Barrow of bougainvillea


This is the first time in memory that banana trees have been green and bougainvillea has been blooming on this winter date.

Don’t know what to make of it. Must have something to do with Al Gore selling his unwatched cable channel, Current TV, to Al Jazeera.

Can you believe that? I’ve decided to get out of the United States as completely as possible as soon as I can. I’m canceling my one remaining American credit card, and I’m moving investments over the border as quickly as tax laws allow.

We’re approaching the second week of January, and it has not frozen. This is big news. We count on ice to keep foreigners bunched in San Miguel.

When I hit town in 2000 there were about 40 outsiders here. Now there are about 400, which is disturbing. We don’t want ethnic strife.

My child bride and I will go to our nation’s chaotic capital via bus next week for a spell. There are practical matters to be tended to. And it appears there may be real progress on finally getting the deed to our condo there.

And, just this morning, I bought tickets on Interjet for our anniversary trip. I changed my mind about Oaxaca. We’re going elsewhere.

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  1. 400???
    Wow, amigo. Sounds like you have a veritable SMA II on your hands… I wonder, does the town “feel” different these days with so many Gringos traipsing about???


    1. Mark, things are indeed changing since you were here. In many ways. Supermarket chains. An Auto Zone is under construction. An actual department store on the edge of town. And, of course, more Gringos. I don’t really run into them often because, for some reason, they are out and about in the mornings while I am out in the afternoons.

      But I hear they are doing their good deeds with the “downtrodden” locals, which is fine by me.

      You should come visit and see for yourself. You have a free place to stay, of course.


  2. 400 in town, no wonder the quality of life is changing. Pretty soon we’re going to have an arts council, perhaps a symphony appreciation tea group.
    Time for a couple of buses on their sides on our entry roads. I know you want change, one of these days your Cinepolis will open up in town, maybe walking distance from one of your abodes.

    Have a safe trip!


    1. Rancho: Some aspects of change I welcome. Others not. I do want a nice, big movie complex with 1,000 screens. A CostCo would be fine. What I don’t want is waiters talking to me in fractured English after I order in Spanish. And I don’t want prices to increase.

      Bottom line is that I want the good changes, but I want all future foreigners to settle elsewhere. We have enough now.

      As for the trip, that won’t happen till March.


  3. Honduras far more and more RWPs (Random White Persons) around and about. I saw a few of the foreign devils today in my local supermarket and hardware store. I don’t know why, as it’s a nation that’s as close to being a failed state as any as I have heard of.


      1. A reply to your change of plans for travel.

        When we were working, we bought air tickets and crammed as much as we could into as little time as we had away from the grindstone. Monday was: the market and a fancy church or whatever, there was a plan and we stuck to it or the bucket would never get emptied in our allotted time away from work. Now it is more of a manana attitude than a stone carving mindset. We are about as rigid in our plans as over cooked spaghetti.


          1. And you can color me obtuse, it’s my nature. Linda gets that “What the…” look on her face daily and she has been trying to decipher my thought process for 40 years.


  4. I was in Xalapa and Coatepec a couple of years ago and some of the Gringos we saw (very few) asked us not to tell anyone how well we liked it there. Seems they don’t want a whole lot of their kind flooding in.


    1. Paul: I had to look up Coatepec. Never heard of it, but now I know. I’ll start talking it up, and see if we can’t get more people to head there. Thanks for the idea. Let’s say it out loud: COATEPEC.


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