Death of free speech

Previously, we invited conservative pundit Mark Steyn to weigh in on the unraveling of America by multicultural nuttiness.

LukianoffNow let’s turn to a committed left-winger, Greg Lukianoff, who writes for HuffPost, voted for Obama, supports universal healthcare and has worked for the ACLU. Great God almighty!

No matter. In spite of his many questionable credentials, Lukianoff does one fine thing. He fights for free speech via his powerful Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).

There is irony aplenty here. It is the Left, collectivist thugs, the Politically Correct Mafia, who enforce the ham-fisted speech codes that have run rampant for 30 years through academia, the media, all those high-falootin’ folks.

If you think traditional, open-minded, intellectual discourse still exists on U.S. university campuses, you are comatose.

Take a look at the FIRE website and all the good work the foundation does to uphold the beleaguered American ideal of free speech and religion.

It’s an uphill fight. I salute this Lefty Lukianoff. How is it that he has not been burned at the stake at some rainbow Michael Moore retreat on a moonlit night?

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