Let’s look at cathouses.

The Washington Times reports that Lance Gilman, owner of the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada, was elected a county commissioner by a wide margin, the first such businessman ever to win public office in that state.

If you don’t count my three wives, I’ve never paid for sex. I’m too romantic and idealistic. But I’ve been in lots of brothels, which are very interesting places.

Cathouses are great places to drink, and that was once one of my pastimes. Toss a brothel into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a real engaging environment.

Brothels always have bars.

I’ve visited ho houses in Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic*, Puerto Rico and Spain. And I once lived with a retired hooker. I shoulda been a sociologist.

But I’ve never even set foot in Nevada.

In poorer parts of the world, I understand why women turn to this occupation, but it’s a little puzzling why it’s done in America. They must have “issues.”

No matter. Like drug use for adults, hooking should be legal everywhere.

Let the woman decide.

* * * *

* Dominican brothels have the prettiest girls by far. FYI.

(Note: Here’s a video for your viewing pleasure. Rated PG.)

22 thoughts on “Meow!”

  1. Vice is a fact of life.

    When we make things that are “normal” against the law it hurts the law in the long run, people lose respect for the law when it tries to deal with vice. This lack of respect bleeds over into looking the other way on things like extortion, public corruption, stealing, and strong arm work. The idea of dealing in a person’s favors repulses myself but there are many jobs that tend to repulse me. I always hated mucking out barns when I was a kid, nasty, dirty work that could make you sick. I did it because I needed the money.

    I had a Prof in school who said that hooking should be legal for no other reason than it was the best work some folks will ever get. She was one of my smarter profs.


  2. Just think of all the money, time, resources that could be channeled to other uses if they eliminated the enforcement of this stuff, along with the “war on drugs” which will never be won, because there is too much profit involved.

    This way at least they pay tax, and the county benefits.


  3. Prostitution is a lot like any other business. It exists because there is a demand. Since it is referred to as the world’s oldest profession you can surmise that the demand has been quite constant for a long time. Attempted eradication only affects the supply and therefore only the price goes up. What irritates the Bible thumpers and me too is the underworld presence in illegal prostitution. I thought we learned that the best way to get rid of underworld influence in illegal alcohol was to make it legal. I might add that I have seen prostitution in a war zone. There it was a matter of survival and that was a shame.


    1. Carlos: Criminalizing something that is in high demand only guarantees problems. Drugs, sex. Try criminalizing tobacco and see what happens. Of course, that will never happen since so many lawmakers smoke.


  4. The Chicken Ranch (aka The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) was a highly successful business near La Grange, Texas, for about seventy years.

    Amid rumors that the business might close, some fellow social science students, and I visited the ranch in the early 1970s.

    Sadly, thanks or no thanks to a TV reporter and the Texas governor, The Chicken Ranch was permanently closed a few years later.


    1. Joe: I remember that TV guy. Houston television. Can’t recall his name at the moment, however. He usually did good things, but in that case he should have minded his own business.


    1. Carlos: Of course! Marvin Zindler. Who could forget a name like that? And now I even remember his face and toupeé. He was indeed a screwball, but he did some good work helping people. He should have left the bordello in peace, however.


    1. Ms. de Bois: Right again. I would put legalizing drugs ahead of hooking on the priority scale. But I won’t count on any of it happening soon. I think prostitution is a local matter. I don’t recall any federal law against it. Hope not.


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