Sierran fall

An old bamboo wind chime lay sprawled on the terraza floor. Its string had given out like a bad heart.

It was 7 a.m., and that terraza floor was damp from the thick fog that obscured the nearby mountains and even closer trees.

The air measured 50 degrees, according to the mercury thermometer that’s hung out there, nailed to the window frame for nearly a decade.

Fall is upon us, and it shows.

I put on my dark watch cap and the black Robert Redford shirt-jac, and my child bride donned something similar, especially over her delicate ears.

We walked down to the neighborhood plaza and did the obligatory six laps to keep us young and lovely. On the way back, she stepped into a little general store to buy bananas for the cereal that comes later.

On the downstairs terraza, I sat and removed the crusty hiking boots from Academy Sporting Goods in San Antonio, Texas, and I put on blue Crocs sandals.

Then I went upstairs and scooped up the wind chime, placing it on a step of the circular red stairwell to the rooftop. I’ll do something about it later.

Later when the sun comes out. I want to see the sunshine.

17 thoughts on “Sierran fall”

    1. Carole: I do not know the distance, just the time. It is 20 minutes. We have two options. The plaza routine for 20 minutes. A street route that lasts 30 minutes. Which we take depends on mood.


  1. Mist or fog on the valley is a fine thing. We have an old drained pothole lake behind the property, the decaying peat stays warm all year round. A cool night brings a misty fog hanging below our little hillside perch. It looks like a bowl of soup with veggies sticking up from the broth.


      1. The property is the only thing keeping me here in this house. I have a little summer house up Lake Erie way that I bought when the housing market crashed. We have been staying there on the weekends a bit to see if we can live with the more limited space the urban setting provides. We live in a park but we must drive to anything else — the harbor house has everything in walking distance but no space, it’s only about a 1/3 acre. Hard choices to be made — it’s nice to have choices, as you well know.


  2. Fall is also upon us in the NY area, the mornings, low 30’s. Then it will climb to 50, sometime during the day. The sun is out, the air is crisp, and the sky is blue. The few leaves left on the trees after Hurricane Sandy are a pretty color. I have a Japanese Maple which has intense burgundy colored leaves at this time of the year.

    A brisk walk sounds perfect, as soon as I get over my jetlag, that is.


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