Wanting not

DesireJust the other day it occurred to me that I do not want anything. Material, that is. I am free of that sort of desire.

We wanted a new television a few months ago, and then we bought it, so that’s satisfied. My child bride wanted it more than I did.

I enjoy buying and having artwork, especially the locally made stuff, and the Hacienda is full of it. There’s no wall space left. Wanting more is silly.

I used to want a new computer, but this one works just fine, so that desire has vanished. I wanted a Samsung tablet for a good spell, but I just don’t care anymore. I’m on the internet too much as it is. Best to back off, smell the roses.

The Honda CR-V annoys the bejeezus out of me, but I’m stuck with it, probably forever, so wanting a new car is pointless. I don’t do it.

I don’t waste my dreams.

So I am materially satiated. It may be the first time ever. I do want things, but nothing that can be purchased with cash. This will improve my balance at Banamex and Vanguard, another plus.

I do remain desirous of seeing beautiful women naked and, unlike most men my age, I still can without being arrested. My buff child bride fills the bill.

I am in a beatific state, it would seem.

16 thoughts on “Wanting not”

  1. Your growing transcendence of needs is almost revolutionary in overcoming a lifetime of consumerism. It is almost unamerican, yet quite satisfying. You’ve got the basics taken care of. Holidays are a good time for reflection and meditation.


  2. I am about to head north to get rid of another pile of Stuff. I now know why I have no interest in buying anything more. Mexico has given me the opportunity to appreciate the non-Stuff of life.

    By the way, Merry Christmas.


    1. Steve: Coming from a man who appears to have more high-tech gear than Best Buy, I have to regard your response with a smile.

      And then there’s that GPS that seems to always take you the long way.


  3. What I wanted most I got. Both my kids that live out of state are spending the holidays with me. I can’t think of a better gift. A smile has not left my face.


    1. Señor Toth: Jeez, I wish I had it all figured out. Happy holidays to you too, what’s left of them, which is a good bit. I, of course, am on permanent holiday, which is nice.


  4. Linda and I are at the point of making the decision of what to get rid of. We dumped literally a ton of books when she retired, but that was but a trifle of our stuff. Even the trifle has caused grief. She was studying some Latin writer’s prose this past fall and what she needed was in the dunage we passed off to our local Goodwill. The farm or the vacation house has to go. We cannot have both and stay above water — it’s not that we want more. We have more than two people on the cusp of aged can keep up and use. I lean to the vacation house. It has a bus stop out front.

    Merry Christmas


  5. I am a bad speller, but the term is used in shipping as the weight that is extra, like the wrap or the skid, weight that is not prime, weight that is added just in case there is a bit of damage in transit. Our books were used for preparing lessons, lessons were no longer taught, the books were valuable yet dunage to us, extra weight that we gave away. And then needed…

    A whole hog move south is not in the cards, snowbirding this past week has been nice, it flirted with 90 today here in Antigua. Linda found an animal shelter where she can help out today, I’m your basic zocalo rat. Sit and watch the world go by. They are having a blizzard at home.


    1. Norm: Dunage was spelled correctly. I looked it up. Just couldn’t see how it fit into the situation, but now I do.

      And a whole hog move south is not in the cards for many people. Most Gringos and Canucks who move down here insist on packing just about everything they can think of. It’s not the best way to do it in my never-humble opinion.


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