Colonizing Europe

Boy, was I mistaken. Why has no one told me?

I’ve long been writing here that the English-speaking world is primarily where political correctness reigns. While Americans and Brits are very good at it, continental Europeans have taken it to the stratosphere.

Who knew?

Bruce Bawer, a New Yorker who lives in Norway. That’s who. My new favorite journalist-gay guy-expert on all things politically correct  and dumb.

The Swedes, the Dutch, the Danes, the Norwegians and their ilk feel so guilty about being white, successful, homogeneous nations that Bill Maher and Michael Moore are cross-burning Klansmen by comparison.

These people ooze left-wing guilt.

So they have opened their hearts and treasuries to immigrants. Come on in, they say. We want you. You add color to our cultures, and that’s just wonderful.

This started about 30 years ago.

Most of the immigrants are Islamists. And America, at least, sets some standards for immigrants (well, except for Mexicans. It’s open house for us), so uneducated, unskilled Muslims from backward areas head instead to Europe.

They tend to be hard-edged fundamentalists from tribal backwaters of the Middle East. Definitely not someone you want next door.

It makes Europe feel good about itself. Its citizens join hands in a grand circle. They sway and sing Kumbaya and We Are The World.

Meanwhile, Islamists have been moving in, purposefully forming ghettos, building mosques, and signing up for hyper-generous government benefits that come almost entirely with no strings attached.

Immigrants bring in extended families from back home, and their birth rate in the European nations far exceeds that of the natives.

Islamists utterly reject the idea of assimilation.

They shun the infidel  European cultures in which they live (for the money). They speak only Arabic. They beat and murder their women for honor. Their crime rates are high because infidels merit no respect.

If prosecuted for anything, they are let off lightly because they are, after all, only practicing their different culture, and that must be honored.

And they collect wads of government cash that the host countries do not hold back or question because that would be disrespectful of the Muslim culture.

A backward culture that smirks at liberty, constitutional government, freedom of religion, civil law, equal rights, all that stuff. Instead they believe in stoning, the cutting off of hands, female genital mutilation and religious rule.

In some European nations, the Islamists now number from 10-15 percent of the entire population, a figure that is ballooning alarmingly.

Second and third generations still speak only Arabic, and that is okay because it is colorful and multicultural, and diversity is always desirable.

To criticize any of this even slightly is racist, so criticism is squelched. You will be branded a racist as quickly in Europe for questioning multiculturalism as would Bill O’Reilly for simply strolling through a Berkeley faculty lounge.

And more immigrants come, and more mosques are built, and the Europeans nod that this is a grand thing. It is multicultural, diverse, colorful and lovely.

Someone’s sleeping, Lord, kumbaya.

Someone’s sleeping, Lord, kumbaya.

Oh, Lord, kumbaya.

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  1. OMG amigo, is there no politically correct corner of this vast universe that a left-winged commie pinko can hide from your irreverent wrath?
    Agreed, agreed, agreed. But, there is nothing to be done but to plan for our futures… Those of us who sadly fit the description of the lowly racist white man… What shall happen when the government well of goodies and freebies run dry?
    Oh, I see, Europe seems to be discovering this as we speak… Trend-setters those Europeans!


    1. Mark: Europe’s well of goodies is swiftly drying up at this moment. In some areas, it has long dried up. But that is hardly the largest threat posed by the ridiculous adulation of multiculturalism. What is at stake is liberty at all levels.


  2. The definition of racist seems elusive. I have observed that it most often is applied to a member of the majority race who states an unwelcome truth about the minority race.


    1. Carlos: Couldn’t have said it better myself, but I don’t think that definition is elusive in the slightest. It’s the multiculturalists’ favorite weapon when logic fails them, which is frequently the case.


  3. By elusive I meant that it has different meanings depending on who is using it and for what reason. Minorities use it as a reference to prejudice as in “you are stupid”. Some use it to adhere to a theory that there are physiological differences between peoples. But maybe you are right, the users are not elusive and they are predictable.


    1. Carlos: There are surface differences between races, but we’re all the same inside. Where the really important differences appear are in the cultures that often are connected to different skin tones.

      Call me a racist, and one would be mistaken. Call me a culturalist, and one would be quite correct.

      Thanks for the intelligent feedback. I appreciate it.


  4. I just can’t wait until it’s legal to chop one’s head or finger off NOB for some infraction (dishonoring the family ). Then maybe others will wake up, but by that time it will be too late.

    Well, at least they will have solved our oil issues, since we’ll be back on the donkeys … riding them to the mercado.


  5. Can you see a comparison between Muslims building Mosques in their adopted countries and Europeans building Christian Churches as they invaded and occupied Mexico? At least the Muslims do not murder and torture Europeans if they do not adopt their religion as the European did to the Aztec and Maya, actually building their Christian churches out of the stones of destroyed temples. Or building on top of ancient temples as they did in Cuernavaca (Cortez Palace) and Cholula (Church on the “Hill”). Whatever happened to the original religions of Mexico?

    And about foreigners moving to a country and refusing to learn the language? Ever been to San Miguel de Allende? Or Lake Chapala?

    Don’t get me going…

    We lived in Northern Canada for many years where immigrants from India were attracted by the forest industry. They melded in with the rest of us very well and were great neighbours. Their kids went to school with our kids and they built their churches where all were welcome. We even went a few times with our friends and were treated to a great traditional East Indian meal after the short service. We were never awakened to find any of them on our doorstep trying to peddle their religion, Romney style.


  6. About a year ago Ms. Merkel and Mr. Sarkozy both admitted multiculturalism was a failure. Too late. The mainstream press probably missed reporting it since I saw it on Drudge.


    1. Patzman: They surely did, and don’t think I wasn’t laughing my butt off at it. I was proud of them, that they had the political courage to point out that the emperor was naked.

      It was in the mainstream press.


  7. Hola, Philipe,

    During the last 5 centuries the British, Dutch, Spanish and French empires have raped, pillaged and plundered the entire globe. Taking everything from gold, silver, spices and silk, leaving behind disease, horror, hopelessness, pain and death. The Spanish burnt at the stake anyone who would not accept Catholicism. Now the pendulum is swinging to the other side. Someday we may have to pretend to be Muslim.

    Cheers, Peter Kouwenhoven. (A Dutchman, born on Saudi Arabia, raised in Venezuela and the Netherlands and now living in Canada)


    1. Hola, Peter,

      And only in the last century, Mao starved millions of his own people to send grain to Stalin. Pol Pot murdered countless of his fellow men. The North Korean dictatorship oppresses its people. Stalin murdered God knows how many Russians. The Japanese invaded China, murdering and raping en masse. Hitler (finally, a white guy!) killed millions before the United States rescued Europe, set it right, and turned it back over to the Europeans, free as a bird.

      Going back even further in history, we see that American Indians (especially the Comanche, my personal favorites) did such horrible things to their enemies that you would blanch on thinking of it, and they were doing it to rival Indian tribes long before whitey even came on the scene.

      Moving south into Mexico, the Aztecs were cutting out captive hearts with obsidian knives in pagan sacrifices long before Cortés showed up. Those same Aztecs were fond too of mass sacrifices of children.

      You’ve made the standard mistake, Peter. You focus completely on the bad things Europeans have done, and you ignore equally bad things non-Europeans have done. Tsk, tsk.

      The point is that the human race does bad things. All of us, regardless of nationality and skin tone. However, these days it is the PC fashion (required fashion, actually) to only notice what Europeans (white guys) have done. A couple of others of my regular commenters here also embrace that basic error.

      People do dreadful stuff. White folks, black folks, red folks, yellow folks, brown folks, all folks. It’s what we are, lamentably.

      And it will never be otherwise.

      But you are right on one thing. If Europeans do not wake up, they may indeed have to pretend to be Muslim in the not-so-distant future.

      Thanks for the comment.


    2. P.S., Peter:

      And if all of humanity excels at doing bad, the same cannot be said of doing good. For that, one must look mostly to Western Europe and its offshoots in the New World, particularly the United States.

      Aside from the notions of liberty, constitutional government, civil laws, equal rights, freedom of religion, etc., remember inventions and discoveries like airplanes, anesthesia, calculators, computers, DNA, compact discs, elevators, electric light, artificial hearts, helicopters, magnetic resonance imaging, the Internet, microprocessors, microwave ovens, motion pictures, nylon, pacemakers, photography, phonographs, quasars, sound recovering, sewing machines, mass spectroscopy, electric stoves, telephones, television, transistors, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and the polio, measles and meningitis vaccines.

      The list could go on.

      None of these things originated in Bolivia, Kenya, Russia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Argentina, Chad (where slavery lives on, by the way), Burma, Thailand, South Africa, etc. They came almost exclusively from old white men. What does thrive in those areas are home-grown oppression, poverty and despotism.

      So when the PC legions salivate at the idea of the demise of old (and young) white men, they might want to take a more careful look at what could replace them.

      Historically, it has not been pretty.


      1. Hopefully, a few centuries hence there will only be brownish people and no borders. The only thing that will unite this world is an attack from outer space.


  8. My father, a Dane, came to America ninety years ago for economic opportunity, after WWI and learning a trade. As a consequence, as the son of an immigrant, I have always treated immigrants with friendship and respect.

    Europeans today are a different story. In the 1960s and 1970s, they embraced oral contraception and the myth that the world was becoming overpopulated. As a consequence, their fertility rates dropped like a rock, and now they have to import people. They were also the first to go green and embrace the global warming myth.


      1. Germany has about a million Turks who live in relative harmony with most Germans. Until this past decade, Turkey has been a secular nation and has respected foreign religions and so have most Turks in Germany. The trouble-makers usually come from other Islamic nations.

        Mexicans are born immigrants, especially those from Michoacan. They were all born of immigration stock, from European, African and Amerindian branches. They are a true hybrid race. Mexicans will take off anywhere and endure any hardship in a heartbeat to find a job. If they can’t find a job with a salary they become self-employed. It is that simple. You either work, move or starve.

        Nearly everyday, I meet someone in Uruapan who has lived in the United States, until they either self-deported or had help from ICE. What an appropriate name that is, reflecting our attitudes towards immigrants. Most Mexicans have a universal love for America.

        My landlord toiled in the grape fields of Sonoma County as a supervisor for ten years and now owns a radiator repair shop and rental property. His English is much better than my Spanish. He even calls me Señor Andres in English


  9. This list comes to us via Google+ and a guy named Martin Stoimenov, although I’m not sure he wrote the list personally. No matter. It’s a hoot.


    They’re not happy in Gaza.
    They’re not happy in Egypt.
    They’re not happy in Libya.
    They’re not happy in Morocco.
    They’re not happy in Iran.
    They’re not happy in Iraq.
    They’re not happy in Yemen.
    They’re not happy in Afghanistan.
    They’re not happy in Pakistan.
    They’re not happy in Syria.
    They’re not happy in Lebanon.


    They’re happy in Australia.
    They’re happy in Canada.
    They’re happy in England.
    They’re happy in France.
    They’re happy in Italy.
    They’re happy in Germany.
    They’re happy in Sweden.
    They’re happy in the USA.
    They’re happy in Norway.
    They’re happy in Holland.
    They’re happy in Denmark.

    Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim and unhappy in every country that is!


    Not Islam.
    Not their leadership.
    Not themselves.

    THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN! And then -— wait for it! —- they want to change those countries to be like … THE COUNTRIES THEY CAME FROM WHERE THEY WERE UNHAPPY!


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