The new Nazis

Let’s start the new year with a tragic tale involving appeasement, Western naïveté, Nazis, Mohammedan fanatics, political correctness, nuclear weapons and impending doom.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which took over Egypt while most of you were playing with your iPads and watching Jersey Shore, are the new Nazis. The Brotherhood’s cronies in Iran are feverishly working on nuclear weapons.

One nuclear bomb is worth 100 Panzer divisions.

MullahThey want to take over the world. If you don’t knuckle under, you will be killed. If you are Jew, gypsy or gay, you will be killed no matter what.

If you are a woman, you will be covered, head to toe, with a sheet, kept indoors and denied an education. You are fit only for breeding and forming falafel balls.

HitlerWorld domination is their goal, and God is on their side. They call him Allah. There is no fanatic as fanatical as a fanatic with God whispering into his ear.

Most Muslims who live in the Arab world are not like that, you say. Most are moderates. Keep believing it.

There were moderates in 1930s Germany too. Did they speak out loudly? Would it have done any good if they had?

Do you remember the cheering, flag-burning mobs filling the Arab streets after their infamous September 11 attack? They hate you.

They hate tolerance. They hate other religions. They hate other cultures. They hate Western notions of liberty. They loathe everything about you.

* * * *

Political correctness, which has paralyzed the Western mind, demands tolerance, and tolerant we are. Neville Chamberlain was a tolerant man. The West is very tolerant when it comes to Mohammedan fanaticism.

We must accept other cultures politely! That is our  religion.

A revised U.S. Army Handbook, out just this week in reaction to increasing cases of Afghan security forces — people on our side — killing American servicemen, now requires this of U.S. troops serving in that hapless nation:

1. Say nothing related to Islam.

2. Mention no other religion.

3. Don’t diss the Taliban. (Huh? They’re shooting at us!)

4. Don’t say women are as good as men.

5. Don’t mention homosexuality.

This is appeasement. Our Afghan “allies,” of course, can say whatever they wish, knowing U.S. troops will not shoot them for their opinions.

This is part of our silly politically correct rule not to offend others. Alas, those others  do not subscribe to this philosophy at all.

While we show them tolerance, gag ourselves about religion, women’s rights, gay rights, the beauty of Liberty, their legions in Iran work on nuclear weapons.


Neville Chamberlain would recognize our times.

And America, the most financially busted nation in the history of the world, continues to send $1.5 billion annually, via its Chinese Mastercard, to Egypt, now run by Islamist fanatics.

The Arab Spring quickly faded to a cold, gray Winter.

* * * *

The Western nations have known little to no actual threat to their existence since 1945, and most people alive today were born later. We are spoiled, trivial, childish and psychologically unable to recognize real peril.

We know nothing of history. We are weak-willed ignoramuses.

To make matters worse, we’ve been brainwashed to idolize other cultures and religions  while getting wishy-washy and even contemptuous of our own.

Islamist fanaticism and hate combined with our naïveté and trivialty have created conditions for what one might call a perfect storm.

Happy new year.

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    1. Connie: Actually, there is one, but due to a WordPress design oddity, you have to click on the headline of the post, which gives you the post separately, not connected to the rest of the blog. When you have the post separately on your screen there is a like button at the bottom. And below that are the comments, lined up neatly.


  1. Well, this isn’t a very cheerful way to start the New Year. I am much more optimistic, but then, I’m Canadian. This year, I will master the new remote control on my 52″ tv. I am looking to travel not only to Mexico but also Estonia, two very different cultures, but to one I will be accompanied by a lithesome and very pretty blonde lady. She speaks the language. How cool is that? My wish for the You Knighted States is that the Dems and the Republicats join hands and do the Kumbaya thing and stop the “I know you won, but we still know better” attitude and decide for the betterment of all, to work together. I have never been Politically Correct about anything, so I will continue to be a voice of reason (in the theatre of my mind) to all things unreasonable. It will be a good year, although I am not favourable to uneven numbers, I like the rounders. I checked my yearly horoscope. We will be fine.


    1. Bob: From your phrasing, it seems you think the ongoing stalemate over everything in the U.S. government is caused by the Republicans. I disagree. Everybody shares the blame.

      Good luck with your TV remote. Enjoy the travels. Estonia? And I feel much better now that I know your horoscope is optimistic.


  2. I, on the other hand, enjoy offending people that get offended. My mission with the remaining days on this planet is to do my best and enjoy and watch the reaction.

    Happy New Year … yeah, right … just another day, another month and another year to watch the clueless people run around screwing things up.


    1. Well, Tancho, apart from being way too old, I think your insensitivity would make you ineligible now to be an American soldier. The Russian Army, on the other hand, likely would still embrace you.


  3. In a perverse sort of way our government has been funding and arming the Islamist fanatics/terrorists. We engineered the Arab Spring and used them to overthrow Mubarak, the Libyan government and now Syria. Our mission appears to be to completely destabilize the Middle East. We are still sunk in the quicksand of Afghanistan and the war on drugs rages on. Our government wants to arm the fanatics and disarm American citizens.


      1. Welllll, it definitely worked on the empire of Hirohito when the USA nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So, here is the USA, the ONLY country EVER to deploy a nuclear device! And you say that’s not the right thing to do?! Or is it because now there are other countries as powerful as yours?

        You are well positioned there in Mexico, 99% catholic, not as tolerant.

        I still believe in the old adage, “Live and let live.”

        Cheers, Peter.


        1. Peter: The Japanese had been pushed back from all over the Pacific to their home islands at an enormous cost to American troops. The bloodshed had been terrible on both sides but, of course, the Japanese started the Pacific war, not America. Japan was the aggressor.

          The Japanese had a remarkable trait: With some very rare exceptions, they never surrendered. In spite of tons of bombs being dropped on Japan as the war wound down, they still would not surrender, leaving President Truman only two options: 1. A land invasion of Japan, which would have cost hundreds of thousands of additional American lives. 2.Nuke them. He wisely chose No. 2, and the Japanese altered their philosophy on surrender pretty darn quick.

          The Japanese, true imperialists at that time, had subjugated people throughout the Pacific and China. They murdered, tortured, bayoneted, raped and imprisoned in squalid conditions huge portions of the people they defeated. They were far, far worse than the Nazis.

          The Americans liberated all the Pacific, and after defeating Japan, they set up a democratic government, put the economy back on its feet, packed their duffel bags and went home. They did the same thing in Europe after the defeat of Hitler, another bona fide imperialist.

          Interestingly, Obama’s guy, Pastor Jeremiah Wright, agrees with you. He, like you, needs to delve deeper into history.

          As for live and let live, that sounds sweet. And it would have a prayer of working if everybody on this earth were nice guys, like you and me.

          Alas, that’s not the situation, and never will be.


          1. Of course I’m not a proponent of nukes, but the actions of the Japanese seem to resemble those of the Taliban. I’m very well informed about WWII, it’s huge in the Dutch history books. My father hid from the nazi’s all through his teenage years and my mother spent her formative years in a Japanese prison camp near Jakarta.

            The way the US handled the Japanese was the right way, and I feel that the Taliban deserve no different.


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