The naughty clowns

Evil clownWere PC people not such a real threat to liberty and general joie de vivre, they would be hilarious.

We all know how they insist that no one’s feelings get hurt, that no one is ever offended! The expression I am offended ranks right up there with You’re a racist in their arsenal of verbal bazookas.

All designed to shut your tater trap ASAP.

They also insist that, in order to not hurt anyone’s feelings ever, competitions, especially in schools, should have no winners because that requires that someone be a loser. When you lose, your feelings are hurt!

And that is verboten. We must all feel good about ourselves, always.

So, many American classrooms have eliminated winners. All contestants get a trophy! Of course, this life lesson totally contradicts what young people will face in the real world. That is to say, it is counter-education.

Just like teacher unions.

Often too, grades are eliminated because a child who scores an A is a winner. A D student is a loser, and his feelings would be hurt. Verboten.

But sometimes grades must be given, and to avoid losers everybody gets a high grade! This can be taken to absurd lengths. Here’s a great example:

A high school student in Georgia, age 18, with the mental capacity of a six-month-old, according to his parents, who cannot speak, write, read or walk, is getting top-notch grades in algebra, biology and history.

As Dave Barry would say: I am not making this up.

What this young fellow is doing in high school is not explained, but there he is, making the honor roll! He is not a loser because losers aren’t allowed.

This is yet another goofy episode in the endless theatrical production:  America in Politically Correct Times. Script by Rachel Maddow. Directed by Michael Moore. Publicity by Bill Maher. Racial coordination by the Rev. Al Sharpton.*

You can read more about the amazing Georgia student here.

* * * *

* All politically correct events have racial coordinators. Unless he is unavailable, it is invariably Al Sharpton, who was invited to the White House recently.

10 thoughts on “The naughty clowns”

  1. For me the question is, Why is this kid in school? He, and this is according to his father, can neither read, write, walk or talk, and has the mental capacity of a 6-month-old. This is SERIOUSLY expensive day care, and at the expense of students who actually have a chance to read, write, walk and talk!


    1. Debi: Of course, you are correct. This relatively brief story is the only one I have seen on this, so we are left scratching our heads. How do they even keep him in his seat at a high school? Baffling.

      But he gets great grades! Nobody can be a loser.


  2. An educator’s blog that I follow called “Indiana Jen” is something you might find interesting. The lady is cutting edge. I doubt she has many of the walking dead in her classroom but then she is in a private school where the walking dead do not tread. Take a look at her stuff.


    1. Norm: I have found her, and will take a closer look later. I hope this is not like your “I know a big strong woman” comeback to my contention that women have no business being in the Marine Corps infantry.

      And now you know a good teacher.

      No matter. I’ll take a look. Thanks.


          1. ’44 was a very troubled year indeed, I will not hold it against you, ’56 (my birth year) had the kids hiding under their desks as I recall reading.

            My poor teachers: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade teachers all retired after my class passed through. There were 40 kids in our classes (boomer generation). We wore them out. It is a thankless profession that people do out of a love for learning and kids. I trained as a teacher, I stayed in the steel mill, it was less work.


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