The jig is up

Most everyone knows the American health-care system is ridiculously organized and colossally expensive, but there are pockets of reason out there.

Reading about the Surgery Center of Oklahoma reminds me of the rational, affordable Mexican health-care system that I enjoy.

Doctors offer their services, and they let you know the cost beforehand which is, of course, how businesses should operate.

Near the bottom of the linked article, it notes that ObamaCare will prohibit doctors from starting their own hospitals or expanding hospitals they already own.

Ain’t that just swell?

But there are solutions. Read the engaging article, and you’ll see why “the jig is up.” The article is from Reason, a libertarian magazine and website.

Private enterprise is almost invariably the best route to take.

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(Note: Oklahoma, of course, is one of the country-bumpkin states that smirking elitists fly over as they travel from Manhattan to San Francisco.)

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  1. The underlying problem, of course, is that the government does not really trust the free market. Instead, it relies on crony capitalism and price controls that merely end up shifting and then obscuring real prices. I agree with you. The model described in the article sounds a lot like the services I receive in Mexico.


      1. We had a very positive experience with the Mexican health care system 3 weeks ago. But I won’t discuss it here, or on my blog. Too many semi informed advice givers out there.

        Don Cuevas


    1. Señor Cuevas: Yep, I like the new look too. Plan on keeping it for quite a while this time. I’ve used a number of themes with WordPress. Some I paid for and some were free. Strangely, I have found the free ones far easier to work with, less conflictive. This one is free.


  2. We pay almost $1,000.00 a month for health insurance. If any of us has to have surgery we must pay a $5,000.00 deductible first. Our house and cars are paid for. This is our biggest monthly expense and it is ridiculous. Also we pay a $40.00 co-pay every time we go to the doctor. I would much prefer the system you have in Mexico to this fiasco.


    1. Jan: Those figures are incredible. Down here you don’t even need health insurance although quite of few of the Gringos cannot, it appears, break the habit. When I moved south in 2000, I paid into the national system, which is government-subsized. It was about $300 a year, and I think it still is something like that. I dropped it after a year when I realized I would never use it. Too many lines of people and the service can be spotty.

      Been winging it ever since with the private system, which is a billion times nicer to use than what you have up there. Rarely any waiting for one thing.

      I have no health insurance, and it does not concern me.

      I have a doctor here in town who is quite good, an internist, whom I use for routine matters. If I have anything I suspect could be serious, I drive 40 minutes to the state capital to my No. 1 man who is a gastroenterologist, a surgeon, an internist, a professor at the medical school, and who has the best bedside manner I’ve ever encountered in my life. Love the guy. I can make an appointment for the following day, sometimes the same day. His waiting room is small with soft leather furniture, soothing music and soft lighting. Almost 13 years here, and I have not one time sat in a cubicle waiting for a doctor to finish with the other patients sitting in the other cubicles. God, I do not miss that.

      The medical system is one of the best things about living here, and it works. What you have up there is totally wrong, a colossal ripoff.


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