Insane nation

A once-great nation continues down the tubes:

1. Illinois legislators have proposed a law to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. It would make the roads safer, they say in hollow justification. New Mexico and Washington State have already instituted this Orwellian lunacy.

Note to the three states: Illegal aliens are, by definition, criminals.

2. The wonderful holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving are scorned by the opinion-making elites and, in not-so-subtle form, the White House.

Note to the elitists and the White House: You err.

3. The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times portray the Gaza-Israel dust-up in equal tones, as if there is no judgment to be made.

Judgment is a no-no in their relativist, postmodern world.

Note to both papers: Gaza is ruled by Islamist terrorists who butcher people worldwide for speaking badly of Muhammad. Israel is a democracy, a bastion of tolerance where you can say anything about any religion openly and where women are treated with respect.

Judgment is called for — and the call is crystal clear.

In closing, let us dearly hope this brave Arab girl will not have her throat cut for dishonoring Muslim repression of women.

Moral: All cultures are not equally deserving of respect. Make judgments.

11 thoughts on “Insane nation”

  1. The rule when my people came across the pond was; show up and work. None of this “well your paperwork is not in order” crap. We have plenty of room — the laws need changing.

    It goes back to making normal things against the law. Wanting to drive in the US is pretty normal, so they do. Wanting to work and live in the US is normal so they do. I’ve never bought your argument against immigration of the freebooting sort and doubt I ever will.


    1. P.S.: I agree that immigration law needs to be changed, perhaps streamlined is a better word. But until that happens, they are criminals.

      A nation that condones lawlessness on a grand scale, which is being done in this instance, is on a slippery slope into a big mess, and the mess is already here.


  2. My goodness, Felipe,

    Now you are encouraging state Departments of Motor Vehicles! ‘Seems to me their mission should be to ensure that drivers in their states have demonstrated the skills and knowledge required so as they not pose a danger to their compadres on the road. Now you want the DMV to also guarantee their moral rectitude and US citizenship.


    1. Pinky: Giving illegals drivers’ licenses, I do not think, has anything at all to do with public safety. What it has to do with is the collectivist embrace of illegals and being “nice” to them, helping them out because, of course, they are only trying “to better themselves.” This leftist embrace extends to not even calling them illegals. The drivers’ license issue is just one of many ways in which the Diversity Gestapo tries to welcome just about anyone into the United States, legally or not, as long as they are not English-speaking Caucasians. The Diversity Gestapo, a relatively small but very powerful and dangerous group of Americans, ignores laws that run counter to their notion of “inclusion” for one and all.

      In short, it ain’t about drivers’ licenses, and the issue does not originate with the DMVs. It originates with misguided lawmakers.


      1. Felipe, I see your point. I am just down on the DMV because I am a Libertarian and they wouldn’t renew my driver’s license last time until I gave them my Social Security number. A requirement our misguided Oregon lawmakers came up with, perhaps aimed at illegal Mexicans.


        1. Pinky: I thought you Oregonians were handing out drivers’ licenses like candy to the illegals. I know that’s a favored state for my Mexican paisanos who don’t bother with a visa. One of my Mexican nephews spent a couple of years up there, sans visa, not all that long ago.

          I’m heartened to hear that Oregon has some rules left. Of course, getting a fake SS number isn’t difficult.


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