot, like you were sent over from Central Casting.

      Redhead, eh? Likely looks quite fetching.


    1. Howie: I imagine you are referring to the mugshot of the lovely young lady. I don’t know who she is. I found her on Google photos. A perfect example of what Mexicans call a morena.

      Birks were never cool?! Even when I wore them in the old days? Dang.


  6. Oh and Felipe – you are right the inmates ARE running the asylum.
    Why don’t you come up to Colorado and visit us. . . You know marijuana is legal here now. LOL!!! Legal pot, healthcare for everyone, taxes going up and standards of living going down. We may be headed back to Mexico sooner than I planned.


    1. Mike: As you should know as a regular reader, I support legalization of ALL drugs for adults, so what Colorado did in that respect is a good thing, in my opinion. It is only when drugs are legal that the narco violence will end due to the end of the huge profits. There’s no other solution.

      Now if Colorado folks had only been smart enough to also vote for Romney, they would be my favorite people.


  7. I think white is still cool in Mexico. In fact, probably too cool, though you’d likely disagree with that sentiment.

    I returned here post-election, hoping that this blog would return to its formerly more apolitical self, but it appears otherwise. Maybe you could separate your political stuff into something like The Bierce Annals and your good writing into another blog.

    Best of luck,

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we think the Republicans have a simply AMAZING disinformation machine.


    1. Hey, Kim! I thought you’d headed to the far hills back around the time of the Akin dustup.

      Being white is very much favored in Mexico, and nobody makes any bones about it. For instance, a newborn’s skin tone is quite important to one and all, and mentioned out loud and often. Whiter, ¡qué bueno! Tanner, drat! So I do agree that white is “cool” in Mexico. This is not the politically correct, English-speaking world.

      And, yes, politics is pretty much gone now for God knows how long. No point. The American people, or at least over 50 percent of them, have shown themselves to be totally clueless. What’s to be done?

      I don’t consider this post to be political. It is about political correctness, but PC is not really so much about politics as it is about culture. And PC is one of my fixations. I don’t like it.

      As for separating topics, I bring your attention to the subtitle of The Unseen Moon: Fact, Fiction and Opinion Stirred in an Odd Pot.

      Anything that catches my loony fancy.

      As for Republicans having a disinformation machine, sure. Both parties do. I switched to the GOP for the election simply because it was the only viable alternative to the the Obama catastrophe. We would have won too, were it not for Hurricane Sandy. Ah, the fickle fates.


  8. I don’t think the outcome of the election was a result of Hurricane Sandy at all…it merely reminded voters that the Repubs are way out of touch with mainstream America and have been for some time…Mr. Romney no doubt realizes at this point that the 47% that he threw away do indeed wield considerable power…


    1. Charles: Healthy contingents of talking heads on both the left and the right disagree with you that Sandy, arriving when it did and giving Obama lots of free air time to look caring and getting hugs from Chris Christie, did not play a significant role in his winning. The voters are often simple-minded. It made a difference with enough of them. Polls asking that specifically indicate that Sandy changed minds. Lame, lame, lame.


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